Mandy – a forbidden love

there were major financial implications to consider. The kids had all left home, so the usual buzz of activity had disappeared, leaving behind a semi silence that was partly a blessing, but also a realisation that my wife and I were simply comfortable together. We had been married thirty-five mostly happy years, but strangely, as life and

Eddy’s Garage Ch. 02

but not obviously so. My ex, on Sunday was willing to come in and show the girls the books for real. She had a key for the place of course. Laura came in and the girls started to get down. She said. ‘Stay there. I know why you set there. She put her stuff down with the girls stuff and looked at me, nibbling at her lower lip. Then she hopped up on

Back Door MILF

looked to Raul for relief but saw Raul's cock soft and spent."Don't you worry Conchita you will be next; I just need a minute to recoup. Suzie why don't you give this poor girl some relief and I'll watch."He helped Irene and Sue change places, then sat next to them and watched as Sue buried her face in Irene's slit. Irene's cried out as she

Jenny's Journey Ch. 02

what I'm doing without any questions. I'll never be angry with you for using your safe word. But once you use it, we'll be done for the night. So if you want to keep going, I want you to try to push yourself a little. Do you understand?""Yes, Master," I say."Good." James lets go of my chin, and all at once the tenderness is gone, and the sharp

Chocolate Tropical Loving Part 2

wanted to be deep inside her. His cock grew with excitement and without a moment's thought, Markus thrusted his cock deep inside her, making her gasp pleasurably. Isabella wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, tipping her head backwards and dipping her long blonde hair into the water. She moaned and groaned with

Burned In My Memory

to the playhouse. I could see her very well and could also hear her. She was telling you to get out and come to her. You said something about you were afraid that her parents would look out and see. She said that you were silly and that she had already checked and that they couldn’t see where she was. Then she said that she would prove it and

The washing machine pt 1

was happier to be out of sight. When she didn’t move aside to let me hold her side of the machine which would have been the right move, I started to get worried. She stood there with her ass pointed toward me as I went close to her. The picture of Sara Stone (the porn star) came into my mind. My eyes when to her neck and the curls at the back of

Lesbian sex with young girl and her Aunt

good that I justcouldn’t help exploring my entire body with it. Well, I can tell you it didn’t take long for me to stripnaked and fall back on Sally’s big brass bed with my new toy. Ieven titled her big mirror in such a way that I could watchmyself. After teasing myself with it, I placed the tip of thevibrator into my

Afternoon At The Adult Theater

top of him bouncing on his cock. Her shirt was off, and her bra pushed up over her tits. Dave’s hand instinctively reached around to play with Leah's breast. She nuzzled in towards him, and said, "When do you have to leave? Do you want to come over to my place, and we can see how much more 'fun' we can have...? Oh, but when we go to my house, I

my secretary

between her legs. Not once did she try to stop me. Her crotch was soaking wet. The built up sexual tension in her must be tremendous I thought. Her juices were flowing from only kissing her. I was beginning to feel that she was allowing my advances on her body because I caught her in the act of what she thought was something dirty or nasty. Was

The Android Lover (PART TWO)

her body through the duvet, pressing harder and pushing her into the bed until it swallowed her and she was flailing naked in a bottomless dark pit of warm oily water. She snapped awake and looked around her. Everything was as it should be - no android - no oily water - just her in the warm safe bed. Today was the day she needed to find some

Phil stays the night

more exercise, so I decided to make the effort. Mary and Ellie didn't even stir. Tommy woke up, yawned, and went back to sleep.Wendy got running shorts and a sports bra out of her wardrobe and put them on.“This is the only bra that I own.” she joked, “Can you lend Phil a pair of shorts, please?”So I found two pairs of running shorts, and gave one

At the Doctor’s Office

she probably would have loved it. With my hands around her waist, I thrust her on me over and over while she clamored in my ear, ‘Give me your cock, give me all your cock, goddamit, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me . . .’ until finally I exploded inside of her with ferocious force. ‘I hope you liked that,’ I said, gathering myself. She licked my dick

Pam Wants Sex

we hit a mutual high at the same time. Unbeknownst to me Pam had been fingering my wife’s clit and she joined us again in a three-way eruption.As we collapsed onto the bed and regained our composure Pan asked, “Are you done now?”My wife laughed and I said, “Yes, for the time being.”Pam said, “I want to thank you both for a wonderful experience. I

Inge, the Girl from Denmark, episode 5

difficult to keep my hands off her as I led her to the bathroom. I pulled her panties down as we walked in and I knelt and in front of her. I held her asscheeks and pulled her cunt to my mouth. I searched for her clit and found it throbbing against my tongue. Inge leaned back and spread her legs. Her hips flared prominently from her small waist

Best Laid Plans Ch. 03

They came complete with safety blades, but they cut through the duct tape. Kevin lay spread eagle for a while trying to get his bearings. The duct tape was still on his mouth, and he was breathing not so successfully through his nose. I ripped it off. ‘OWE! Shit!’ He rubbed his face and found his way up to standing. It was a while before he said

Alexis – a moment in time, Part 3

help. I offered myself and left. Again …that afternoon when I left for home …she was not in her office but her purse was still there …I wrote a quick note …and put it in her purse. The weekend dragged by …like there was no tomorrow …I took the kids to watch a movie, Spy Kids, Saturday afternoon …Sunday I took Jahmal for a gallop at Sandy Hook

His Slut Ch. 03

cum and as his cock softens in her mouth, he thanks her and says "Get me hard again.". She keeps sucking his cock until he is hard as a rock.He lays her down on the bed and climbs over her, setting the head of his cock right at the entrance to her wet pussy. Then he begins to talk..."there she was sitting at the bar all alone. I walked over to

Motivating My Man

out of him with a gushy sound and a long moan from him. I smiled.Saturday morning to Harry asking me to untie so he could go to the bathroom. I told him yes and I told him to him to shower and shave. He was quite embarrassed so he quickly went into the bathroom. I told him he had 10 minutes and he had better be in the kitchen.We had a long talk

Prisoner of a Pirate

others with you and get down here now." Horace and Gill were her two biggest mates so she figured them with one other could carry the chests aboard her ship. As they began to carry out the chest she went back up to the main deck to help her crew who she saw was were clearly killing more than they were losing.As two of the hunters charged her she

My Affair with Alison - Part 2

Wrapped around me, but loosely so that I could give her the long thrusts she clearly wanted. I was pounding and she was taking it all. I probably didn’t have much left to shoot out, but when I came I imagined filling her up with semen. We got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. She was a little shaky and had cum dripping down the inside of one

She Needs

in her depths was building and growing hotter by the moment.  Her fingers squeezed tight around his wrist.  Her toes curled against the tile.  She could hear the squishy sound of his fingers plunging into her saturated sex.“Come for me, babe.  Come for me,” he continued to encourage her, a growl creeping into his voice.“S-so c-c-close!” she

Choices: The Birthday Gift

Barb and Lee that you won’t have to have read the first one but obviously I would like it if you did. LOL. And yes, the third person appearing here is an import from another one of my stories. I have fun tieing them together.) Barbara Clausen stepped from her car and handed the keys to the valet. He took them and handed her a receipt. Giving the

Changing roles

get enough of her. So when our regular partners don’t get the job done, we find each other.It starts like always, texting and emailing each other with sexual innuendo, links to porn or outright begging for sex. She has been in a funk lately so I decided to pay her a social visit, no ulterior motive but willing to adjust if she was in the mood.

PMQuest: Chapter 02 - First Encounter

to eye contact than others, and Eevees in particular appreciate eye contact more than, say, a Houndoom. I didn’t have my Styler, so traditional methods are my only options.Luckily, the Eevee responded with a smile. It walked towards me slowly, but with a lot less trepidation than I would have expected from a wild Pokemon. Was it used to humans?

Shard 614: Bound

his key into the slot and heard the tell-tale electronic click. He opened the door onto a dark room. He closed the door. He dropped his luggage. He let his eyes grow accustomed to the dark. The lights were off, but the shades were open. A thin crescent moon lingered below the window, flinging a small fistful of grey moonlight through the glass,

My First Ride On A Train

from him. I moaned so hard as I slid down his length, I almost came there and then. It had been so long since I had felt a man inside me, I mean rabbits are good, but there was nothing like the real thing. I leaned back onto him and we let the rhythm if the train do most of the work. I could feel him breathing down my neck, he slipped two fingers

Never Cheat at Truth or Dare

pulling them apart so I could feel cool air on my most private parts. It felt incredible, so demeaning and exhilarating at the same time. A finger entered my pussy, fast and relentless, and I became aware that the pair of lips kissing me had changed, that it was now Liz’ tongue wrestling with mine, black lips pressing against mine. A fingernail

A Night to Remember

I turned my head to see who was texting me at midnight. The message was from my dear friend Alura, ‘Come to my house right now I need you!’ Since she lived just down the street, I decided it wouldn’t do any harm to go and see what was wrong. I walked downstairs and grabbed a coat (it was a little chilly outside) and took off to her house. I got

We Never Sacrifice Virgins to the Dragon

most of them.”Arthur laughed. “What would you have done if she hadn’t been interested?”“I’d have sent him back round. This time with his fiancee,” she answered, laughing. “Hell, if she’s anything like her mother I might need to anyway.”Clara flushed a little as she whirled into Sigurd’s arms, skirts flying. His arms went around her waist, and for

A deeper love

open. Thump, stepping onto the upstairs balcony.Thump, the noise is louder now. Looking down to next door, I see Andie, her back to me. Her tennis racket is hitting a ball. And the noise is the ball hitting the backboard.A swing of her arm, forehand, connects perfectly. Thump. And then her two-handed backhand, thump. She is good, both shots were

The Realisation That I Was Gay

it up and down. I pictured myself kneeling in front of this man and running my tongue up his thigh and licking his arse before sinking his manhood into my mouth. It felt so good and did not take very long before that feeling of the juice rising inside me. I put my hand out and shot into it. As I licked it off I imagined that it was his cum that I

I am Suzie

a call."We were alone now. He went back to humping and I kept grinding in unison.Then he put his full weight on me and whispered in my ear "You are going to be my bitch soon. It will hurt at first Suzie, but then you'll learn to love it so much. You''ll only want me fucking you. I am going to pimp you out as a cocksucker. You don't give up this

A fantasy come true

To my surprise, she gave me an option, a contingency. I had to do a favor for her and she would let me put my cock inside her pussy. Upon receiving that text, yes, my cock grew rock hard. I almost couldn't believe it, honestly I didn't. But as the day progressed... My anxiety and excitement grew... I even stroked my cock to the thought of

Changes - Part 4

as I continued to lick her pussy. As I teased her clit and massaged her g-spot, her body began to respond. Soon she was moaning as she rolled her head back and forth. It only took about five minutes, before she started cumming for the third time. When she started to orgasm, I backed off my oral ministrations, my tongue vibrating ever so lightly

MY EARLY YEARS: Part 1: Mary's Lesson: Easier to read version

it?” As I knelt down, Mary took hold of my free hand and guided it towards her soft looking pussy. Sitting up and looking down at herself she placed my hand on her vulva. “Put a finger in a bit, and then I’ll show you my favourite bit.” “It feels funny,” I said in a state of wonderment. The tips of my fingers came into contact with the warm

Justin and Steves Love

They had been best friends since high school but only recently had they shared a drunken kiss. Which made things a bit awkward between them as they were both very much into girls not guys. One night when Justin went to a club with some mates from college he noticed Steve within the crowd hunched over his glass at the bar in his black leather

The Blonde

movie, pointing out some of her favorite parts. I was getting so lost in her body that I couldn't pay attention. My hands work from her neck down to her shoulders and across her back. Every so often I would work spots that would make Dani drop her head and just enjoy the feeling.I worked my way further down her back, massaging the back side of

Lara, Her Husband, and the Waitress

floor watching this young girl pull her skirt up her long legs. As the girl's face became redder with every inch her skirt moved up, Lara found herself longing to see how far the girl would go. Would she really show her and her husband her panties? What would they be like? Would they be wet like Lara's had been before her husband removed them?

