both in body and soul. Lucius had been returning from the vampire council meeting held by the few purebloods. Rare as they were, no vampire would dare attack them. They were practically royalty, correction, they were royalty. With all that being undead business, vampires are still able to give birth, though there is a big difference: the baby is

A Christmas Ball to Remember Ch. 01

going? Have you got everything ready ‘coz I wanna go into London to get my dress, this afternoon, I’ve had a phone call from the dressmaker at Harrod’s and my dress is ready to collect.” “All the people on your guest list have replied and are all going to make it. I’ve had a phone call from a girl called Shannon and she sounds like she has the

Tipping Point Ch. 07

composed than I was, but when you told me about Tommy, and that you knew about Peter, I didn’t know what to say. You were pretty angry with me that evening.’ ‘I’m sure you can understand why,’ I said, attempting to keep any emotion from my voice. ‘Yes … I do understand. That’s why I wanted to talk to you one more time … before … before it’s

My Birthday Wish

happening before you come home and shower. Just as I am putting on a dab of my favorite perfume, there is a knock on the door. I open the door and there you are. You look absolutely gorgeous in a black suit and tie. I have never seen you looked so delicious and reach to pull you inside by your tie. You step back and hand me a bouquet of flowers.

The intiation – part 2

2:In the forest, from my hiding place in the trees as I spied on an initiation rite (see Part 1): The music took the lead, started turning the tide. The sighs and moans continued, but gentled in response to the changing music until the crackling of the fire could be heard again – a siren’s song, a call to a more primitive way. Both masses slid

Master Squirrel

Squirrel. Can't I get a break?" Orson asked, trembling.Squirrel smiled. Orson was just gorgeous, standing there, sweat all over his beautiful muscles, God those abs were terrific.And you could see the little belt, his dick was just bursting to get out of the belt, it was making the belt bounce just a little bit."We can stop doing this if you


resist anymore she opens her legs, she opens her legs as far as she can exposing her pussy me. Amid her screams and crying I position myself directly between her legs, I hunker down to block her legs from closing and start licking her pussy. The rough sharp strokes of my tongue begin to hurt her almost instantly, her hips are bucking trying to

Chloe & Mr Williams' Daughter

before you retire for the evening?", Anton replied.I thought about saying "yes I require a good hard seeing to!", but I knew it would be wasted on the stoney Anton."No, I'm fine thank you, I will see you in the morning Anton""Of course Miss Silver, sleep well"With that I walked up to my room. Within a few minutes I was in the shower, under the

Saturday Reverie

around 8:41 am. Bree yawned wide, not bothering to cover her mouth as she lay in nothing but a small tight black t-shirt that stretched mercilessly across her large breasts and blue string bikini panties. She lay on her back watching the large mounted flat screen TV that hung on the wall, her long newly colored dark curls fanned out around her

love affair ch. 1

but she couldnt help it she thought sucking Dick was disgusting she didnt like Cum and she only likes missionary. Maybe I should be open minded. Oh well he will calm down sooner or later… her cell phone ringing brought her out of her trance. After the forth ring she picked up. Hello? Hey girl dont tell me your sleep already? It was her old

Kyros-giolla Institute Ch. 07

"Master?" she cried out. "Master, please!"He walked in and went to her immediately, placing a firm hand on her back. He didn't say anything at first. He just stood next to her and felt her quivering underneath him. "Thank you for coming," she whispered."Thank you for the submission you showed me yesterday." He paused, placing his other hand down

The Babysitter’s wet welcome -II

These mature women were so good at this. I held her hips and she started fucking me hard. Her cunt sliding on my cock made slushy sounds in the quiet night and I could feel the tightness of her pussy even more like this. I saw my cock vanish into her love triangle and felt my cum boil and I just let her do as she wished S he was like a

Weekends with my Daughter

is not what I asked you dad, why do you have a hardon? I told her that I was not used to her looking so pretty, and that it caught me by surprize. Your avoiding the question dad, she reached back and grabbed my cock and held it tight, why is this hard dad? she demanded, I was stammering for something to say when all of a sudden the power came

My Neighbors Ch.2

his mouth. I guess once a puppy always a puppy. This powerful fully grown male dog, the one with the huge cock that was buried inside me, was nursing from my breast. I couldnt believe it. His suckling was much more powerful then the puppies. His teeth were longer, but not as sharp. He was getting all of my nipple and areola in his mouth. His long

The first time I gave Head

written on a piece of paper with magic marker that swim class had been canceled I asked one of the girls what happen and she told me that the coach Mrs. Harris had to go home sick. ‘What do we do?” I asked Casey ‘I don’t know, we have an hour before my mom comes and picks us up,” she said looking puzzled, ‘she continued why we don’t head over to

Probed In The Name of Research, Part II

lusted after for the past three years. He went over to the sink to clean himself up and then turned back to smile at her. Shit! He thought as he took in the image of her cum spattered face. There she was all strapped down and looking suddenly helpless. He felt guilt start to set in. He was a bit rough with her at the end. He went over to her and

Hot Springs Getaway

wins the next hand and dares Lucy to remove Jack’s boxer shorts and jack him off for five minutes. Without hesitation Lucy slipped on to her knees before Jack and quickly slips his boxers off and tosses them at me. She caresses his 8 inch cock with both hands and slowly begins to move the foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock. She

lessons for slave girl

pain every time I let out a little yelp . I whimper in fear closing my eyes you quickly pierce it threw my flesh. I shake and moan you whisper down “are you ready for real pain now” you ask me as I franticly shake my head nearly begging you to forgive me you move your hand down to my clit rubbing it and pulling it making it swell taking a larger

Beyond Limits Ch. 04

and who could explain love? She still loved me but someone else had come along who touched her differently and more deeply. It seemed to make sense to her, or it seemed to make enough sense. He gave her something she needed. She was shocked too and terribly sorry, but there it was. The best explanation I ever got from her was when she told me

An Incest Birthday Chapter 20- Part 1

I got out of bed and drudged to the bathroom, wiping the rest of the sleep from my eyes. After I did my morning ritual I went back to our room and called up Chris to let him know of the days plans. “Hello?” Chris said as I undoubtedly woke him from his sleep. “Hey man, were going to Cedar Point today, get dressed and get to Ashley's asap.”