Overheard Conversation II

How do I cum so fast for you?" She had stopped using her toy. "Lie down now. Lie down on the bed. I want your legs on my shoulders while I lick it." He wasn't finished."Omigod. That's so good. Oh damn. Ohhh. Oh, wow. What you do to me. Tear me up. Omigod." She was now on her back, with her head upright, looking into the computer. "Let me suck

Fucking My Way To Promotion

ferociously. The Consultant withdrew his cock from Cleo's cunt and stopped to watch Matron writhing in pain and impaled on my large cock he urged me on. "Give it to her son she loves rough sex, always has done." I turned to Cleo and told her to get dressed and go home I'd sort out her absence from work later when I was finished with Matron. The

Master Found Ch. 03

of her face. He brushing the leaking head to her lips, coating them with the shining fluid of his precum. Looking down at her as he growls low "lick the head my girl" in a guttural sounding voice, while working his cock head back and forth across her lips. Looking up at him as her lips part obediently, flicking her tongue back and forth as she

Love is Blind

were to stick together. Sarah’s sister insisted only on accompanying Sarah if Lee’s friend didn’t come, which, as Lee couldn’t very well go to a pub unaccompanied, meant that the couple were obliged to meet at Lee’s family home that he shared with his mother and teenage sister. Sarah crawled onto the bed, her lips still on Lee’s, and then

A Number's Game Ch. 03

Gently, I kiss her nose and then say, "You know your duty, Thirty-Seven.""I do, Master." Thirty-Seven leans forward, takes me into her mouth, and begins to suck me slowly, her head bobbing slightly, her auburn hair falling into her face. I smooth her hair back into two ponytails and use them like reins, guiding her mouth further down onto my

Jonas - Part Three

left most of her breasts bare, and was slashed high on the thigh. She looked so beautiful that I ached to look at her."Do you have something to tell me?" I asked, my voice too loud. The party grew suddenly hushed, as every eye turned to watch us."Tell you? Like what?""You had sex with that guy, that fucking tan-in-a-can moron." Her right eyebrow

Speeding Ch. 03

her torso and back up again. He drew the lacy cups of her bra down before continuing his exploration, sucking, lapping and nipping at each breast before drawing it into the warm, wet recesses of his mouth. He was killing her. She was going to die a slow death from his mouth alone. ‘Reid,’ she panted, ‘put your mouth on me.’ He grinned against her

Amy, Part 2

Professor, you’re out of the barn first.”“Sorry. Just imagining doing you and your sister at the same time.”“Just to torture you more, if I asked her she would probably do it. She and I used to have sex pretty regularly when I lived at home. Even doubled up on a couple of boyfriends. She knows I have been fucking a professor and this little

Black Velvet Gloves

the knife down her spine and goose bumps began to form behind the sliding tip of the steel. Slowly he glided it to her panty line and once again she heard the rip of the fabric of her black silk panties as he cut them away on both sides.She heard him move back a bit as she felt them slowly fall down her thighs, to her knees, then ankles until

Mistress Ivy

pumps.It had been awesome and horrible. "You're my sweet baby" she'd croon, leaning over on the bed to kiss him, and then pulling back and whacking his cock and balls again and again with the heel. Then, as she was stroking him, Wishbone came in and plunged his dick in Cobb's mouth."Make Wishbone cum in the next three minutes and I'll give you a

Sister Catherine's Nighmare – CAW 13

Sister Catherine.” Matthew said as the others nodded.“Thank you.” She said and turned to walk back to the front of the bus. As she walked she considered that the boys had the potential to be very nice people, but she understood now why they were called the Four Horseman by some teachers. Upon arriving at the museum the class was quickly organized

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 46: The Interspecies Threesome (Part 1)

of her, her eyes flew open and she bolted upright. At least, she would have had she not still been drunk. Wh&hellip, what are you doing? she asked when she finally made it to a seated position. Uh-oh! I thought. But aloud, I actually said, Im sorry. You should be sorry, she said in a stern voice. Im way too drunk to cum, she added moments later.


enter my rectum and slowly work its way in a small series of in and out movements until she had entered me fully. She then slowly withdrew the finger and repeated the process with more of the Vaseline."Now I'll insert the irrigation tube and I'll be slowly working it down inside you until I have the bulb in place," she explained.I felt the nozzle

Dommed by a Young Blonde Ch. 03: Final

as my Goddess moved the dick in and out of me. She did this for a few minutes, and I continued to moan and whimper, before she stopped. "Like it?""Yes.""I can tell. But it's a little tough to move at the moment. How about we use your 12" to wrap this up?"I was in sub-space by this point. I didn't care. "Sure...""Alright. Get on your back and lie

The Anticipated Ball

work of fiction... I turned the envelope over and over in my hand. Should I open it? I re-read the writing in the front of the envelope. "To Susie Mason. I'm Waiting." The letter I had been waiting for. I put my nerves aside and slowly peeled the envelop open. The smell of lavender wafted out of it, almost making my eyes water. Cautiously I

Graduation and… Ch. 25

She thought about what having a relationship with the young man could mean. There would be problems, there was no way to avoid facing that face. She was more than twice his age and wasn’t able to have kids. What if he wanted to have children? He had the right to expect that. Lois hugged herself. She couldn’t believe she was having fantasies about

Mom with Benefits (Part 2)

the pain of taking that monster cock in my pussy and besides I did not want to end up with a loose fitting pussy for you." Mom put the head of my cock into her mouth and twirled her tongue around it."Nikki started to suck only the head of the cock. She then started to queeze the shaft really hard with both her hands and stroke it back and forth.

Real Women Prefer Anal Sex

the foreskin. The owner of that special cock is James Wilfred, a tall, good-looking young black man who's a member of the Woburn University Football team. Behind me, with his big hands on my hips and his cock drilling into my spread butt cheeks is Jason Teney, of the Men's Basketball team. Oh, man. I couldn't come up with anything hotter than

Sneaking to the Bathroom

his to stifle my moans and my other hand grabs at his hip, just above the pants line and under the shirt. When my cold fingers touch his tender skin, his stomach tightens, he breathes in sharply, and speeds up his fingers, adding in a curling motion that’s quick to drive me up…up……up and over the edge to crash so very hard in his arms. I let out

wife shows herself to workmen

over a period of many years, but haven’t done it lately, as we seem to have cooled off to how we used to be. A sign of age we presumed. Until this week! We had the use of a friends caravan at a lovely but quiet beauty spot not too far away from our home. As has happened before when this has occurred it seems to make the both of us ‘fruity’ shall

Bikini Wax

north side of the city, not too far from the racetrack. It’s a hands-only place where people from the tri-state area will flock to on the weekends to get their cars cared for with love… by babes in bikinis!’ I noticed Charlotte rolling her eyes as she passed the break room. Clearly, she had overheard what Jeff had just said. ‘Their ‘uniform’ or

Unexpected love triangle

we somehow got into the same college. I was so happy and excited when I found out that we would be going to the same college. Not only that, I completely freaked on the first day when I saw him walk into three of my classes. It’s like fate was helping me. I hadn’t had the nerve to walk up to him and introduce myself, even though I had so many

That Night

I did. I gave her pussy a little tease with the strap on and when she didnt expect it I slammed it so deep into her. I held onto her hips and thrusted into her as hard as I could and told her to cum again. She came all over the place and begged me to lick it all up. as I did she pulled me on top of her and began to finger my pussy. It felt so

Sex in the office

let me know if you like it! This is a partially true story with my boyfriend and I as the characters. Thank you ,) My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship. He recently graduated from UCLA and I am currently a sophomore there. We used to message each other really often, a couple hours a day, but recently it was decreasing to a couple

My Recent Houseguest

come over, but for only 3 days. I got up to leave and he followed me to my car. After we arrived at my house, I showed him my guest room, the bathroom and since it was very late, went to my room. I heard him use the bathroom, and go into the guest room, then things got quiet. As I laid in bed, I started to stroke my penis, (as I do every night)

Corporate Takeover

my way out. So much for catching the 6:00 bus home. As I made my way over to HR I passed by all the empty offices and cubicles. Most everyone wasgone for the day. I entered the HR offices and the HR assistant was gone, yet I saw a light on in the Directors office so I knocked on the door. A woman’s voice instructed me to come in.

Frances Ch. 01

in his eyes and even felt a couple of tears run down his nose before hitting the bedspread. He didn't know if it was tears or snot or saliva as every orifice felt like it was secreting something - as if everything was being pushed out of him as she pushed Herself into him. The pain was mind-blowing, but then again, the whole day had be

Infidelity Revisited Ch. 13

Mmph! Mmph!” Charmaine was finding it difficult to concentrate on her blowjob, and the giant cock just sat there in her mouth. Ryan began to hump his hips up off the couch, fucking her mouth. He could feel her breath coming out of her nose and mouth, she was hyperventilating. He was trying to be gentle, sliding his big cock in and out of her

The Power He Has Over Me

are to be placed in the vase he had given me on our third date in the nude and the door is to be answered in the nude. Well, for him anyway. I sat on the couch laying the flowers on the table and the box across my lap. There was a ritual to this as well, I had to start with the note first because it surely contained the instructions for the

The Interns (Part 3)

He had offered one to Jaime, who had refused. Were you fired? Almost. I quit before my asshole of a boss could cut me off. What happened? He overworked me, didnt pay enough, and worst of all, he tried to fuck me&hellip, once. Really? Yeah. I was working on fixing a copier after hours one day, not being paid overtime, of course. Out of nowhere,

Morning Wood

the house was silent. This was when I woke up. My wife and I had been at it late into the night and both of us were tired. We had fucked like thrice during the night and she was exhausted and was still in a deep slumber when I got up. It was one of the few times when we had the house to ourselves. Our kids had gone off to their grandparent’s

The Weekend

was my favourite place in the world, we sat next to one another. Unsurprisingly, Erik soon had a brand new fan club of onlookers. What transpired next, however, had me totally gobsmacked.After placing his mouth at my ear, he whispered, “Let’s give these mother-fuckers a show… You’re my rich sugar-daddy, and I’m your toy boy.”How I managed to


and she began to wipe them away. ‘Come in,’ she announced, not done wiping the tears away. ‘Layla?’ the male voice sounded puzzled. ‘What’s the matter my precious?’ Layla’s head whipped around to the voice. Her heart all but jumped out of her chest as she leapt off of her stool, ‘Oh Nicholas!’ She leapt into his arms, reigning kisses over his

Flames of Necessity Pt. 06

to the warmth and fragrance of her slot, quivering as her spice thrilled his senses, and bumbling out the required apology between eager inhalations."I apologise... apologise Mistress Prudence... for exposing myself... exposing myself in your presence..." Prudence gently stroked his hair as the two sneered audibly with satisfaction, allowing him


clit. Something I knew arouses me faster that anything. My hands squeezed his butt as I felt dripping in my pussy. He parted my robe and I lowered his shorts some…oh yes…there…we felt skin to skin between us, all warm and wet between my legs. His warm hands went in my robe and felt my body up and down.… I had to hold on to him tight to keep from

The Beckwith Affair chap 4

and are being delivered in small packages and probably to different locations.   We don’t know how the money is being transferred but it’s probably cash all the way, and likely being transferred to the ship at the same time the dolls are picked up.”“Alan has gone to Mexico with something that Beckey wants,” said Maggie, “and its likely cash, and

Dr. Imelda’s Radical Approach Ch. 02

Imelda saw Sarah Linden to the door and then went to the corner where Garner was quivering. She reached down and petted his head. ‘It’s okay, Peter, she’s gone now.’ she told him. Garner started to make a whining sound when he felt Imelda’s hand and smelled her perfume. ‘Okay, don’t worry, I’m leaving.’ she assured him. But just as the doctor was

Last Wives Club -- 7 -- A Favor Delivered

needed... sister." Still as cold as ice. "Is there anyone else whose career you would like enhanced... or impeded?" "I think that I should consult with my sponsor." As if a switch had flipped, she suddenly sounded panicked. "Please, do so soon. My husband's birthday is next week and I will be in the hospital. Any delay could be bad. Perhaps we

1,001 Words for Love I : The Library

soles of her feet as numb as her heart. Tomorrow she would ask again. And the following day. And the one following that, until at last, the answer was yes. o-O-o “Lemon raspberry and ice blue cream.” “Shush, Doll. Make love to me.” I brushed her lips with the tips of my fingers, please to feel her trembling with anticipation. She was beautiful,

Seduction of a Babysitter Part II

and with them being swollen, showed a small cameltoe. When Melissa walked back into the front room, Nathan was watching TV. He looked over at her as she entered, feeling a lump grow in his throat again, as he looked at her perky nipples. His eyes went from her chest, right to her cameltoe. He didn't take his eyes off of it as she she walked past

The trip home

duties are done, and you settle into the rear of the plane, allowing your panties to soak as you think about what you’ve caught glimpses of. Another half hour rolls by, and you finally decide that you’ve had enough of playing the waiting game with yourself and proceed to the restroom. I notice you enter from across the aisle as you discreetly

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Sucking My Man So Much

Every chance she gets!That gorgeous cock is attached to the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, most generous, sexiest, most loving man any girl could ever want. He loves me, and he would do absolutely anything for me.I genuinely enjoy sucking on him. The whole experience is a true joy for me, and is as much for my pleasure as for his. This beautiful

Head Cheerleaders Virgin Ass

to ride around until 2 AM. Since we were in Baltimore, I think we drove to DC, followed by Annapolis, but I can't remember. Jeanine hung the phone up and turned back to me and noticed the bulge in my pants and smiled. She said, "I thought I felt a monster pocking at my ass while we danced." I replied that the monster loved the feeling of her

Anthother Useless Fantasy Ch. 02

I TOLD you no one would notice. I do it all the time. The only person who ever noticed was my chiropractor. Now. Have you gotten dinner?"Marlar shook her head again. "Then we had best head downstairs and get that started, hadn't we?After dinner, Mora reclined on the couch watching Marlar go about the dusting as she had been instructed. She was

Pushing Boundaries

mound of pillows under her tummy raised her behind into the air, exposing her ass and pussy to the slightly cool air in the room. She shivered a little before her naked body grew used to the temperature, and she lay there, head pillowed on her arms, waiting for her man to arrive. He walked quickly down the hall to the room where he knew she was

Fucking Pilots All Night

They wanted to double penetrate me again. I was hurting a little, but a little lubrication later and they were both in me again. Lying on the bed being fucked felt so good. This time both guys were not ready to cum. So after fucking this way, they both pulled out and asked me to go doggy style. Then they took turns fucking me. When one guy


to fucking you. And boy oh boy, he never even got around to undressing you!” “Oh yes, I certainly did have a good time. We’ll invite Lame James over again. He’s learning. Did YOU have a good time, baby?” John replied, “I always have a good time when I’m watching you have fun. That was SO erotic when you put his hand up your dress.


on the back, Alex throws himself onto Sean for a big hug. Sean turns slightly to the side, as he wraps his arms around Alex. “Thanks Alex. You’re quite a guy.” Alex feels disappointed that Sean turned to the side, yet deeply appreciates the hug and warm remark.Watching most of this encounter, Jose thinks to himself, “Impressive. More of these

Sisters By The Pool Part 12

her back onto me harder and deeper, making sure she took the full length each time. Her breathing became panting and she struggled to keep her balance as I gave her all she could handle. The passions were high and I felt myself building towards my own climax. “Fucking fill me” I heard her say as soon as she felt me getting stiffer. I could feel a

BBW’s Weekend Ch. 02

like the vixen she was, she gathered the hem of her long dress and slowly peeled it away from her body, revealing all of that creamy skin peppered with caramel freckles. Her dress now sat heaped on the floor and she smiled devilishly at me as she climbed onto the couch on her knees, her back facing me, waiting. What a little Nymph! So there she


He did not look angry though. He looked sad. You used to be a bright girl. What happened to you? You were supposed to fight the family, not give in, he continued. I am not like this. I am sorry. Tod- yesterday is the first time in years that I have let myself go in nearly two years, I said and nudged against him. He did not pull away. He just

Spinning Down the Rabbit Hole - Part 1

she felt certain that the 3” black heels would be ideal as they would make her look taller (she was only 5’4”) and her legs look a little longer. As she looked in her full length mirror she turned to study her ass. To her mind, it was her greatest asset. Certainly when she was in college the boys were more attracted to her well shaped and

Remembering Becky Ch. 01

I tried to think why she was calling and feared that my weirdness that afternoon must have scared her off. ‘I got your number off the bathroom wall at work and had to call you’ Becky said before yelling at one of her kids to knock it off and finish their homework. ‘Actually you’re in the book.’ ‘Well I’m excited to hear from you no matter how you

Cold As Ice Ch. 02

appointment by coming here.’ Cook looked a bit put off at my brusque lack of manners, but he came to the point: ‘Okay. I understand that the grievance for Detective Sharples happened yesterday. I wanted to tell you directly that it was me that had that hearing expedited. I also wanted to tell you that while some Council members have expressed a

Ava wants a gaping ass

on bend over for me on the chair, stick that ass up in the air. Ava got up on the chair on her knees, sticking her ass up in the air like a pussycat. “Come spank that tight round ass.”She started spanking her ass and said, “I am such a fuck nasty little ass slut – I want my ass wrecked all fucking night long. You better not cum to fucking soon


for a few months by then, though my hands were clammy and my heart beat like mad each time I could find the nerve to actually go through with it. Yes, it felt exhilarating, and it gave me the most intense orgasms of my short life, but I also felt depraved and carried a bad conscience afterwards. However, something about it was addicting.I was

Queen of the Tidewater Peloton

both in their eighties, died within weeks of each other. Their kids then sold it for a song in as-is condition, just to be rid of it. It needs a lot of work inside as you’ll soon see.’ He showed her in through a side entrance that led to the kitchen. Lance was right, it looked like it hadn’t been remodeled in decades. Drab, worn linoleum covered

Back-Alley Whore

right. And what kind of whore gets fucked in an alley like this?""A back alley whore, sir. A filthy gutter slut."He grins and pushes his stiff cock a little harder against her ass."And what hole do back alley whores and filthy gutter sluts get fucked in?"She lets out a desperate gasp as she thinks of what is about to happen to her."In their ...

A Schoolboys Secrets – Day One

was revealed to me. Kyle Haynes. Target identified for my first pull! Prepare for the ride of your life Mr. Haynes! I started it off playing easy and working my way up. At the lunch break I sat next to him and started getting to know him. Id done this sort of thing millions of times before, Id had good practise! Hey! start off slowly obviously

Family Harvest: Re-planting seeds within the same soil (Chapter 2)

depressed, and worried. Do you want to know what the weak race is? It’s the Jews! We were slaves in Egypt, Germany slaughtered us all, and America discriminated us almost as bad as the fucking niggers here. I no longer feel like a weak little gentle lamb, I feel so much stronger!!” She said, still staring at me nude with the angry look on her


I had nothing on my mind but killing time. I decided that day to go visit this small waterfall Id discovered, though it was a pretty long hike so I started early. It was a particularly hot day, and by mid morning the air was already feeling sticky, and Id have been sweating just lounging around the house. I looked forward to finding the falls,

Just a little fun- Part2

I’m alone again with my thought.It’s a little weird laying here knowing that in less than 7 hours ill probable see my sister naked… is that normal? I don’t think it is. Well got to stick to the plan then. I finally dragged myself out of the bed and over to my closet where I dug out my camera. Hmm actually this is about as far as I got in my

Katherine Jackson

and felt through the coarse, curly, stiff hair around her pussy, I slid my finger into her slimy gash. I watched in amazement as her body responded to my finger massaging her wet snatch, the three-inch wide dark spots on top of her teats wrinkled up and sprouted two firm purple nipples that rose up nearly an inch from out of her ebony mounds,

Broken Bliss Ch1

her loose shirt, and mine. "I don't think I could have done it without your help.""I'm sure you could have figured it out on your own!" I lightly chide her. "You know I think you are at least as smart, if not smarter than me.""Really? You really think that?" She jumps up and down, and gives me another hug, that seems to linger just a little too

Gerty and Jeff

pearls beaded neck chain pressed into me that got me so hard… right?""No I didn't know that, but sometimes a guy can have a fetish for a woman's things and I think it's sweet.""Why do you think it's sweet?""It is symbolic of your thoughts to me Jeff. I have the feeling that you may have enjoyed them one time awhile ago. I left them at your Mom's

During The Night Judge Cooke Series # 8

I gasped also, seeing how hard he gave it to her. He laughed a wicked laugh, at my response, as he looked at me. As he thrust into his daughter's pussy another time , he took his left hand and pushed her shoulders down. He then said, " Suck her clit, while Daddy fucks you, Princess." She looked up at me, then she moved her hands up and pulled my

Chasing Love Ch. 09

Jake. ‘Where the hell could she be?’ Danny wanted to know. ‘There’s a jeep missing from the garage,’ Jeff said as he hurried over to them. ‘He’s taken her,’ Cal said, his voice grim. He no longer tried to keep his anger hidden and both Danny and Jake took a step back, Jeff’s eyes widened when he realized just how pissed his boss was. ‘Cal, Jake

Random Encounter

He stopped when he reached my jeans and looked up as if asking permission to remove them. I gave him a simple nod of the head, and he began working my jeans off of me, sliding them down my body. My gstring was left on, and he went for my tank top next, sliding it up over my head. I was nearly naked, and he was standing at the foot of the bed

My Maria Scene 3B

I poured some lavender body wash into my hands. I washed her neck and shoulders. I slid my hands down her arms onto her stomach washing and caressing as I moved. I poured some more body wash on my hands and slid my hands under her breasts gently lifting them and lathered them up. I rubbed her nipples which became immediately hard and erect. I

Secret Moonlit Sex

I held her face in my hands and we separated. "I want to do something," she said with a devilish grin."What?""You'll see."She got on her knees and pulled my shorts down, and my rigid, substantial cock hit her nose when it sprang out. We chuckled and her eyes danced with eagerness and joy at the first-time sight of her own brother's cock. She

The Perfect Prescription Part II

the skin he owns made me wet. It made me want him. A few times my hands shot forward and he ordered me to put them back. Blindfolded, kneeling and without the use of my hands, I felt completely at his mercy. I got more and more aroused thinking about his strength, his control, his power. “Spread your legs,” he said. I moved my knees apart and

The Devil and Me Ch. 03

the rest of my family? I decided to leave and get rid of the erection with some furious masturbation. Maybe I could think straight then. I finished my second helping, washed my plate, and began to leave, but she grabbed my arm, pulling me towards her. She asked what I was doing, and I made a stupid excuse. She pretended to believe me, and leaned

Upskirt Photography Can Be Fun

doing it on purpose. The way you just sat there with your legs apart, you must have known what you were showing. But you didnt seem to care. I noticed you didnt have a bra when I walked past, and I was going to try and get a shot of your tits. But then when I realised you had no panties either&hellip,I was just, like wow, my kind of girl! I mean,

Rescue and Revelation.

her panties.The girls embraced again. Bare breasts were pushed together and wet pussies were ground against each other. Kerri found herself moaning at these new sensations. She had not gotten laid in awhile and was very horny. Val managed to walk back towards the bed with her lips still attached to her sister's. They flopped down on the bed