I Can Smell Your Sex

lightly glides up and down it. I pulse in your hand. Now, I know you are smiling. "This turns you on, doesn't it?" I nod. You must be pursing your lips. "I see." More gentle stroking, as if enjoying a new plaything. "Well then, perhaps I will test your commitment to the present arrangement. Do not speak. Do not moan. Do not make a sound, do you

Life of the Party

that’s it,” you say softly, kissing my forehead once before moving to my back legs, and then a strap right across the middle of my back, from left to right. Once I am secured well, you slide my skirt up to my hips, starting the spanking again. Slow and light at first, cupping your hand slightly when you hit me, but slowly the hits get harder and

Love Thy Neighbour Chapter Seven

looked at his filming wife and said. “Give me the camera babe, you get down here and suck her out. She is dripping spunk and you love that taste.”Cathy rolled of Toms cock and offered both holes to Jane. “Eat me, girl, suck the spunk out and make me cum again.”Only too pleased to do just that, Jane first buried her tongue in Cathy's cum filled

How I became a dirty anal cumslut, part II

before. His cock went back in my throat, but then out again quickly this time. It was covered in slobber. I just kept breathing, not knowing what he would do with my head next. Down again he pushed and my lips were on his balls again. This time he held me down, and again I started running out of breath. As my chest heaved and I started to gag he

Honeymoon Bliss

her nipple. My one hand was on the side of the breast I was sucking while the other was playing games with her other nipple. My wife moaned and squirmed with pleasure as I suckled her breast. We both wanted to make this love making session prolonged. We didn’t want to get to our climaxes to quickly so I pushed her aside and sat on the couch

Limit of Authority

me. If Elenya is not who her papers say she is, what qualifications might she have?’ ‘Assuming that, Eleyna might admit that she has a Ph.D.’ ‘In what?’ ‘European History.’ ‘I suspect something like that. What languages do you speak apart from English?’ ‘My own, and I am fluent in German and French. I can speak some Italian and Greek but not

Unfulfilled life

him this question but she wanted to learn something personal about him. "Marcus, can I ask you a question? Sure go ahead, Tanya. Have you gotten laid? Yes, I have. It was a long time ago back in freshman year of high school. I had sex with this one girl and we kept doing it multiple times and eventually, she tried to get pregnant and I've had to

The Hut

She was in a "boring" office get up, dressed as a stereotypical office gal; short grey skirt, with what I thought were tights but then was pleasantly surprised to find out were stockings, along with a smart top, hair tied up and glasses. She also had that sparkle in her eye and crafty sly smile. We decided to skip food and try find a quiet spot -

Suzuki's Life pt 1

I'm not the one today. You are not the girl I raised you to be. You talk back, you skip school, you don't go to bible study, and now this. You were in my house having sex. That man old enough to be your father. I almost have to drag you to even go to church. You....." I cut her off. "Don't go there. Don't act like you were a saint all your days

The Vicar of St. Dunstan’s Ep. 04

Caldwell, Mrs. Clarissa Clyde-Walker, Mr. Frederick Titterington, O.B.E., Mrs. Lucinda Parkhurst-Frazelton. ‘Vicar, these are the people you need to talk to in the next week. Each one of them is rich enough that they could write a check tomorrow for everything we need and not miss it. It would be better if each contributed something, we need a

Rachel's Shaved Pussy, No. Five

really was as strong and muscular as she said, and that sense of power between my legs was a fantastic change from the boys and girls I was screwing with otherwise. Was that going to be held against me? Or was he in trouble, and I would be seen as the victim? I doubted they would have him in the room if they thought I would accuse him of some

A Haunting: Part 2 A House Of Many Souls

and get some fresh air...Before Samantha can respond he walks off.(Samantha)Reaching down to turn on the water to take a shower, hoping it would help her wake up a little as she turns the shower head on and water shoots out hitting the bottom of the tub. She slides her tank top off and throws it to the floor as she looks at her B cups breasts in

The Mysterious Stranger

immediately calmed down and within minutes for the first time in many months, fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.After we had eaten our simple meal at the scrubbed oak table in the kitchen we went back into the sitting room and sat either side of the fire illuminated only by the flickering flames. Neither of us said anything but just sat sipping

University Life – First Ch. 05-06

for my birthday and that’s like in a month’s time so it really doesn’t matter. You’re studying law, yah? So am I. Minty.’ She stuck out her hand to shake Kainene’s. Kainene regarded Minty with suspicion. Why was she suddenly being so friendly? ‘Nens. Yes, I study law. And so do both of you. I’ve seen you around.’ ‘Really? Well, we haven’t seen

Always in My Life Ch. 04

you guys have to be so affectionate?’ Jack’s deep voice complained from somewhere beside us. I smiled as I pulled away from Spencer’s lips. Obviously Jack had just disappeared into the crowd for a few minutes until Mandy also disappeared. ‘Because he’s so yummy, I can barely keep my hands to myself,’ I replied playfully as I stood close to

Internet Hook-up 2: Hospital Time

her gush on his tongue.Eli moved his head back and forth, his nose hit her clit and his tongue went deeper into her cunt, Paige’s breathing was quickening and her hand went on his head, and grabbed onto his hair.“Fuck...this is a way to wake up....” Paige purred, she tightened her legs around his head and bucked her hips into him, her clit was


well throught the movie i was think about how i like dick slapped my sister and almost got cought. idk but i had a bonner the hole movie and at the last part of the movie she jumped back and m dick was know runing through her ass crack. i was in shock i had no where to go m dick was in my HOT sister ass crack. well she stayed like that for about

Learning How - Part One, The First Time

what he liked and I did it. I did everything he said and didn't mind at all. After all, he had pleasured me with his mouth for almost an hour. Soon I was licking his cock shaft and sucking on his balls. I felt like a real grown-up, doing these sexy, but naughty, things. I teased him for a while, but then he grabbed my head and began to slide

Senior Year Ch. 16

damp with the juices of their joining. She grasped his limp penis and Bobby felt a pleasurable stirring deep inside him. Maybe he wasn’t done after all! She kissed his ear. ‘It…it felt so big when it was in me,’ she murmured. ‘You keep that up and you’ll see how big it can get real soon!’ the lad croaked. She did keep it up, and Bobby’s cock got

The best blowjob in the world?

Steve!” He looked at me reproachfully, but his cute face returned shortly. “Anyway, you are welcome to join me and the guys,” he said. “I don’t think so, but thanks anyway,” I said, trying not to sound ungrateful. I looked at his blonde hair and my eyes wandered around his body. As they did, a naughty thought occurred to me. I didn’t want to come

Secret Lives: Chapter 2

have a look. She held up her phone to show me a funny selfie she had taken recently. Sending me weird faces or mildly teasing self shots from her phone seemed to be one of her favourite pastimes. A few minutes later my phone went off and there was another one. I sent one back this time. I heard a giggle from the back seat as she got mine. My

DWAYNE'S STORY Part 2 of A Thanksgiving Stuffing

said. “When we were together, it was something special, but baby, you're married to John now. You outta know he's got all the privileges I used to have babe. Hey, now, don't you start crying baby. It's gonna be alright. I'm sure John forgives you just as I do lover. Tell her John, This little angel of ours needs some kind words and some hot lovin

pokemon world ch 1

Ashley was. While she was watching tv she asked what we've been doing and Mika simply answered " screwing " Ashley laughed and said " yeah right ". My heart must have skipped a few beats. After we both showered and changed we lay down on my bed watching tv. I was holding Mika in my arms when I asked her why the hell she would tell her that. She

The Forfeit Part 1

the globes of her arse cheeks, and lightly circled the tight rosebud he so evidently wished to plunder. It clenched and pulsed to her touch, sending a shudder through her body from deep within. She had not expected such an erotic sensation and she sighed deeply, her cunt wetting with desire. A sharp knock at the door made her sit up violently.