The Rogue's Harem Book 2, Chapter 12: Weakened Passion

me, destroying my shadows, revealing my flesh. A trap. They'd baited me into attack. The chain clattered as it whisked against my waist, coming loose, the weighted end swinging around me.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sven FalkI popped to my feet and...The world spun around me.Exhaustion leaded my limbs. I didn't want to fight. Didn't have the

Solo HMT Adventures #05

left!’ Heavy Metal Thunder shouted. ‘There’s a street up ahead, so turn down it!’ He readied the box of whip cream balloons. He waited for the perfect time and then released them all at once. Matt was already turning onto the street, as the whip cream covered the windshield of the limo. He didn’t even bother slowing down, causing the tires of the

dx gets it

hold of her wrist and pulls her towards him. He wraps his arms around Sunny and dips her downward as he places a hot kiss on her lips. Sunny wraps her arms around his neck as she parts her lips and slides her tongue forward and into Shawn's mouth. The reason why Sunny is not resisting is that this isn't the first time she and Shawn have hooked up

Seduced by the Milkman

All characters are seventeen or over.Way back in time when I was young and naïve I would hitchhike from just north of Watford to Llanberis in North Wales.  I had done this several times usually without incident however this time it was a bitter cold rainy afternoon and nobody was stopping, by 4pm I was totally pissed off as I waited by the

Shopping Mall Seduction

changing room door. "And besides, you did say we were going to do whatever I wanted today.""Hmmmm, I did say that, didn't I.""Um-hmm, and right now what I want is your cock!"Chloe squatted down in front of Jerry, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his quickly hardening penis. She took the whole thing in her mouth, or at least as much as she

The Wedding Proposal, chapter VIII

a shoe box. A purple silk ribbon was cross tied around the case. “Tony. You shouldn’t have. That looks expensive.” He handed me the box with a strange look of anxiety and expectation. I instantly knew it meant a lot to him, and accepted the gift with a big smile. Inside, I was thrilled like a little girl. Such an extravagant looking present,

I Walk Up to the Front Door

as he forcefully enters her arse. I can see he’s about to cum, one hand in her hair the other cupped round her hips, as he starts to thrust harder and deeper. I slip two fingers inside my pussy. His eyes widen at the site of me pleasuring myself. Little beads of sweat drip from his forehead as he begins to jerk and pulsate. I watch his pupils

The teacher is Taught - Part 3

whispered into her ear, "Of course your friends would be even more surprised if they knew what happens to you when you misbehave?" Amanda blushed as she looked at Jodie, kissed her on the lips, and said with a smile, "I suppose I know I must leave that up to you, Miss." Jodie smiled at Amanda and said happily, "Looking around I rather suspect

How Christi Paid for College Ch. 07

she said. ‘But if you want to hang out, you can drop your stuff on the dresser. People seem to forget stuff in here all the time, strangely.’ This was not true, but Christi wanted plausible deniability if anyone came asking about what went on in her room at Kappa House and figured it would be best to obscure any direct receipt of money from these

Unwanted attention – Chapter 12

out and all over his torso and down his shaft, covering his testicles and thighs. There was so much of it and the penis just kept jerking up and down multiple times as he was experiencing the strong orgasm. In retrospect I realized that I should have stroked him a few times even if he started ejaculating before the first stroke, or at least do

The Tall Girl

‘Everything okay over there?’ asked Barb, sounding quite chipper. ‘Way okay,’ I replied with a laugh. ‘Ta-ta, lovers!’ she chirped and hung up. ============== Which brings us to where we started. It was a tough day: several anti-trust cases were coming to a head soon, and there were three death-penalty appeals which the AG’s office had to handle.

Sweet Tasting Revenge

were on the screen said how much they both enjoyed fucking each other and how they were in love. I never confronted my husband about it. I just decided that two can play that game. A few weeks later, he told me he had to leave town for two weeks on a business trip to Milwaukee. I knew he was going to see his little slut but I just told him to

Growing Up Is Tough

It’s like you snap at the slightest thing and then you don’t remember anything.” “I don’t need help, Sam,” I said. “I’m fine.” “You tried to kill Benny, Chris,” he said. “Does that sound fine to you?” I stared at him in disbelief. I tried to kill Benny? “Is he all right?” I asked. “He’s fine,” Sam said. “Jake had to knock you out to get you off

Island Girls Part 4 One Good Turn

in the time it would have taken her to cool down after a long run, she grew restless in my arms. She lifted her head, searching for my mouth. Breathing heavily through her nose, she wriggled her tongue into my mouth while our lips met. Her eyes were closed, and she had a look of bliss on her face. She drew her tongue full circle around my mouth

High School Whore

she heard a rumor that i have a small dick. boy was she wrong. I pulled my dick out and rubbed it so it could get fully hard. She was so out of it i just pushed her head down onto my dick. Before this NO ONE has ever made me cum by giving me a blowjob. But she went to town on my dick. Sucking and slurping and deepthroating and then the next thing

A Family’s Tale 9.

I said making her moan.“You’re so so lucky! My mom left my dad for some guy and was on some bad drugs, she’s in prison right now so it’s just me and dad, dad got full custody of me.” She said making me feel kinda sorry for her.“How did you start with your dad?” I asked making her smile and kinda whimper.“I caught him watching porn and when I did,

Chained to the Floor

cumslut whore for as long as you want." He then took my clothes and went home. Our deal was that he would come back in three hours. I was so turned on that my cock was ready to burst and was already leaking precum. As soon as my friend left, someone wandered by the open door, saw the sign and smiled. He stepped in and unzipped his pants. "I am

First Encounter

gets up off the bed, walks to the desk chair and sits down. I follow and drop to my knees in front of him. His cock is raging hard.I start to lick around the head of his dick and up and down the shaft. I take him between my lips and he growls with pleasure. He puts his hand on the back of my head, just to remind me who's in control. As if I could

My Step-Sister

to shatter. The amount of cum I had building up could fucking shatter a window. I pulled out of her pussy on accident and shoved my dick into her ass. Her hips rocked and some of her cum hit her tits. I gladly licked up what I could but could only do so much. I came in her ass and glazed her hole with my cum. After a couple more minutes of

The Getaway

as I pulled out momentarily. Working her way up his body, she waited for Tori to guide James’s swollen head inside her wet pussy. Straddling him, she bent down to kiss him as I climbed on behind and pressed my cock against her tight anus. The love we had for each other would be proven by this, as I licked my finger before rubbing it against her

Finally Fucked the MILF

goes out of the town every weekend, he doesn't get bored with my company. We enjoy the days, watching TVs, playing games etc. No, you don't think that we have sex because we are not gays! We are both straight! Sometimes his mother also joins us in card games. Well, I think from this place we should start particularly! About his mom, she looks

Erika Blossoms Ch. 02

peeled off my ruined pantyhose, tossed them on the counter and stepped into the shower, letting the hot water wash the all the sticky cum away.My boyfriend joined me after a few minutes. He stepped in and I kissed him hard."That was incredible. It made me feel so sexy and strong." I said.He pushed against me. His dick, amazingly, still as hard as

A Window Into Sex

My frightened wife clutched my arm and shook it. Her grip was not comfortable. “Did you hear that?” I sat up. “Yeah, yeah. Listen.” Another scream ripped the night, followed by more whimpering. We got out of bed and went to the open window. We crouched under it and stared at the house next door. A young couple rented it. They had moved in two

Naughty Old Man

sixteen and it was suggested by my father that I do something to give back to the community. It was decided for me that I should volunteer at the local retirement home.It started out just talking to the residents or walking with them. As I got to know some of them, I'd help them with meals and play games, usually gin rummy.One such resident was a

Cammy White’s snapgasm

hand to trace the outline of her breasts in the green leotard. Biting his lips, Leonhard says in a clearly distressed state: “Eh...the chemical requires electrical impulses to detonate.” He had soon developed a boner, and was overheated from the reaction of his body to the erotic display of this woman. Cammy smiled, nodding her head. “Anything


when I ought to be terrified?The fingers stroke the front and the outside of my thighs.Breath. A kiss on my tummy. A tongue tip tracing up towards my..."Aoowwweee! Hey, no, please aaooww!"Firm pinches on my nipples followed by sharp slaps on each breast.Still my tormentor is silent.I wait, trying not to squirm as I pull against the chains which

A Clockwork Orange

in-out in-out (sex). I turned to my music library and played Beethoven 9th symphony, played by the London symphony orchestra. I lay on my and stroked my knife against my young incoming beard as Beethoven's blissful tones surrounded me and I planned how to get rid of poor old Dim. The method didn't matter. It could be quick and painless or long

Michael's Girls : A Sister's Touch

she muttered to herself, though loud enough for Mike to hear. This sent a sensation through his dick. She felt his cock jerk. Becky held her brother's dick as she bent forward and tasted it, she ran her tongue on the head. Gil, her best friend at school, had told her a boy's cock tasted nice and had also told her about blowjobs. It didn't have

smokeSCREEN: bookTHREE

own.’ It takes a long time for him to realize that was, perhaps, the wrong thing to say. Finally, his brow furrows and he says, ‘I’m here – I’m with you guys – but that doesn’t mean I can break vows made previous.’ I just look out over the city. I’m boiling up. ‘So you keep your promises,’ I say. He nods. But I stand and pull on my boots. ‘And

A Surprise Encounter and A Long Night Of Fun

there. I got up, went over behind her, and started rubbing my cock in her ass crack. At the same time, I reached around her and started to rub her clit. Her hands were clawing at the walls as she wanted more. Her ass backed up into me and I slid my cock into her pussy. First it was slow and sensual. We built up little by little. She backed up

Jodi's Story Part 2

like that. Once I had worked into her and she was OK I began a faster pace. She grabbed my ass and pulled me in hard. We fucked like animals from there on. We both came together. God it was great. Once I had rolled of she snuggled alongside me. We laid there for a bit and kissed. After a few minutes she licked my nipple then rubbed my wet gooey


in their respective holes. Despite having just cum, it didn’t take any of us long to orgasm, again. Possibly the fact that we had something of an audience even if they couldn’t see very well what was happening because as our sounds increased, the headlight came on, again. This time, though, we were too far gone to care and continued with our

At the Club

intense.Meanwhile, Lisa began moaning louder and louder as she felt her orgasm build. "Faster," she hissed. Ken worked his tongue on her clit faster and faster until finally, Lisa reached her orgasm. "Thank you," she whispered.With Lisa having her orgasm, Ken became all the more aware that a gorgeous woman was fucking his ass. He was too turned

Masochistic Desires

the surface and raising my awareness. I can literally feel my body attune with his as he strokes me with his flogger. The hairs on my neck rise and I quietly purr, arching into his touch. When I've relaxed into the deerskin flogger, he abruptly brings down a hard blow with a heavy leather flogger. This one's familiar as well -- the long-tailed

4 Curious College Girls: Vol. 3

laid down on the bed next to them. The powerful orgasms stopped the girls in their tracks, and they just laid with each other, glowing with love. Cynthia suddenly realized what Josh must be thinking, wondering if she didnt love him anymore. She reached from under Alexs grasp for Josh, bringing his face into hers and kissing him deeply. She

How I became my fathers cum slave [Part Two]

mouth and I watched him leave the room. My brother pulled me onto my side to spoon me with his dick still inside me. Thank you, oni-chan, for cumming inside me&hellip, He smiled and stroked my hair. Youre welcome, my sister. And dont worry, well have lots more fun. Starting tomorrow. I smiled brightly as well and snuggled back into him, closing

Incestuous Flesh Massage Chapter 8: Punishing the Naughty Mommy

her!” I moaned. “Breed her! We have to be pregnant together!”“Yes!” my lover moaned into my pussy. She thrust her tongue into my twat.Clint rammed his dick into her cunt.I watched my brother's big cock vanish into my lover's pussy. His balls slid over my face. I sucked on them for a moment before they drew back. His cock emerged covered in my