Shooting Stars

my name is Linda Star. I know it’s a corny name but if you think about it how many porn stars have good names? I never minded the fact that I was fucking people I did not even know for money. What I did not like was the men in the business. I never enjoyed the feeling of a cock in my mouth or pussy. And when they would cum all over my face or in

The Girl of Her Dreams

sweet juices in her mouth. Her hands grabbed hold of Lisa's breasts and squeezed them and moved them around. They felt like pleasure sponges. She pulled up Lisa's top and sucked on her left erected nipple making Lisa moan more. "Do you want me, Lisa?" she asked, lustfully. "I want you so much. I've wanted you for so long." Lisa looked up into

Nicole's Feet Finally--The Next Morning and the Landlord

out a lot of moaning as I grinded into her. I was moving the table across the floor as I fucked her. It banged against the wall as I emptied my load into her. Snoopy came over and lapped up what ran out onto the floor. We all laughed at him.“Looks like we better move back to the bed,” Yami stated. I snatched her up and carried her to the

My First Three-some

under her sheer gown - down her long, firm, legs - crossed so sexily - and ending at her feet - arched invitingly, in those sexy shoes.I didn't get the impression she minded - not one little bit.And then Harry stood up and said, he was going to slip into something more comfortable.Alright! I had evidently passed the first hurdle.The second hurdle

What Boundaries? Part Two

I could never confess. I’d lose him. I can’t. We’ve got a future. “You little whore.” Mr. Dames laughed. “I can’t wait to tell my son all about how I fucked his little bitch.” I fixed my clothes and grabbed him by his collar. “Look,” I began, “If anyone finds out about this, especially Carl, I will TELL him that you fucking fucked me. I’m 17,


sex. And, if you’ve followed my journal jottings at all, you’ll know that is totally not good for me! The reason for all this misery? I contracted poison ivy doing yard work and it wouldn't go away till I saw my doctor and started taking medication. That cleared it up but, after almost a month without any sex other than from my own hand, I was

One on the way. The Conclusion

over his nylons, panties and garter belt. The mirror on his dresser reflected a very pretty girl in a silky blouse, panties and nylons. He began to get hard as his hands caressed the silky lingerie. Remembering what Vicki had done, he flopped on his bed and grabbed his hard cock through the panties and began to jack off. It wasn't too long before

Summer With My Granddaughter, Part 3

so Cathy couldn’t see it. Kristy stifled a slight grin but played the part well by pleading, “Oh come on Gramps, at least take her to a decent place to find a ride, not at a truck stop.” Cathy suddenly asked Kristy, “He’s not your ol’ man?” “No, he’s my grand father, Gramps. I’m traveling with him this summer in his huge motor home. You should

An Evening In Paris Ten Years Later Part 3

running down our faces. We were so happy and did not have a care in the world. I saw her red panties at the foot of the bed but I could not find my boxers. I heard a commotion outside our balcony and got up. I put on a robe tousled my hair and walked onto the balcony. I looked at the tree that was there. My boxers were stuck in the branches

My First Master

the efforts. The huge cock is now throbbing with release and the Master clenches my skin with his hands. I cry and cry, for I am bleeding profusely and in great pain but yet somehow so satisfied."You are a good fuck my girl and will most certainly do for me for a long time to come," my Master says, out of breath. He begins pinching my nipples

College Tour

face a gentle slap. Being called a bitch like this kind of turned me on. I began to suck it more and within seconds he grabbed my head and thrusted to the back of my throat again. "Take it down your throat again, bitch." I looked up at him scared is I took a deep breath and forced his head down my throat. Once it was back there, he began to hump


graze the curve of my shoulder and I shudder in ecstasy. My hips start slow circular motions. The petting gets heavier and he eventually hooks a finger under the hem of my little black dress. He lifts it up slowly and rests it atop my pert buttocks. He now grinds directly between my cheeks. I'd unzipped his fly and released his cock some time

Something Sweet for Dessert Part I

each touch, her shoulders and hips swayed with the kiss. It was with a heavy heart that I broke the kiss for breath. Grabbing a handful of Jenna's hair, I encouraged her away from me. I thought she might slap me, from the look I received. Instead, that same cheeky smirk came to her again as I stroked the hair away from her face, breathing

Yvonne Works for Tips

cock filling your bowels establishes a rhythm...and soon enough Marcus and his teammate are both fucking into your holes in long, tit-shaking strokes.With another of Russ's drivers testing your cock-sucking/multi-tasking abilities, my little slut wife is "airtight" -- every hole in her whore body filled by rampaging man-meat.For more than an

Want to Play a Game – Part 6 – Her

as i drop to my knees spreading your legs as I pull your panties down. Lori looks at me startled. MMM.. she says I knew he wasn’t just a customer. I smile at her and said no.. I am not just a customer.. I begin to lick your little pussy exploring you.. As your legs are spread before me i begin licking the soft lips above me you and Lori exploring

When aunty Came to stay

late on friday and decided on an early night after her journey. The following morning Mother and joan set off for a shopping trip. I was dozing in bed when they set off. I became restless and was thinking about aunty Joans breasts.I suddenly got up and went into the spare room where she had been sl**ping. There on the bed were joans Dirty panties

Springtime Holiday in the Rocky Mountains

used her fingers to wipe my cum off her face and into her mouth. I almost fell off the edge of the tub when I came, I shook so violently. Maybe thin air increases the intensity of your orgasms? We hiked some in Rocky Mountain National Park. The trail around Bear Lake was open and there were several very nice looking hard-bodied young studs who

Meeting Anita Ch. 02

for himself. He played with me constantly, bringing me to the edge of orgasm, and then pulling out again, over and over. He kept reminding me that I was not allowed to cum, and I had to grip the edges of the seat in order to keep control. There were not too many lorries on the road, but I was fairly sure that one lorry driver at least had seen

My cousin Joanne and my sister Ann

of there sexy bodys and Ann through me out. Still shocked from my experience i stood there for a moment or two and just staired at the door. When the door opened, out came Joanne with her tight black thong and bra on. She slapped me on my ass and I watched her cute little ass go up and down as she walked into Ann's room and closed the door. Just

Family Affairs Ch. 49

She put the finishing touches on her hair, then she stood up and examined herself in the floor-length mirror on the back of her closet door. The dress Matt bought her for the prom was a long red sheath that clung to her curvaceous body. Except for how snug it fit, it looked fairly conservative from the front, like a high-necked, sleeveless

New Job, New Roles (Part 1)

in as we walked by, but everyone we passed seemed to be in their own little worlds. when we got into the flat I pointed Jen at the bathroom, and told her to get herself cleaned up. Twenty minutes later, wrapped in a towel, with another on her head, she came back into the living room. ‘So, how are you feeling?’ I asked. ‘Amazing. Absolutely

Before the Barbeque a lust story

over and pushed her friend on the floor, knelt and started sucking my cum from her friend. Bringing Sarah to another orgasm. After Meg was done cleaning out Sarah she knelt between her friends legs and slid the purple dick inside a well used pussy. As we watched the two girls fuck, I untied you. I was on my knees looking up at you knowing

Handsome Ch. 20

later told me how gross she thought I was at the time, but her body language right then was anything but repelled by my actions. Her body began to shake and quiver in excitement, reacting to the caress of my hungry mouth.She was flailing away with one arm, and discovered that by reaching back she could take hold of my dick. Clamping a fist around

Seminar – Day #2 (Dinner and Dessert with James)

not alone in being a little distracted?”I moved my hand up his thigh, massaging his firm leg through his trousers and replied, “Most definitely not!”He groaned and said, “let's order quick woman otherwise I might just take you right here.”I laughed again. “I am going to have chicken, some kind of chicken. There it is...Chicken Piccata. Your turn

Aunt Sue Part 2

Who was there? What could she do? But now her orgasm gushed. Her spasming pussy held David's cock inside her. Sue gasped and moaned. "Don't stop!" She cried out. As before, David pulled away suddenly and quickly went to his room. But who was with him? She pulled the door open to see that his door was already closed. Putting on her robe,

Wife fucking a friend

even using her as a model in his art class. Despite the fact that they had spent literally hours together with her naked, the two of them had never acted like there was anything sexual between them. Jim and his wife had been having some difficult times, so we decided to take him out to dinner. Things were bad enough that he was sleeping in his

Missy: Day Seven

pussy to rub my clit, his big dick sliding in and out slowly and shallowly. My head spun a little and my arms felt tingly for a minute. I leaned back into Daddy’s chest and let him fuck me like he wanted. It felt like time had slowed down a little and my body felt like it was moving through warm honey. Everything felt sooo good. What was I

Mindy's Thirst Grows

her turn almost purple from the lack of oxygen. Yes Mindy exhaled excitedly as she felt Brent’s body tense and knew he was about to flood his own sister’s mouth full of his cum. Mindy playfully chewed on Brent’s lower lip to keep him from realizing he was gagging his own sister to death and as his cum shot like a volcano from his cock, she shoved

Sins of Joy Ch. 04

town forever. We tried each position, in all the places in her home; it was possible to have sex. The kitchen, the balcony, on the floor, everywhere it was possible. She could fuck in almost any position without complain. Even once I fucked her standing up in the lounge. Her and Mine shilwar were around our knees as I pressed her against the door

How Christi Paid for College Ch. 02

he said, and Christi shuddered to think too much of what all he meant by it. But she thought about going home, and that motivated her to turn and walk away with a smile, a flirty wave, and to rock her hips back and forth as she walked back to the elevator bank. She could feel his eyes devouring her ass until she rounded the corner and started to

Gay Militia Men and their Masturbating Girlfriend

from saliva, bent it and stuck it up her ass. Just like that, she thought. It went in just like that. But god, what a feeling! What a glorious sensation. Both holes now filled deep and wide, she groaned and whimpered, tussling her hair, twisting on the bed and finally, with a long, high-pitched yell, she came. Her pussy tightened, pushing the

The Ride with Adirian

to be on that motorcycle, and feel the vibrations, and that motor between her legs. Michael was her brothers room mate. She was only staying for the week. Adirian was an attractive girl, and her advances towards Michael had failed. She wondered if maybe he didn’t like woman. Just looking at him, she wanted to feel herself wrapped around his body.

Never Cheat at Truth or Dare

every now and then making me moan. There was some talk going on around me, but I couldn’t care to listen. My world had just been turned upside down. And round and round, still spinning like mad. I couldn’t believe they had done that to me. And I could even less grasp my own reaction, the lust I had experienced at their ruthless treatment. I

Destination Vegas

pre-cum. “Kage,” Riva cooed, “that was amazing baby. So much more than I had ever imagined.” “We're not done yet Riva,” Kage assured her. He fed her another piece of ice and stroked her hair. Then he stepped back and sat in the chair next to the bed. Ramón crawled up the bed between Riva's legs, his hand gripped her thighs, her hips twitched, and

Experimental Earrings

had to figure out how to make the device reward and punish them on top of a device that the person would keep on. Matt decided that he would use arousal as the reward and a painful shock to punish them. Matt realized that a good location for this would be the ears since the earlobe is a pleasure spot. Matt took this into account and created

Deidre - Chapter 1

and his fingers were wandering up and down my labia, encouraging them to blossom into fat petals. His fingers played in my slickness, from dipping inside my twitchy vagina to strumming across the bone-hard length of my swollen clitoral shaft and its supersensitive little nubbin.Like Stevie, he was a quick learner and eager to please. He flickered

Blown Out

Everything seemed fine. No questions. She almost believed they’d gotten away with it. Then her father arrived.They ate together a handful of times a year and never at breakfast. But he didn’t eat. He dropped down into a chair on the opposite side of the table. One of his ever-present companions obeyed some invisible signal and rushed to pour a

A Desire For Maternal Love

and are always trying to chat her up. The thing is though, Jean is a lesbo and you are a bloke, so the two don’t exactly match, do they?”Jack blushed at the explanation and hadn’t even thought Jean was a lesbian.Lesley seemed to be enjoying Jack’s discomfort, and continued, “I don’t mind being friends with young men your age, though. Do you fancy

Time for Love and Murder.

grab it. As I was walking home, I saw the car in the drive way, that was supposed to be parked at the school.I got home, cleaned the gun so you couldn't smell it'd been shot and put it away. Hopefully, no one would notice one missing slug. Back to Miss Greenway's I got the car and drove to school. I found a parking spot which looked familiar.

Going South 2 Sues next seduction

again. With her ready I let go and start pumping more cum inside her pussy and I feel her climax on my cock. She rolls off me onto her back and lays there with her legs spread wide open. We both rest for awhile to get our strength back. I get up and start dressing and mom is laying on the bed with her legs spread and I see my cum draining from

What Now? The Conclusion

this emotion made me start tearing up also. Then Dot came up to me hugged and kissed me, Then said, ‘We all missed you and love you daddy.’ The way she said it I knew she was including Dorothy. The doctor came in and told everyone to please leave the room. As my family was leaving, Dorothy said, ‘I’m not going anywhere. He’s my husband and I’m

Phoebe: Sex and Punishment

turn to tears and then screams. The punishment was far from over. Nicole had Phoebe lie on her back with her legs well spread. She allowed Phoebe to catch the sun on her tits and pussy. When they were suitably reddened Nicole applied some oil to these areas. Nicole then made Phoebe arch her back and applied the switch with some vigour to her


had surprised me. When the doorbell rang, I took my time in meandering to the front door, and when I opened it, Cassie’s expressive eyes and heartwarming smile brightened what had already been a good day overall. The hug we shared was a long one indeed, for Cassie was almost as close to me as my wife had been before cancer had taken her from me.