The Marriage Ch. 01

of love. I settled on duty. ‘The kingdom deserves no less,’ I responded, ‘I will endeavor to improve for its sake and yours.’ It was the truth, at least until I would see Alia again. I needed to place duty above my heart. Absorbing Father’s ethos in words was easy. The deeds were where I was found wanting. My father placed his hand on my

Seducing The Babysitter

the bed and into the center of the room. I went to the closet and gathered up all my silk scarves to tie Jim to the bench.“Take your clothes off Jim. Strip for us right now. Show Jenny your dick, but you better not touch it until I let you.”Jim stripped totally naked and then laid on his back as I tied his arms and legs to the bench. I wanted him

The User Ch. 06

and…’ That was all Ben needed to hear. He took her hand and led her to his bedroom, noting with jubilation that she offered no resistance. When the got in the bedroom, he grabbed the hem of her sweat shirt and lifted it over her head. Cynthia, breathing hard, raised her arms to make it easier for him to pull the garment over her head. Ben slid

Wish Upon a Star

sprang to my eyes. I grabbed my purse and bit my lip. ‘I’ll be back in a bit,’ I said. ‘Just gonna walk around the neighborhood.’ ‘Whatever,’ Brad shot after me. ‘Take your time.’ ‘I’m not even sure why he let her come in the first place,’ Bryan growled as the door closed behind me. ‘It’ll be hard to pick up chicks, and she’s gonna wanna….’ I

A Restless Evening, Part 2

her ear, giving her earlobe a light bite. “What do you need?”“Touch my nipples… ” Erin's face flushed, but was soon distracted from her self-consciousness with the loss of her bra.“Gladly,” Justin said, and fondled her breasts. His nimble fingers lightly flicked her nipples, then pinched them, making Erin yelp.“Mmmmm,” she groaned, basking in the

Red lace

It wasn’t until the end of the story, when the guy shoots his load every-fucking-where, that he really began to get hard. Licking and drinking his own cum was a huge turn on. Sharing it with the chick, her drinking it too, was even better. He could feel his erection against the lace panties. His cock moved against the material, rubbing against

Walter and I

I wanted his dick up my ass; but I found myself unable to stop sucking his now glistening rock hard cock. He had to pull my face away because he was about to cum. He pulled me up kissed me and pushed me in the couch. He took my sorts of and sucked my 8.5in dick. We were almost the same size but; I was about half as thick as he was. He wasn’t as

Three Strikes And Youre Out

…” I whined. I knew my word choice would anger you, and yet somehow I couldn’t help it. It had been almost a week since our last moments together. I desired nothing more than to be at home … sitting at your feet. Not there. Not in the midst of strangers. And not wearing a flimsy piece of cloth someone grossly mistook for clothing.

Chronicles of Rek-hovek Chapter 2

formed around her body. her cheeks were flushed and red.Overall, she looked helpless and hot. This turned on Grim even more."That was sooo goooodd. You seem energetic today.”, said the girl, regaining her composure a bit.Grim took of his clothes, and his hard member also came into view, the woman gave a sheepish smile to him."Energetic,huh, I'm

I fucked my brothers girlfriend

where by chance, the unthinkable happened. Nothing too bad, well.. other than her cheating on my brother with me. And if you'd like to know how this happened, well.. just keep reading.During the summer, they came over to my house to stay for a couple of days. I myself was kind of like “Oh great.. They're really probably gonna be here for a week

Library Privileges

Lois smiled and said, ‘So you do look at her legs do you?’ He smiled back at her and said, ‘Oops, you caught me. She said she always gets too warm when she cleans in long pants.’ ‘She probably doesn’t even wear shorts when she cleans her apartment then, I mean, why would she if she gets that warm?’ ‘Oh great, now you’ll have me thinking about

Cleaning the Shed day 3

had read about anal on the internet and wanted to try it for some time now.Disturbed by the movement, the insects inside her became active, starting to squirm and occasionally biting her from the inside. It only added to Emilys arousal, picking up the paste, she fucked her ass hard until the stick went in and out of her fairly easy. It seemed to

Gran Katan

into Gran Katan itself."Well," I said, as we entered the small arrival hall, "That was different." The cab line was short and another Scandinavian looking woman put our bags into the back of her Chinese-made car and we headed off."Think of it as one of our special Saturday nights, but all day every day and everyone else is into the game." Loralai

Gray Jedi Ch. 11

in a room of some kind. Looks like a holding cell.”“Chirrut was just filling us in. You won’t be able to break out; that’s Mandalorian iron all around you, further enhanced by Master Yoda. Don’t try to bust out; you’ll only get hurt. Just sit tight.”“Will do. Just get us outta here, please.”“We’ll be there as soon as we can, but we’ve run

Sugar’s Tribute to John

In someways he’s gotten his wish, for far too long. He married a woman after me, who ran those clubs for many years, and she claims the club is named in her honor, she probably also claims her breasts are real too, although she really has purchased ones that resemble mine. He bought them for her, and the doctor replicated mine exactly. Her name

Penny's Story

instructed him. He stroked his cock a few times before splattering Holly’s face with semen.“Awesome! Great job you two!” Jon complimented them. Ulysses felt silly, weird, and foolish for agreeing to do this, but her breasts were amazing, and it had been since Devin the previous day since he had sex – far too long without cumming.He left later

College for Krista: Part One

done what Summer did, but wanted to remain detached somewhat.   When she stepped out, there were other college girls walking around and to her amazement, some were in towels, others were topless, and others were totally bare.   Krista felt the moisture inside her slip out again.   She knew it was going to be hard hiding what she was for now

First Fantasy

Finishing up typing up a rather extensive file into the computer I clicked the final period key before saving it away in the company files. I reach my arms above my head stretching outwards giving a slight yawn. As I look down the hall, I see my coworker and best friend Sam walk towards me with the everlasting smile upon her face."Hey, you ready


My tongue circles your nipple as my mouth lowers to consume as much breast as possible. I feel your nipple in the back of my mouth and your moan through it before I release it to move to its twin. Again I lick your nipple and suck in as much breast as possible and then release it to the air. My hands are caressing your sides and move onto your

The Only Woman for Me- Part Five

Elaine is back in town.   She is moving in to her home right now. I am getting ready to head over there and help her unpack everything. Mike offered to help as well and I couldn’t think of a good enough reason to turn down more assistance so he is coming with me. I am standing in the mirror giving myself on finally look over, as nervous as if

My favorite sex toy (Pt. 2)

him the right to: look at, talk to, or if he must fuck others would always bring him back to me. It would never give him the equal pleasure that he got from spending time with me. I knew this from the conversations we had. He was frustrated because he no longer wanted causal pussy-and sometimes cock-as much as he needed to be fucked. He wanted

The Thorned Rose Ch.04

held him, asking questions about his encounter with the Orcess.Mayla watched on from the counter and sighed a little. It had been so long since they had had a real conversation, she was beginning to wonder whether or not he would every warm back up to her, but she would suffer her penance of silence, gods knew she didn’t half deserve it.Mayla

Champagne For Two

mere sensuality of love making. They are the kind of dirty, naughty thoughts a woman usually doesn’t share outside the confines of her boudoir. For twelve, wonderful years, my husband has made me happier than I could have ever imagined. I knew he was the one, even on that very first day I met him. He is very handsome, but my attraction for him

Working late

Once I get it in comfortably I start pumping it hard, in and out of both my pussy and asshole. It feels so good being stuffed in both holes. I can feel my orgasm quickly building toward release, so I pump as fast as I can, harder, faster, harder, faster, until it hits me. I tense up and arch my back so far that I’m almost standing up, and relax

A Beautiful Love

player and turned it on for my girl. I went back to her side and her eyes were only half open trying to watch her movie as it began to play. “Baby Girl, I’m gunna go shower and I’ll be right back up okay? No more than 5 minutes, I promise.” “Okay, Daddy. I’ll be fine.” I basically ran down the stairs and sped through the shower worried sick

Eleanor Ch. 14

father, rosy skin, dusk hair and eyes, and the most peaceful countenance. He was a child of angels. And now he resided with them. Kailara swallowed her memories, unwilling to free her tears in front of strangers. Pulling the blanket Ragnar had given her closer around her as dusk settled over this evil land, Kailara rested her head against the

My Younger Brothers Friend Part 6: Winter Break with Ray

caused his cock to make a smacking sound against his abs. His cock was beautiful just like him. It was 7 inches long and pretty wide with a big pink mushroom head and full of luscious veins. I took his cock into my mouth and sucked it like a pro. I licked it up and down, occasionally giving his balls a lick. Ray was moaning and his face was red

Summer School Part 7

second vagina he had now seen and he noticed several differences. His mom’s pussy was fuller and the lips were more pronounced. She looked moist down there, but not soaking wet. She had thicker hair but it was trimmed into a strip so her pussy was quite visible. Under his towel, despite the fact that this was his mom, he became achingly hard. He

Bondage with a Little Girl

all, whore,” before you begin unloading semen.As cum squirts down the little girl’s throat, I untie your wrists from the metal bar and then remove the handcuffs. Even after shuttering with the last load, your cock is still hard as a rock, which works to my advantage. With brief instructions for Shannon—“Get a dildo and strap it on”—you and I leap

School Series-One Day

the front of his desk. He gestured for me to sit down, and I did. "If you don't know what were doing maybe you should stay after school, and I can help you with your homework." He said handing me my homework. "And second of all I gave you those grades so that you could come to me in private, and not have to ask in front of your

EXIT 33 — Trust

friendly here. Their big neon sign is truly a welcome sight for me.This stop has the nicest / biggest shower facilities and the fluffiest of towels. When I am here, I really feel at home. It is my favorite truck stop. It is time for a shower and a meal. Fortunately we are neither shy nor modest when it comes to disrobing in front of each other

Last Stop Bubbles: A Lost Blondie-Verse Tale, Part Two

down and steal your beautiful black soul. It’s what they all do. Don’t you ever let me catch you flirtin’ with them, Jalen-baby. I’ll whoop your brown ass.’Let’s just say Granny Teague often wore herself out with all the whoopin’ soon as Wednesday hit.I settle into my seat in a blessedly empty compartment as the train embarks and pull out a fresh

Rachel’s Fire: 11

They dont seem to care how visible they are. You feel a strange tingle between your thighs as you imagine human couples copulating here before you like this in broad daylight. *Must be getting desperate.* This is what you say to yourself. It seems that all youve been able to think about since you came out here is sex. Even the slightest stimulus

Train Ride to Remember

my chest when he asked me if I would care to join him for supper. I agreed readily but added that I need to go back to my compartment and change and freshen up a bit. He took my hand and offer to walk me back. "I'll be back in a half an hour to pick you up," he said as we stood in the narrow hallway. I do not know what came over me but standing

Mommy's Love Denied 13

sex. We made love a number of times before. But none of those times were as tender, intense or as beautiful as what we did that particular night. I remember the young boy pushing me into the side of the bed; he hugged me tight; kissing my neck. He then grabbed my head and rustled with my blonde hair as he kissed me. Our tongues swirled. I

Jaya Caught in a Water Fight

teen held her top down. As Jaya struggled with him, one of the girls she helped, let the zipper in the back of the dress down. It caused the wet dress to fall around her ankles. It left Jaya in her white panties and white garter belt. The crowd of adults laughed hysterically at Jaya’s surprised look on her face. Her humiliation was extreme, never


woman had just placed down her purse, and began looking through it. “Hi there,” she said, “I was hoping you could help me find a product…hold on I’m not sure of the name…let me root around in here for my list.” “Of course, take your time.” Anna said, trying her hardest to keep her focus on the customer, although her eyes kept darting over her

Amnesty Program Ch. 01

sort of academic records you are maintaining. Students need socialization, and they need to learn to trust others, especially since most high-performing jobs require teamwork. The goals of education are ultimately to prepare you for life, but there are very few real-world careers that require your level of effort, at least over any extended

The Muse Pt. 03

know how that tradition began, but in all fairness I think the wine may have had something to do with that. Wine, of course, is always our guest of honour, but it never comes unaccompanied. The food is always different, depending on which of is hosting, Victoria with her decadent hors d’oeuvres, Kelsey with her simple snacks and myself with

Ghostly Fantasy

I scream. I feel her pussy start to pulsate around my shaft. Continuing to thrust, my arms around her waist, I pull my ghostly lover deeper onto me. ‘Cum with me Charles’ she says. ‘Yes, Lucy. I’m cumming…I’M CUMMING’ I scream as jet after jet of semen rush into my lover. As our orgasms subside, I realize that Lucy is still here, in my arms.