Mourning – A Mother and Son Tale

her stocking feet, hair a mess, still in her black dress. We fell silent and watched her wander to the fridge, to the sink, then back out the door. ‘Yeah,’ I agreed. ‘What are we going to do about it?’ ‘Not we. You.’ I stared at my s****r, she stared back. I sighed. We both knew it had to be this way. Mom and Carla hadn’t gotten along since we

Trisha Did What?

from last night. The handcuffs to Trisha's last words before he fell asleep. He went to stand up and go his ankle in what he thought might have been a loose t-shirt on the ground. As he looked down he noticed yet another pair of pink fluffy handcuffs. He sighed and rolled his eyes. "Trisha!" Matt yelled. Nothing happened. "Trisha!" Still nothing.


were any beer barrels as we can get money for their scrap value. The pub owners are on holiday except for 16 year old Steve who is racist and homophobic, I looked at the windows and got a surprise Steve was in the pub kitchen totally naked his dick was about 7 inches and hairy, I called my sis, she looked said wow, we watched him walking about

The Education of Jasmine Ch. 09

touch.’ ‘What are you saying Miranda?’ ‘Yes, George I want to try being your lover, tonight.’ A huge grin broke across his face, she blushed and looked away from him. George placed his hand upon her chin and tilted her face upwards so she was looking at him. ‘Thank you. What about your son?’ ‘Benny? My mother lives with us, he will be fine with


to a mighty orgasm. You produce a great deal of noise, encouraging me to squeeze your tits much, much harder as you seize the back of my head with both hands.I turn you onto your back, tear open your belt buckle and forcibly remove your dress slacks, as you help by lifting your ass and extracting one leg at a time. I separate your thighs and dive

Sex games 5 part 2

powers of youth are enviable. You put your arms around him and slathered him with kisses and caresses. The two of you were making out passionately. You rolled over onto your back and took Billy on top of you.He started humping you and groaning. You stroked his young prick and put him in you. I reached into your cunt for some lubrication for

A new mistress 6

is a bitch?”“Ummm…I…I am Mistress….”She reached out and pinched my pussy lips making me groan. I hadn’t notice Darla had come in and my ass suddenly stung from the slap of her hand, “Not WHO silly little cunt…WHAT!”“A dog Mistress’s…a female dog!”Lynne twisted my pussy lips between her fingers, “Good girl…good girl! Now, be a good little bitch

Domestic Wife Ch. 05

I have something for you now." He kissed her forehead and left the room. When he came back she sat up. Her eyes were wide. She stared at the metallic belt she had seen on her first day living with him. "You are going to wear this now." He said pausing to let his words sink in, "I have the key and you will only be allowed to take it off in my

Night at the video store

me to cum on her tits.  I began to shake and tense with every stroke.  I exploded hot wet cum on her tits and stomach.  She placed her fingers in my cum and licked them.  She said, "You taste sweet."I smiled and we kissed again.She asked me if I wanted to do this again. I replied, "Definitely."  We kissed again and she used a cloth to clean up.

Training Tanya Ch. 03

one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. So, if Raquel and I can have our little playtime, you’ll get your business deal.’ Dennis felt a bit indignant. ‘Candice, I’m flattered that you both thought my daughter was beautiful, but I’m afraid I can’t allow …’ ‘Allow?’ Raquel’s voice sounded, loud, behind Dennis. ‘Daddy, in case you didn’t

Kim Again

orgasm similar to the one she had already had, which produced a small squirt of liquid. Then he plunged two fingers into her cunt and began wiggling them back and forth. In a matter of seconds this produced a major gushing of watery liquid from Kim's cunt into the bowl. While he prompted one orgasm after another from the woman on her hands and

Harley and the Hitchhiker - Chapter 2

trip. You will call me Master from now on except when we are around other people. Then you will call me Sir. Understand?" I say."Yes, Master. Thank you," she says, smiling a little."Now there are a few other rules you need to know, now that you are mine. First off, you will not touch a doorknob while in my presence. Opening doors is my job and

A Clear Conscience IV

said, in a rather depressed way.“What?”“In Colorado, I-well-I really missed having you around to-you know- finger me, and I met this one boy, and we kinda...he kinda...we didn’t have sex, but...”My heart rose, Lanie had cheated on me! Though I would never ever tell her about Fay, her new friend, I did feel much better about the whole situation

Delivery Boy

then realised I must be daydreaming but no it was real he wanted to come in. Now first of all I hadn’t had sex since October and it was now April and I had just turned 20 but that was no excuse for what I did, and what did I do, I stood back and he came in. There we were standing in my kitchen just looking at each other I felt faint so decided to

The Ballet Dancer, Part 2

had stiffened in the shower. I could see as well that she was a natural blond, though she had trimmed her patch into a tasteful landing strip. And then she was on me and through me. The heat of her passion crashed into me, burning my crotch even through the layers of the suit I wore still. The hard nakedness of her breasts and stomach writhed on

Mistress and Boi - Anniversary Night

and exclaimed, “So I am to take my hair down so you can see that I don't have any weapons sequestered in it??” “Yes Ma'am. I can't let you in unless its done,” I replied regretfully. She sighed and stated, “Like I'm not already late enough, I have to go through this non-sense!” She stood still as I took the wand to her hair. It blipped on the

Summer stories(2)

is what his group of boy friends would call them. They compared girls tits all the time, bragging about different sizes, fullness and the size, shape and colours of nipples. Well, the boys certainly wouldn’t be hearing a word about these! He thought Mum’s breasts, although not large, had a perfect fullness suited to her small frame and he could

Forgetting Liesel: Day 01

much like writing lately — depression can do that to a woman, I guess. But my therapist (yeah, you smirk, but you know you have one, too)… anyway, my therapist said it’d be good for me to ‘process my feelings,’ so here I am. How’s that for an introduction? I don’t know, it just feels weird to be introducing myself to my own fucking journal… Hah.

Neighbour asks a special favour

that thin white material was almost too much. My left hand grabbed her bum cheek as I'd done with her mate just minutes ago, but this was different. Susie's was tight and super firm like an athlete's bum, but there was a softness to Louise's flesh, although still wonderfully tight and a perfect handful.I pulled Louise up slightly so I could kiss

Man in the Opposite Apartment Ch. 01

be in a relationship with men who either are too proud to be her boyfriend or too dependent on her as a boyfriend. She dislikes either type. She had 5 reluctant relationships all through high school and college. She gave up after joining the company and focused on her job for the last 4 years, but this was not the only reason for her not dating

Mia Pt. 03

tear streaked face, black salty trails down her cheeks. She let out a small sob, ‘my baby…’ ************** Mia woke with an arm draped around her. She turned around to see her mother lying next to her, her eyes closed. Mia looked at the clock, it was 10am, she was late for school. She groaned and sat up, her head filling with nausea and pain,

The Conquerer Frog

kiss and I took her hand and led her down the passageway and up the stairs to my place. As soon as I closed the door she dropped her purse and before our coats were off I had her in my arms, leaning her against the door and kissing her, drunk with her, high on her. She arched up towards me, pressing her tits and her hips against me, and I was

Moving to Australia Part two

and explained I was not feeling well and was going to bed. He sat there with a smirk on his face, asking if I’m feeling okay. I just nodded, turned away and closed my door. I sat there for what felt like hours and then I heard a light tap on my bedroom door, I turned around to see him slowly entering my room. The sight of him made me go weak, he

Caleb Woke Up Ch. 06

largely an ‘early to bed, early to rise’ sort of folk, and there would be nine o’clock church the next morning. He was a little disappointed that his mom didn’t wait up for him to give him his surprise, but he understood. He went straight upstairs and got ready for bed, and settled in under his covers. He was exhausted, but his mind was still

Ruthie Calls on Me

the bountiful harvest of cum juices in her love hole. I licked her clean and began mouthing her pussy lips. I stayed away from that sweet spot for now because I didn't want her to cum again so quickly. Ruthie had no objection to my continuing to feast. Having her pussy eaten was high on her list of favorite things to do. I cruised my tongue

All She Wants

curled into a snarling grin.I asked what he meant, and he explained that he’d come home the previous evening kind of inebriated, pulled off her panties, bent her into a doggie position, and missed her pussy.I was appalled, and said something to that effect.“Nah,” he replied, grinning, a “fuck-you” look in his eyes, “she fuckin’ loved it!”I got

Roses Red, Sapphires Blue

knees, and she seemed to be sobbing. He saw the headlights of another car approach and slow down as it came upon the scene. He gritted his teeth and crouched down to begin his grim task. Without too much difficulty, he was able to unbuckle the body and ease its fall before pulling it from the car. He wondered for a moment if he should try CPR,

DarkFyre: Chapter Fifteen

bear down. Rael gazed at her, stunned. She wasn’t stupid, or foolish; fear was naked and screaming unashamedly in her wide green eyes. The bear reared on its hind legs, and let out that mountain-shaking roar. Silmaria didn’t flinch. She armored her fear in desperate, stubborn courage and stood her ground. She drew back another arrow, the fletched

Caught by a neighbour

silk and lace bra, matching g-string panties and suspenders with black lace top stockings. Moving to the wardrobe next I selected a black fitted shirt dress. Laying them all out on the bed I was getting hard already but something was missing. I found a pair of heels and saw the size was only 1 size smaller than my own! Sometimes small feet is a

Dog toy

myself.I was starting to think that my cum was different when he fucked my ass. It seemed much thicker. I had eaten my cum so many times in the past that I knew what it's consistency was. I wasn't sure if it was because of the suddenness of the eruption or something else. I jacked off a few days in a row and tasted it to see and for sure it was

The Girl With The Golden Ring

He even wore one of those green aviator jackets with the orange lining. God, she loved him in that. He was what women loved about a man in uniform. She knew it the first time she saw him hosing down Engine 18 outside the local station house. Her uncle was a firefighter back in the day. He didn’t look like this one, though. This one was like

Jenny Pt. 02-03

hid the pronounced bulge his captive manhood made. He slipped into the sandals, and she handed him the card as he opened the door. Just the credit card, no wallet, just in case he decided no to come back. Jenny felt a wave of excitement wash over her as she watched him. He slipped easily in to role of submissive, and his actions showed his

(Pirate Era) Diary of Anne Breckinridge part 1.

I was missing in height.   It was in the spring that I conspired to run away from my home and I had managed to save enough money to perhaps get myself passage to the Americas. After bundling together a few of my belongings and donning my green low-neck satin gown I headed off for the harbor in hopes to find a shipmaster willing to take me away.

The Lumberjack

get hard anymore, but he could still feel, and still get excited, so these days he had his fun giving the boys a bath (starting with a tongue bath), sucking them off, eating and fingering their butts. It wasn’t long until Bryan was in the tub with Joe’s hands running up and down him, washing him, jerking his cock, licking and sucking it. Bryan,

Bride Submission: A Big Surprise

and me.He continued, clearly nervous, “I should have told you this a long time ago, but I had no idea how to bring it up.”“It’s okay,” I said, although I was beginning to wonder if that was true.“I don't even know how to begin to tell you this.”“Honey, just say it,” I said, growing more and more curious about what else there could be.“Brittany, I

Miss Kate Puts Me in My Place Pt. 02

and more pictures/videos being taken Keiths cock got even bigger which was hard to believe as he pulled out of my mouth and covered my face in his cum. Groaning, calling me his bitch, his cum dump, his fucking slut, everything degrading under the sun and at that point I was all of those things. I had allowed another man to use my mouth to get

Morning Makeshift

up around her neck, raising her arms as he pulled the sleeves just to her wrists. Then he put his hands on either side of her head, trapping the thin fabric beneath him. Her wrists were held in place on either side of his by the tightly stretched fabric of her tshirt and she could not move her head without choking against the fabric across her

Making The Grade Pt. 1

He kissed the small patch of hair just above her clit then sent his tongue to work, exploring the inner folds of her perfect, teenage cunt. Slowly at first, he had to savour her youthful flavour. Up and back, he moved his lizard-like tongue, across her clit and then deep into Hilary's sweet hole.Hilary let her mind wander again...she could not

My Wife Sells Her Pussy

a friend of ours coming up a couple times a week to have sex with her. He generally fucked her first. He liked fucking her in the ass, so that happened next. She always gave him a blow job before he left.In between Ken fucking her, or her sucking him, or whatever, I would fuck her, and when he was taking care of her I generally jacked off as it

Bad Girlfriend

that stupid manual down and let’s go!’ Devon reached across Justin’s desk and slammed the technical manual shut. ‘Devon! You lost my place!’ Justin growled. He finished tapping out the last words to the instructions he was typing up for his staff’s training manuals. ‘You win, I’ll go! Damn! Let me go see what’s happening in the department first,

Morning Coffee

cock jerked. She smiled. She was satisfied knowing she was being a good cocksucker. Lifting his cock and still stroking with her hand, she kissed his balls, took them in her mouth, sucking them and to really make his cock throb in reaction, she rolled her tongue over his balls while still in her mouth. He grabbed her head cupping her ears and

The Courtesan’s Journal Ch. 1

and struggled half-heartedly, since she had desired to be brought into their games. Soon after that first night, a woman pushed her hand up into Eleanor’s body, breaking her hymen and fisted her to an orgasm, as another two maids sucked on her breasts and another french kissed her. Some nights Eleanor would be awoken by fingers reaching into her

The Young Cherry Cheerleader Pt. 2: Return of the Young Cherry Cheerleader

asked, her curiosity heightened. "And your briefs?" Jenny nodded. "Did he put it in you?" her friend inquired, with a naughty smile. "No, I told him that it wasn't right. Besides, getting screwed by your uncle is pretty gross, right?" "I don't know," Angie told her with a shrug. "If he's kinda cute, it might be fun." Angie