A Birthday To Remember

was my first love and the guy I lost my virginity to.After the first time we had sex we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. We would go out to dinner and be groping each other while we ate. I would feel his boner under the table and get so excited. My panties would start to get damp at the dinner table. So I would whisper in his ear how

Bored soccer mom finds ways to entertain herself

Christy was aware that something cold andthen hot was between her legs and she jumped out of thechair. She had forgotten about Ben, her dog. While shehad been in a state of arousal the dog must have walkedup to her bedroom and gone under the computer desk andthen pushed his snout between her legs and startedlicked her pussy. Christy was in shock

Horny Gal Knows What She Wants

had been set, but who was I to complain?Then she got her vibrator out and lubed it all up inserted it into her pussy. With one hand pumping the vibrator in and out she used the other to massage her now prominent clit. I continued to kneel between her legs and was jacking my lubed up cock. Pretty soon she stopped rubbing her clit and grabbed my

The Garage Sale

several states away.Fortunately what I do for a living does not require me to go into the office, as long as I have a high speed Internet connection and next day mail deliveries.When the snow melted I saw Allison outdoors more often. She was keeping herself busy working around in her flower garden as she had for the past two summers too. She

Day in the life of a Cuckold Part 2

minutes later David’s back arches and he pushes in deep and hard three to four times, before letting his cock slowly slip out. I shuffle across to them, do you still need me I say meekly, Yes says David, you can clean this first, I look across to my wife she lays back and say go on, enjoy it. I lick, suck and gag on that big dirty cock until its

Trust Fall Epilogue

It is hard and the smack cracks through the house. God, it was hard. Maybe a little too hard. We can work with that. No matter, my pussy clenches in that wonderful way and I feel myself get wet. Another smack and his mouth is on the back of my neck. He is biting me and sucking me. Thank you, Ben Sheppard, thank you. * Books by Tess Quince Trust

Full Maintenance

to serve him. He comes into the dining room, kisses me and sits at the table to enjoy his dinner while I stand quietly behind him, ready to serve him anything else he may need, refill his wine, massage his shoulders. He finishes, thanks me, and I clear the table while he re-locates to the turned chair. I come back into the room after loading the

Fun Under The Sun

it to me on his camera screen. Greg was still fully clothed, but I knew he wouldn’t be for long. Feeling sexy as a woman can possibly be, I stretched out across the rock ledge and began to pose shamelessly for my husband and his camera, and moved effortlessly as my husband captured my different poses. He got some nice close-ups of my firm breasts

My sweet step brother really loves me

me though,” I replied.“I know I do sis. I think I have even since I met you honestly,” Jake said.We kissed again and my pussy started to get a little sore. He was pounding me really hard and I was breathing in and out slowly as my heart rate just increased.“Oh yes, fuck your step sister good like that Jake. Make sure you let me know how much you

A Game with Dice

my permission were you?" She asked tersely."No..." I said, suddenly aware that my position was fairly indefensible."So how much closer were you going to get before you told me?""I, I don't know...." I stammered."Hmm." She said and ran the tip of her index finger up and down the underside of my throbbing meat, then circled it around the sensitive

First Time sub

and clean my cock with your mouth slave" he orders. "Yes Master" you reply and kneel down to take his limp cock in your mouth. You taste his salty cum and Lori's tangy pussy juices mingled together on your Masters dick, and you feel a new arousal come over you. "Now, clean Lori's hole with your tongue." You hesitate, and from nowhere you feel a

Boning s****r (mf, teens, b*o/s*s, semi-cons)

she felt my hardness pressing into her. The shock she felt right then kept her from preventing my next action. I slipped my hand into her bra and cupped her bare tit, feeling her hard nipple on my palm. Her eyes went as wide as saucers and stared into mine deeply. “Lee!” she hissed. Not shouted, hissed, as if she were complicit in a secret.

Stories I like: At McDonald’s

on my knees on the floor and positioned myself between her legs, which she opened wider and bent back at the knees to give me better access. I stared at her glistening flower and then looked back up to her face. She looked back down at me, and her look left no room for anything but compliance. Never having done this before, I fumbled a bit as I

Whiteys Hot Fire

orgasm, I go back out into the main hall of this Wonderland and find a bath in the corner of the room. I strip off my sticky cum soaked dress and climb into the already boiling water. I watch in amusement as cum slides from my skin into the water, rinsing me clean from the remnants of many pleasures. With a sigh, I slip deeper into the water, the

Tanning Salon Visit

and staffed by a divorced guy in his fifties, who also had a jewelry-making business on the side. He normally worked in a small jewelry shop near the reception area. He was polite and friendly, but never did he give me any indication that he was open to gay pursuits. I might add here that I am a straight-acting, in-shape, 62 year old, married

Syncopation, Part 1

from the solid bodies. Mother stood in the kitchen, her eyes resting on the pine in the side yard. The early morning sun glinted off the moisture dripping down her cheeks. Once we were loaded, Jane and I scooted against each other on the board in the wagon. Her soft fingers interlaced with mine, warming not just my fingers but my spirits as well.

The Virgin Gymnast

way”“yes unfortunately my parents passed away a few years ago and gave me the house. My siblings hated that so they all left too”Jessica couldn’t help but feel a connection to Detective Mathews, It felt like the same thing had happened to them both only his parents were dead.“I’m sorry detective” Jessica said sincerely “Please call me Alex”

More Than Coffee Bargained For

granting him a private office in their small firm. While this was great for privacy and thinking, it restricted his access to his secret of success… coffee. He couldn’t get enough of the stuff. His old desk was only a couple of paces from the break room where the coffee maker was kept. This meant only a minute or so was all it took to get a fresh

Perchance to Dom Ch. 05

smart again." "That may take a while." "Why do I doubt that?" "What can I make to eat?" "Salad. It's already made, and shriveling in the refrigerator." Mom's work, no doubt. Grandpop like hamburgers, buns, and mustard. He distrusted pickles because they were green, not because they weren't delicious, garlic ones at least. I ate the whole bowl.

Down on the Farm Ch. 03

we can. It will be late before we get home and there’s the milking at 3am. Besides, we didn’t bring anything for supper.’ ‘Should you choose to stay, food will not be a problem. There’s plenty left over from our lunch.’ She replied as I looked down at Trish. She didn’t say a word, but her eyes took on the ‘Bambi’ look. Guess I’m a sucker for the

Missy: Day Five - Evening

I could handle. “Daddy!” I yelled, scared. Mommy gripped my ankles harder and pulled them back further. My ass cheeks widened and my hole gave way to the force of Daddy’s cock. I felt the head start to press inside. “Oh God!” I cried. “That’s it, let me in baby,” Daddy coaxed gently. The thick head finally popped in, the ring of my ass stretched

Kevin's Sow Pt. 03: Participation

I held out my hand."Good day, Mr. Wilson," I said."Good day, Mrs. Hansen," he said taking my hand in his.He held my hand in his as he spoke, looking me directly in the eyes."If you are intrigued by what you saw today, Amy, and wish to explore further, let me know. You have my number.""Can I think about it?" I asked, although in my mind I was

our k9 fun

not paying to much attention, to us, then I called him over, he sniffed the air, as I put his nose near Sues pussy, he didnt seem to know what to do, but licked her wet patch any way, I fucked her some more, then blew my wad deep inside her horny hole, Prince now seemed more interested, started to sniff her butt and pussy, licking her from time

Winterborn Ch. 02

that runs a boarding house?’ Tom saw by the flush that came over Dillon’s face that he’d hit close to the truth with his teasing. Dillon got up and refilled Tom’s cup and his own, trying to hide his feelings. He ignored Tom’s comment about Emma and said, ‘I feel at peace here, it’s the first time I’ve felt that way since before the war. You’re a

The Rich and The Famous Ch. 06

let alone serialized television, as well as you could do movies. Add in the fact that we’ve missed out on some damn good shows like ‘Lost’ and ‘House’ and we really, really need this to be a success.’ ‘And you think I don’t want that?’ Alex was astounded: were these execs even human? Jonathon Linton didn’t respond, he continued walking and a

Lucy's Transition to a New Level

and then he collapsed on top of me and fell asleep with his softening penis still inside me. I lay trapped hoping the baby wouldn't awaken until I was able to get up. After an hour or so - it seemed like a week - he began to stir and I felt his penis beginning to harden again. He worked in and out of me a few times until it was fully hard and

Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 14

sheriffs office to let Phillip offer to do anything around the station to make up for the time and money the police put out for searching for him. Now the Sheriff (Bob Green) thought this was cute and even played along and took Phillip on the grand tour of the jail, strolled him along the bars of hardened criminals (Assuming not) while his mother

Summer Vacation Ch. 12

and moved between her legs and took her in his arms again. Once more, their lips joined and their tongues dueled. Karen slid her hand between them and began stroking his cock, pulling on it, rubbing the juices oozing from the tip into the shaft with her hand. Finally she released it and laid back on her car. ‘Take me, Tommy! Now!’ she cried. She

Fountain Fairy | Fairytale Porn

all whilst those pretty pink lips caressed the veiny meat of the warrior’s manhood.No gag reflexes, his manhood was able to cross the peak of this maiden’s throat and into her gullet. Her eyes fluttered shut, now only showing the pinkish colour of her eyelids. She also had pink markings on her eyes, too.Once out, his cock was drooling with her

A Party at Sonya's

in and out, agonizingly close to my eager lips. "Actually Damon, you're the only one that has ever fucked my ass." "Your husband hasn't done it yet?" I asked as I watched her thin finger disappearing into her clenching hole. "Nope. He hasn't even brought it up." "I guess you could's my ass then huh?" I added, eliciting a cute giggle from

Always Faithful - Chapter Four

and straightening her under clothes. “I hate to say this, my darling, you best get dressed. We have to do some work today. Put the three o’clock on my calendar, please.” At lunch, in the same restaurant, the same alcove, the same waiter, Greg set the perfect tone. He asked a question of contradiction. Greg was lawyer and lover both at lunch. “How

Hunger Ch. 02

hesitating a short moment before he pulled me into his strong arms again, this time set on soothing and comforting me. The fear had been washed away by my sadness, and I accepted his kindness as I had accepted his passion such a short time ago. With a soothing voice he started telling me that he had met Sasha online a couple of weeks ago, that

Dreams & Love

Her eyes were closed and she was moaning loudly. He was holding her hips and squeezing and slapping them. It was too much for me to take. I walked slowly downstairs and asked one of her friends if she could find Depika and tell her that I’m here. 20 minutes later she came downstairs fully dressed as if nothing had happened. A few minutes later we

A Pair Of Book-Ends Made For Each Other

me in the eye and smiled acknowledging my response to her question. I knew she had just witnessed my hardened dick as I continued to imagine a long night of fucking nawtywify. Maybe she would like to join us? My imagination went wild with dozens of scenarios. Flight attendant kneeling between nawtywify’s legs lapping her soaking wet pussy.