Alicia Discovers Porn

my stuff and Janice would bring it back with her.  Since we were rooming together again, it worked out great.The whole family saw me off and Janice took me to the train station.  We hugged and kissed like we were parting for years, even though it would be less than two weeks before we would see each other again.  It had surely been an interesting


in their bedroom. She knew after a few minutes that he wasn't coming back down. She walked very slowly up the stairs, having left her coat on the sofa. He was seated, partially dressed, shirt unbuttoned to his waist, shoes off, legs crossed on the large bed. It was obvious he had just been waiting for her to come upstairs though. She moved over

Missing Student

I meant no disrespect to you, please forgive me." "There is nothing to forgive; I feel weak in the knees and find myself wanting you too but it is not right. I have never cheated on my husband and I know I would hate myself afterward. When you pressed yourself against me I got so wet and filled with desire for you but my husband has been good to

Once upon a time in the west

enough to place pressure upon her crotch, whilst her bum cheeks were covered, and in no way protruding from the pretty red briefs. She threw her head forward, as her long blond hair whisked its way down over her taut torso toward the beautiful red briefs. Then lifting her head back up and smiling, “how do I look?” She asked. “You look

The coworker

floor then step out of them. You push Jack back onto the sofa. You undo his fly and pull out his erect cock. You lick the tip teasingly then take it in your mouth. You kneel beside him on the sofa and he reaches behind you as you suck him. “That feels so good.” he says. He licks his fingers then slides them up and down your ass and pussy. You

Divorced Soccer Mom

Despite her recent time out in the sun, her body still had the fresh, inviting scent of perfume of sweet mix of strawberries and vanilla. " Although I do have one rule. You can't call me Mr. Malone." "Ok, Mr. Malone--, I mean, John," she stammered as she tossed her purse by the couch. " Can I get you something to drink?" " Sure, a glass of wine

Long Distance Love, Chapter 3

for breaks, there are nights when you don’t even get a chance to pee.  The past four nights were those kinds of nights.  I went home the morning of my last shift with the beginnings of a migraine headache, and after a shower I collapse into bed, with a ratty old cotton nightie on.  The blinds are drawn, the phone shut off and I take some codeine

For my Master

air surrounding me in the quiet room is cool. From somewhere a soft breeze bathes my naked skin, causing goose bumps to raise along my sweat damp body. I arch my back some, continuing to test my restraints. What was that? I raise my head, straining my ears. Has Sir finally returned? It seems like ages since you left me here saying you’d be right

Piggy Buddies

way as he became a confirmed ‘pissoholic.’When Fritz was finally done, he pulled his foreskin back and instructed Hans to clean the purple head. Hans happily complied. With all the formalities now behind them Fritz was anxious to embark on his greatest pleasure. After opening his stance, Fritz lent slighted forward and anchored his body by

Blackmailed Part 4

going back to what had happened last night and what was happening now, the idea of my wife and daughter having sex with more men was making me incensed.My wife Lisa had never indicated that she wanted to fuck others, when I had brought the subject up of her fucking other men she called me mad and didn’t speak to me for a week, after I had watched

Caught On Camera Ch. 01

sister. ‘Well it’s kind of complicated, but last Friday I was feeling horny and had my hands in my pants rubbing my pussy and Aaron spotted me through the window. He had a camera and took a picture of me. I looked like a wanton hussy slut. You know kind of like you always look.’ Lisa laughed. ‘Anyway, he blackmailed me into stripping for him in

One Hour, Still and Silent

but he wanted it so much.He had one hour to obey. One hour to survive. He could do this. He had to. Dropping his eyes to her boots, he reminded himself it was all for their love. It wasn't about his body, but it was about their future. She slapped him across the face. It wasn't hard, but it got his attention. He realized the hour had started, so


brown hair and baby blue eyes. There was only one time I spoke to him and that was when we were forced to be partners for an assignment. He was so beautiful, he turned me on everyday. I sat in first hour dreaming about what came second hour with him in it. Then came the magical moment when the bell rang and everyone scattered to class, this would

Her Panties Hanging On The Line

the horniest guy that they have ever met.”She smiled and asked, “Are you putting me on?”I laughed and said, “Maybe!”Then she asked, “Do I make you horny?”I replied, “No! I’m not into gorgeous sexy blonde schoolteachers anymore. However, my neighbor’s sexy underwear is driving me absolutely crazy.”She looked around at her clothesline and then she

My past cums willingly to the now.

eyes again, I could tell that he was horny and wanted me. I started thinking back to when we were at my parents house in the back room and all the times we would be out there fucking and I could feel my pussy getting wet. I jumped when I heard him ask me if I ever thought about all those times out in the back room. I looked him in the eyes and

Two MILFs and their daughters Chapter 3: The aftermath intro plus Tessa and Valerie

Tessa took off Valerie's bra and let her eyes really appreciate all of Valerie's beauty on her chest anyway. She didn't waste a lot of time eyeballing though, she stuck out her tongue and began licking Valerie's nipples."Oh," Valerie said.Her panties were already soaked, but then they were drenched, like she was just in the pool. Tessa put her

The piano and Rachael's wet panties 4

mouth to her pussy and licked her sweet nectar."i love your taste Rachael,keep it cumming baby"Michael said.Rachael felt she couldn't stop even if she wanted to,she just kept on cumming and Michael true to his word made sure not a single drop of her juices was wasted.After accomplishing his mission,Michael got undressed getting naked like

The Office Toliet Suck and Go

commented Dan, Alex said ‘If you can get that done asap.’ Turning around Alex headed off towards the office toilets…. Dan watched him as he then started work on the paperwork Alex had given him. After about five minutes Dan relies ed his concentration wasn’t on the job so he also headed towards the toilet. Going inside there was a stall and

Cousins -- a Tale of Teenage Incest (Part 4)

me? I said some of these objections out loud, I guess, because soon Jim was trying to comfort me and defend Ronnie at the same time. His best argument was, “Tina, the problem is, Guys have cocks, and unfortunately, cocks don’t wait… oh sure, they can wait a month, or even two, but years?? No, you’re asking too much of any guy. At least any

My Wife, Her New Friend, An Opportunity

so there was plenty of room to get it on.Once they were inside the door the line in the sand was crossed. The light coming in from outside the bedroom door was sufficient enough to illuminate the room and no longer playing around I unsnapped my shorts, pulled the zipper and let them drop.Laura glanced at Stacy and I looked at Stacy who was

Susan's first nudist beach experience

T shirt and shorts. She was wearing a lovely matching blue bikini bra and pants set. Julio smiled and nodded his approval. She was obviously meeting his expectations. She smiled back at him as she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Whilst still looking at him she pulled her bra away and allowed her lovely mature breasts to spill out

Caitlin’s Choice Ch. 01

a horse. ‘Has he accepted or declined?’ ‘He hasn’t responded and I doubt he will. Mark says he’s off in Australia surfing and probably won’t be home for another five months.’ ‘O.K., fine.’ Caitlin sighed and realized she was being a big baby, but it didn’t matter because he wasn’t here and she was. She was going to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

The Andersons-Book 1: Lindsey Cums to Visit; Part 2

of their confinement. She has stockings and girders that match her long gloves and a sexy pair of white stilettos. Her hair is pulled back by a pair of velvety bunny ears and her choker has a leash that is held by none other than my one and only Tori Anderson.  Lindsey is on all fours, and as Tori guides her forward I notice the bunny tail plug