Pirate Treasure Ch. 05

glance, Cindy dropped the robe and climbed onto the table naked and laid face down. Using some oils, I began moving my hands in circular motions along the muscles on her back. She was kind of tense and I was trying to give her a good massage.I bent down and whispered in her ear, "I wonder how many people in all these buildings are watching your

A Shocking Reveal

the lady an Alabama Slammer.” The bartender made Holly her drink and gave it to her. I continued drinking the tequila. I was so bombed, but I wanted to bring Holly home with me. “Are you dating anybody? I just broke up with my girlfriend.” “No, I was seeing somebody, but not for a while now.” “Well, then it is my lucky day, Holly.” Holly

"Sweaty" Part 2 & Part 3

stupid.Matthew moved off the sofa with clumsy grace and ontohis knees at Mitzi's feet. His hot hands rested on herknees. "Can I try?" he asked very quietly."Won't Kim mind?" Mitzi asked. "I don't care," Kim sounded as if she cared very much,"it's not like we're an item or anything."Mitzi's body didn't care about codes of behaviour, itwas still

Corporate Takeover Part 3

her all the time. She was in my head. Kind of like waking up with a tune in your head and you continue to keep replaying it over and over throughout the day. Although I would say that this was much more pleasant. It was Monday morning and I was beat, what a way to start the workweek. I hadn’t slept well for days.  I would often lie awake at

Memories of Suburban Sex

didnt go back up although we did arrange things outside and on the window sill to reduce the likelihood of passersby being able to see us but we still left C with an uninterrupted view. Sue also placed a mirror on the dressing table so that she could see C watching without looking directly out of the window. Most times we managed to grab Cs


he carefully rocked back and forth, sliding only an inch or two into my virgin ass at a time. I grabbed two giant handfuls of mattress as this continued for several minutes. It felt weird at first, like nothing I had ever experienced. Once he had most of his cock going in and out of my ass, I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom. It was

Fun with Friends

for you….. and you know I am all for that! She starts out slow, playing with my hair. We are smiling and giggling with each other, not looking at you, but I can tell you are watching closely. She runs her fingers down my arms…. giving me goose bumps and starting to make me a little wet. Then she kisses me. She lets her tongue linger in my mouth,

flashing the mother in law 1

do this with an erection. I wanted my cock to look good to her so I kept it soft. Then I took one more step. I pushed the bedroom door open even further, so there was now a 2 foot gap. I did not care if she noticed that the door was open wider. I just really wanted my mother-in-law to see me naked. And then it happened. The whole thing did not

Joan #2

your friend?" He introduced himself, Ted, and I shook his hand and offered him a drink. Joan introduced me as her husband. Joan said, "Ted and I have been having a good time." Ted looked questioningly at me but said nothing. The three of us went to a booth in a dark corner of the bar. Joan sat squeezed between us. Her dress was riding up and you

Amber Moons

warm water on himself. Then he slotted the shower head back and looked at her with naughty intent. The water continued to cascade down her body. He moved to her, pushed her back against the wall, lowered his tall muscular frame to a kneeling position and lifted both her legs on to his shoulders. She was pinned firmly against the wall, thighs

Guess Who's Cumming to Dinner

losing the gaze between us. I was not going to let go nor was I going to back off the pressure until I received the compliant whimper I solicited and just then she complied with a tiny winded little moan."Dinner at my place. I think you'll like what I'm serving." I explained in a calmed tone.*"You'll be my plaything. Your body will be my

The Invitation

was fascinating as I looked down at her beneath me. Jen lowered one of her hands to massage Coleen’s clit. Between my thrusting and Jen’s rubbing, Coleen’s orgasm came quickly. What made it extra special for me was watching Coleen and Jen staring into each other’s eyes. “I love you so much,” whispered Jen. “I know, and I love you too!”

sex with kzn 2

gi ma na kha tm itna sure kesa ho to sania na kha kh ma is ki neighbour sa sex wali bat bta do gi and is ki shadi tot jai gi mjha ya sun k shock lga kh ya kia kh rhi ha wo jo sb sa massom thi wo hi aisa kam krti ha bss phr ma na moka dkha and nida ka boobs pkra phly to wo sania ki gand sa nikla khon dkh kr dr gai thi but bad ma sania na us yakeen

Getting Caught

with pre cum dripping on the floor. I ever thought I would be this turned on just looking at him! He walked into the closet and I could hear him moving things around. While he was out of sight, I took the chance to stroke my cock. God it felt good, my knees almost buckled under the feeling. Keith came back out with his cock leading the

Shelter Ch. 00-01

father-in-law too much to lose control. ‘She broke things off with me.’ ‘Oh… I see. I’m so sorry.’ He could hear Mr. Williams breathing, trying to balance between comforting him and worrying about her. ‘Do you know where she would have gone?’ ‘No sir. She … she didn’t answer when I’ve called.’ ‘She’s not answering mine or her mother’s either.

Deep Secret Ch. 27 – Elevation

and then there’s a point where it’s completely out of your control. I think this happens more in younger men, but, well, who knows? At this point my orgasm was about to happen whether I was involved in it or not. It wasn’t the way I felt most comfortable, but it was what Amanda wanted and it was clearly what my plumbing wanted. I just decided to

Diamonds In The Rough Ch. 06

when Lynn speaks that damn language. ‘Oh nothing,’ and with a very sensuous throaty voice, a subtle eye flutter he continued, ‘I just was curious if you wanted, moi’ to dress up in a sexy little nurse’s uniform with adorable white stockings and all the frills? I love showing off my sexy legs. They are so silky and smooth.’ and with the grace of a

An Uncle And His Niece

"I'm gonna cum!""Me too!" I gasped as we both came at the same time.After I withdrew from inside of my niece, she started to suck my still hard cock. She licked the mixture of both our juices off my cock. "Uncle Dan I want you to fuck me in my ass.""Are you sure about that sweetheart? ""Yes, fuck me in my ass." I raised her legs up and put a

Take Me Again

of the bed, and the objects resting on the bed next to me.Pair of handcuffs, the key, a burgundy silk scarf, a soft rubber cockring, and my rolled up belt.I grinned wickedly, and your face flushed, but you managed to swallow half your glass before setting them down on the dresser."Take off your dress and bra and panties," I said. "And get on the

Youngsville Part 3

turned around. Shit. Jill, the oldest sister, was standing at the end of the hall with her eyes on me. She only had a t-shirt on herself and I saw where her eyes were looking, between my legs at my dangling cock. This was not good! How would I explain myself? Why was I coming out from her little sister’s room with no pants on? We stood silent

Driving With Uber, An Unexpected Benefit - Chapter 12

a day or two since Khrystiana had received her last punishment spanking from me.  We had talked on the phone a couple of times and had lunch one day.  We had also taken in a Cubs game that I had been given pretty good tickets for.  Khrys was learning the sport of baseball and enjoying it very much.I had gotten a call from Khrys on Tuesday and we

Shayna’s World Ch. 06

Brothers suit. I had to admit, he looked gorgeous, even if I did want to claw his eyes out. He was stealing my girlfriend, even though technically, he had her first. I had him first, it was making me miserable. Lonny could tell, so they broke out the wine and got me good and drunk.’ ‘What happened after that?’ ‘They both started talking about

A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 03

to her labia and even let his finger drift into her now-opened vaginal portal.The ointment served both to lubricate Eleanor's still delicate labial tissues, still showing the small holes created by the incisions for the rings, and to stimulate her vagina and clitoris, while protecting those from excessively violent response that would aggravate


to her soul the way this one did. She'd always fantasised about a man who could really take control in the bedroom. Always been attracted to cocky, swaggering men who turned out to have nothing more feral under the surface than a desire to be cooked and cleaned for. This time Chloe had decided to try her luck at finding someone who she could live

Alex -n- Ricky 2

little lemme get dressed""okk :))))"i was sitting in my room watching tv and i heard the doorbell ring. yay! Alex! i opened the door and hung on to alex as if i hadn't seen him in forever."well hello there!""hiiiiii""haha" he smiled and hugged me back tightly "do you want anything? hungry...thirsty?""nahh not really""want a sprite?""ok sure" his

Mandy's Online Master Ch. 02

vulnerable even though I knew I could get my landlord to let me in. I turned and left and started walking downtown. I had the route Daniel gave me memorized. I figured it would take me about an hour. Once downtown I circled block after block looking into five different bars. I was to walk up to the door, open and peek in, then walk away to the

The Beach House

slowed as my hard dick started to relax in my shorts. Maybe I would rub myself later with fingers still wet from your body, but for now, my prick would have to wait. As I walked back along the beach I wondered how long you had known I'd been there, and it excited me to think that you had planned it all along. Perhaps my walk this weekend may be

We run train on Tracy

head and kept drilling his slutty whore. He was lasting a long time, making our wait almost unbearable. Tracy's face was a mess and neither Glenn nor I wanted her sloppy mouth on us, so we had her stroke our cocks while she got fucked. Finally, Brian began his short strokes and his face told us he was ready to pop. Tracy looked at him and

Jack and Katie

them down over his wide, 9 inch cock. She marveled at it for a second then slowly slid her lips around it. He gasped at the feeling of her moist mouth pumping his cock, her tiny hands gently squeezing and massaging his balls. She fit half of his cock in her mouth before she gagged so she stroked the other half of it with her hand, licking every

Blowjob Mania

coeds.The thrill died down for a while, then the same thing started happeningagain a few months later in cities throughout the USA: Cambridge, MA;Ithaca, NY; Pasadena, CA; Princeton, NJ; and Rennsselear, NY.As time went on, the activity seemed to be becoming a national craze. Arrests for public indecency flooded the courts. But, if anything,

Love wins against all odds

I grab my towel in alarm, run into my bedroom slamming the door, as Shane curses under his breath, holding his bulge in his shorts with one hand and scurrying back to the lounge. The front door slams and I hear my brother calling out to Shane. I wrap the towel around me once more, lean back against the bedroom door, breathing heavily and then I

Dark Queen

direct me as to how to pleasure your cock. I taste myself on it, I taste the saltiness on the head of your cock… it makes my body tremble with want. You guide my head closer and tell me to take his cock into my mouth, so thick and big but I do it nonetheless. You slowly begin to fuck my mouth, in and out while I look at you with eyes of lust and

Pamela and the kids

girls when they get older, some girls shave but I like having hair on my pussy, makes me feel like a grown woman. Pam says and smile, then she moves back over his cock so her pussy and his cock are touching each other, then she straddles him and points his hard cock into her pussy, she sits down and let it all slide in. She let out a soft moan.-

Sculptural Seduction

the day she decided to take a break, pinching the bridge of her nose she went to stand in front of Apollo again. Her vision was hazy from staring at the computer monitor, but she knew exactly where to settle her gaze when they began to clear. ‘Get a hold of yourself, Jules,’ she ordered, arching her back as she stretched and headed toward the

Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 08

morning ride down river, in winter, is cold. A freeze had ice everywhere that water touched the banks or logs. The mist from the temperature difference of the water and the air hung along the river like a smoke trail. That swirled as we broke through the fog and continued through patches of denser concentrated areas then open up to clear as a

I Never Thought I'd See You Again

after greasing his throbbing member with the gel he reluctantly pulled his aching tongue out of Karen's ass crack and stood up."Try not to yell so loud," Mr. Everett asked as he prepared to lubricate the teen's anus, because while the door was locked and the building supposedly deserted there was no sense in courting fate."I'll try Mr. Everett

My Wife On The Porch: Part Three

and I suggested that he come over on Tuesday evening and have dinner with us, and...” there was a short pause before she continued. “And?” I said. “And,” I could hear the anticipation in her voice as she continued, " I thought that I would be naked on Tuesday evening like I do for Scott. I thought that as I wont be seeing Scott this weekend, that

Driving Amy

his rhythm, he fought against the muscles that clamped on his length. Their eyes refused to budge. He would not stop, her body writhed and ground and with all his strength he had to respond. This was how sex should be, fearless and unrestrained. They met each other, thrust for thrust. Their synchronised rhythm ground against each other and

My Email Seductress

baby, baby…” How I long to feel your soft wet lips upon my mouth, hear your ragged breathing and groans of want. What I’d give to feel the tug of your fingers tangled in my hair, or hear your voice whispering my name. And what I want more than anything is to bury my cock inside you, sinking my length all the way to the root. I’d feel you clench,

Aria and The Guys Part 1

read on him. I frown. “Yah, I’m just stressed about finals and sleepless nights aren't helping. They start in two days and I feel like I don’t even know anything.” He makes a sound of disapproval and gets up to sit next to me on the couch. He uses his fingers to guide my face up to look at him. As of late I've been having a hard time looking at

My first milf

slaps of her ass she had to pull me out and squirted another stream all over the bed. I pushed Lori onto her back, pulling her legs over my shoulders, and slid back inside. I had a pretty good idea where most women's g spot was so I gave it a try and sure enough, not 2 thrusts in, she stated matter of factly "yeahhhh your gonna make me cum

The Library

forty years and was very much in charge and Mr Peterson who had been there about twenty years. He was a quietly spoken middle-aged gentleman and quite harmless. I rather liked him.I soon found out that everything in the library was done to a set routine. Coffee was at 10 am, lunch was staggered between midday and 2 pm and the whole place revolved

[email protected] Ch. 09

with speed in his step. He sits again, this time at her side; looking up to the Mistress with pleading eyes.'Wuff.' He barks gently.'Yes?''Wuff Wuff...' He replies, nosing her hand.'Does puppy wish to speak?' The masks mouth opens and a leather tongue rolls out, hanging over one side before licking the palm of the woman's hand. 'Okay, but just


thong. I spread her pussy open and inhaled deeply before I licked through her slit stopping to suck on her clit. She was biting her pillow to keep quiet as I licked her relentlessly. She finally screamed out as she froze in an intense orgasm. I stood up and undressed before slipping onto the bed between her legs and pushing my thick cock into

Couples First Swingers Club Experience (And It Was A Good One)

ran and definitely the only time Ive ever enjoyed going to get some damn sheets. When I returned to the room, they were undressed and waiting. As they began to lie on the bed, I pretty awkwardly confirmed with Kate that it would be ok for me to get naked. Oh yea, take it all off, she said. Im pretty confident that I totally undressed in less than

Kitten's Punishment

looks at my face as I say, "Thank you for your cum, Daddy."He smiles and moves his hand to my face and rubs his cum all over it making sure my whole face is covered with it. He then holds his hand in front of my mouth where I lick the rest of his tasty cum off his hand. "That's my good little cum slut."I smile, happy that I could give him

A family history Part 2

into her mouth. Beth climbed to her feet and kissed her husband. Pat lay on the floor with her face soaked in cum and female juices. Her hands moved to her own pussy and brought her to another climax. “Feel free to stay here tonight. This room is yours if you want, and we will see you in the morning.” Beth stated as she and Steve left the room.

The Feminisation of Michael - Chapter 3

a pink and white design painted onto them. My ears received a small golden stud in each lobe! The senior girl dealt with me, and took me into a private booth and asked me to take my dress and bra off. I complied and felt so stupid in my knickers and my little breasts hanging in front of me. She told me to lie down on the couch and she waxed

A Good Wife

check it was all gone. Then I’d get her to lick the last little bit of come that always trickled out off of the end of my cock. I’d then tell her ‘What a good little girl she is and what a good cock sucker she has become’. I’d keep her aroused and on the simmer, ready for a fucking. I’d compliment her on how good looking she was and that she

I love sucking cock

with the effect it caused on boys and men. This effect had mesmerised me particularly when the cock erupts and ejaculates and the man goes literally berserk with uncontrollable sensations and pleasure. While walking with the boy I had visualised his reactions and wondered what would happen if I sucked his cock and it was at that time the urge to

Scythian Nights Ch. 02

eyes as the car screeched around the corner into the mall’s massive parking lot. Genie let out a low whistle. ‘This is larger than the palaces and gardens of my time,’ she said quietly. ‘Well, that’s fitting,’ Doris said as she craned her neck looking for parking spaces. She saw one near the main entrance and gunned the engine, trying to get

My First Time – Part 3

it.This weekend had been weird enough already, but now I felt like I was entering the Twilight Zone. As I sat there alone in Abbey’s room, I could already feel my cheeks flushing with embarrassment. What would I have done if I’d opened the bag whilst Ms. Kingston had still been sat there? I didn’t even want to think about it.I’m not sure what I

Passion without Shame, part 1

when suddenly she stopped and looked directly at me with a dead serious look. "Do you think I am beautiful? I am not just some dumb broad to you right?" I blinked several times at this, my sister's self esteem was never low. I smiled and replied. "Sis, look at you! Your smart and sexy! A must have for any guy!" I stuck out my tongue and began to


I tugged gently, the knot came loose, and the blindfold fell away as we kissed.Our kissing stopped for a moment as we stared into one another's eyes, and came to a nonverbal understanding of the situation. "I'm going to untie your hands, but I want to make clear that you're still mine for today," I said as I hooked my finger through the D-ring on

Night Five of Domination Week

first home. James removed Sarah's coat and hung it on the hook on the back of the door, then did likewise with his own. They waited a moment for their eyes to adjust to the dim lights. Then Sarah gestured towards the single chair. "Would you care to sit, or shall I?" she asked."I think we should both stand for the time being." James rummaged in

Mistress Roulette - Part 3

dripping in my chastity belt, for an eternity. Every breath I took, treated me to a renewed, horny torment. I couldn't help but imagine myself as one of the lucky women at the party. Sitting around in gorgeous dresses and nylons, drinking fancy wines and having fun. Then, when the conversation turned naughty and I was greeted with a little, wet

Night Nurse

I sucked and kissed at her beautiful tits as they heaved against my face. “My god, that was fantastic, Bill” she said, kissing me passionately. We lay there for a minute and tried to catch our breath. She had cum three times, and the wonderful musky odor of her sweet pussy filled the air. Still breathless, Kim smiled at me and said “I hope you

U L T R A - V I O L E N C E

stood entirely isolated making it a perfect start to our night of the old ultra-violence. As our boots tip-toed across the hall he suddenly turned and stared at us now sprinting to him cane first, an upperclass cane being my personal choice of weapon as it as stylish as pain inflicting. One quick smack to the chin sent his teeth flying from his

Fantasies makes me lose control.

said its my turnI look?at him and smile no i did not flirt.Yes it is.With out thinking i said raise your arms. With that i reach out and pull his shirt over his head.I pull down his pants and he steps out of them.I go to pull off his underwear and he holds on to themI can get them aunt Mellisa.Without thinking i said i got it Tom and pulled them

Deathbed Ch. 5

and decay into something horrible, fit for your master? That you were always reserved for a special honor? Who do you think saved your life twice in order to kill you at just the right time?!’ ‘What?’ The rider’s eyes went wide in his pale face. ‘Hadn’t you figured that one out yet? You were hand-picked a long time ago, and the Devil is getting

Ahriman: The Evolution of a Serial Killer 14

voting. When he came back downstairs after making sure Kaneez was comfortable, he had several supplies with him including gauze, more rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. As he walked down the steps, he was surprised to see Giolla kneeling at the foot of the stairs, trembling. The dildo was still strapped inside her, and he was happy to see

Jennifer and Me

orgasm and I was following right along with her, as usual. All of a sudden she started to shake and moan and her eyes rolled back in her head. Then her head snapped back and her back arched up, shoving her tits toward the ceiling and she choked off a scream. She jerked her head back down, snapping her eyes open. lockIng them on my cock and I

Bringing Home an Old Biker Friend

he placed a hand on the back of her thigh, slowly and softly moving up between her legs.Jay responded by arching her back and opening her legs a little wider and quietly moaning as he reached her pussy. I looked at Jay, who had her eyes closed, and I heard a little gasp as Matt slipped a finger inside her.Jay pushed back onto Matt’s fingers a

Cock Pictures 2

long dick. One of his pictures in particular caught my eye, he was stretched out on a lounge chair and was stroking his pole, which was pointing straight up and proud. I clicked to his next picture, and that was the same pose, except now he had a handful of cum on his hand and running down his shaft. That was it for me, I closed my eyes, gave

Uncontrollable Hunger

It had freed her inner animal from the cage she kept it locked away in. The inner animal wasn’t going to go away now until all of its needs where filled and its hunger satisfied. She watched him as he undressed. She could tell he was just as hungry as she was. He didn’t care about his expensive clothes right now. He needed her and needed her

An Evening Romp

was sitting there on the bed, just reading. Instead of getting into my cozy pajama’s though, I let my towel fall to the floor and climbed into bed. The quick movement of his magazine to the bedside table told me he was thinking what I was thinking. We lay close to each other, our legs intertwined, giving each other soft sensual kisses on the

Angel Dreams: Dream 4

I turned to you and reminded you quietly of a dinner engagement we were going to be late for, which wasn't true, but we were able to leave politely.In the car, on the way home, you told me that you would really prefer I didn't talk at length with either of the women. You didn't say so, but in your mind you knew they would try to get information

Deep Desire

pussy hairs through the material, you could see the imprint of her pussy. Wow I said to myself. “Do you like my shorts Uncle Bob?” “Sure do sweetheart, just love them.” “I didn’t want to tell her how much I loved them, she really turns me on. My cock starts swelling when I look at her some times. We all jump in the van, and we take off.

Holly's late night

nipple, moving his free hand to grope my other breast. He licked and sucked, alternating between them. Gently rubbing my nipple in between his teeth he took me by surprise when he bit down sending a severe amount of pain through my body I screamed out in agony which only made him do it again. I bit down on my lip as the tears being to fall. He

aunty fuck

fucked the hairy Harriet my mind was on getting my cock into Beth. I took Brian to my room and as he unpacked we talked a bit about sports but my mind was in his sister. He told me he had to go for an hour or so to check his mail on the Internet and I was glad I was to be left alone. I went to the other room to look for Beth. She was talking to

Fateful Encounter

his mouth. My cock quickly went limp in his mouth and in a disappointed voice he said,” Is that it,” and as I said, “What,” he quickly said, “I hope it felt good.” When I didn’t reply, he stood up and told me to move over into the middle of the bed. I quickly scooted over to the middle of the bed and not know what he wanted, I laid on my

Top Cat Ch. 05

her head on my thigh. As Alice moves back to her camera, Nancy reaches her tongue out and licks my cock. Alice took a series of shots with the camera on the stand. She unscrews the camera from the stand and moves around us shooting from different angles. Nancy reaches out and licks my cock again and again. She quickly gets me fully hard. Alice

My Neighbors Ch.4

very virile dogs multiple times during my most fertile time of the month. Millions of their little swimming puppy makers had attacked my egg or eggs for a whole week. Did one get through? Did conception occur as impossible as it seems?Just a few more days I said to myself, just to make sure. I was a nervous wreck around the house. My husband

Rosie lured me in with offers of her sister

give a blow job in her presence. I accepted the offer and it went well.A few days later I met Rosie again and this time we were alone and had a great evening of sex.Rosie has since that day been pestering my wife for further lessons, albeit she knows nothing of the second meeting. My wife has so far been reluctant to share my cock again with this

Jamaican vacation

be getting back from his golf game within the hour. If she was going to surprise him she needed to get going. She scanned the deck for potential candidates and frowned. No one looked her type. Their last companions, John and Susan, were on a plane on their way back to Texas. Too bad, she thought, they were hot. She smiled at the memory of sharing

The Summer Ill Never Forget 4.5 – The Auction Fin

Matt wasn’t wearing a shirt. As soon as he threw his vest off stage into the crowd some girls came onto stage that rival any girl that posed for Playboy. Once the girls fully came onto stage and what seemed to Steph they were situating to get into the appropriate positions for the obvious dance number that was going to happen. The question that