Feeding An Addiction: A Three-way Street Ch 21

excitement. Watching us together. The voyeur’s thrill at the highest level. Your wife with a big black guy. Bigger than you, the icing on the cake. But now, I’m not so sure I get it anymore. Now I know what the pain feels like. The hurt and jealousy and fear. Those things were really difficult for me. How come you’re okay with them and still want

Messy Riding Lessons

my clit and lapping hungrily at me.I blacked out from the strongest orgasm I had ever experienced and woke lying on the rugs in the arms of my new lover. I gazed into her eyes, looking longingly at her. She smiled warmly. "Good night now..."My eyes snapped open, I mummped behind the bit."See you in the morning." She giggled. "I hope I don't over

Holly the Stripper

blonde hair and the eye shadow she stood 5’6 weighed probably 110-115 lbs., probably only a 28-30 inch waist and maybe 32-34 A or B cup tits that I would see later. We went to the lobby. They had two types of rooms, a double and a hot tub room. She said wanted the hot tub but was ok with the double beds since it was $50 cheaper. The man behind

Its Just Business – Part 1

time and I haven’t had a free evening in a year. The economy is still bad, and so is the money. Some months are great, some not. Boom or bust plays havoc on my checking account.I’ve been fortunate to be married to a woman who appreciates that I’m pursuing my dreams and supports me completely. For the last year, she’s been working in a local

My First Virgin

name was Wan, and as she busied herself in the shower, I turned off the lights and turned on the TV, turned back the cover on the side I wanted her to sleep on, stripped, and put on a towel.I had just finished putting away my clothes when she emerged from the shower, neatly wrapped in a towel, her long dark brown hair loosely cascading down her

Old Man and Lonely Young Wife Part 2

arrived at 8 a.m. the next morning, with children in tow. Amanda took the children in the great room to play and she told Agnes to go in the master bedroom to get undressed. Agnes did not say anything, but nodded her head and shuffled into the bedroom.“She is scared and not sure she wants to do this now,” Amanda said. “Just like me, she has

Yesterday I was not Gay. Today?

a two-week supply of cum directly into her belly. I had just been deep throated and achieved an awesome orgasm. As my cock began to soften, I slowly pulled out of her mouth. She rose and again deep kissed me shoving her tongue in my mouth. Finally she broke the kiss and said, “Take off my clothes.” I first got completely undressed, and then

Fantasy Man

side. That clef on his chin was really quite attractive and he had a kind of mischievous look to him. What a very nice combination, a real live roughneck and a corporate lawyer. What fun I could have with my real live fantasy man. The party was in full swing now as Lizzie strolled over with a group of friends. She had probably guessed I needed

Unwanted attention - Chapter 4 & 5

thighs rubbing against each other. That’s when I realized that my pussy had gotten wet at some point. I involuntarily looked down for a second and he looked at me and smiled. Still rubbing them he said: “I can smell your pussy from here, you can’t hide anything from me little girl. I knew you were getting wet before you did.” And with that he let

Movie Theater Gangbang

turned me on, as well as the others. They finally got the balls to fuck her, and a line started after me. I took my seat again, right next to her as an old man (about 60yrs old) started fucking her with his small cock. He was old enough to be her father, and he was dumping his cum alongside mine. The next was a fairly built man with an average

The Gigolo

she applied the eyeliner. For years she’d had no idea why she puckered up when she put on eyeliner until a friend had questioned her about it several months ago. It had taken her three weeks of casual pondering before she suddenly realized there was no real reason for it. Her mother had always pouted when she put on makeup and she had passed the

Winter Formal

pants! Her nipples stiffened under my touch. I leaned over, gently kissing one. It was electric! I trailed light kisses across her chest to the other nipple."Go ahead!, she said, "They don't bite!  Unless you do!" I gently suckled on her as she sighed, holding my head to her chest with one hand and digging into my pants with the other. We kissed


breathe, choking and gasping as I came up. He would give me brief respite from sucking and he would beat my tits or my ass some more. I knew the punishment was no more than I deserved, I had been a pretty big bitch to him I also knew this blowjob would end with his cum all over me, something I truly despise, but had decided to allow.I still had

I Cant Wait, Part 1

whispering sweet nothings about her best friend Stella (Marie is bisexual) whom she has had both a physical and emotional attraction to since before we met. Stella is painfully oblivious to that fact that Marie is bi, much less to that fact that the both of us are constantly checking her out. When the three of us hang out together, the sexual

Mistress Doreen Ch. 05

for my ritual anal deflowering which we both anticipated - me with anxiety, she with undisguised pleasure. So I knew what was to come. Reaching into her oversized bag, she removed two latex gloves. Slowly pulling them on her hands she next displayed a large tube of lube. Coating one hand with generous amounts she pulled my ass cheeks apart with

Late Night Sex

i kiss your chest to your stomach and licked the rest of tha chocolate syrup,now the best for last.Warm chocolate on ya pussi.I picked you up and hold you in tha air with my head under you.I start lickin,suckin and slurpin tha chocolate syrup from your pussi.You moanin hard sayin “OOO SHIT”.When i heard that,I start to go faster and faster.Now


and a mite off his enthusiasm from the prior nights. Mandy was afraid the party wouldn't last long, and that her worry was being fulfilled as she had feared. But now the lady had the key to unlock his inner sanctum, push the button to boost the octane of his hormone mix, and make his motor run full throttle. But perhaps he was also a bit shy,

Sexuality Lost & Found

as well have called her an ugly hag. He had filed for divorce the next week, and had been more than generous in the divorce settlement, but Sharon had paid for the house and car with the loss of confidence in her sexuality. Returning to work had been hell. Her female coworkers had been sympathetic, but Sharon knew that, behind her back, they were

Coldsteel Ch. 03

– Michael had made sure of that. ‘You’ve got to think through all the consequences.’ Gregory was saying. ‘If you have someone come live with you, you’ve got to make sure their family knows where they are and is OK with it. You don’t want the police coming around looking for them. If you’ve got a suspicious number of people under the same roof,

A Place to Belong Ch. 02

couch in the corner of her office. Hugh sat down beside her and Marti continued, ‘I did what I thought was right under the circumstances. But, Daddy, I really didn’t enjoy it.’ Hugh smiled warmly, ‘It isn’t all fun and games, darling. I am proud of you for handling the situation and not letting it get out of control. And I know it was hard.

A husband invites a few guys from work over one night to partake in his wife

and he was spurting into her warm mouth. Noisehad drawn Bob and Sam into the bedroom doorway, both ofthem eagerly watching. Pulling his penis out, Mikeflipped her onto her back so he could look at her faceand tits. Pushing his dick back in, they startedfucking like crazy. Bob and Sam started peeling theirclothes off.Fred was in sperm recovery, so

Alone with Her Phone

it was happening but her spare hand was following his words, reaching under the covers and working its way down from her neck, exploring. "And I'll tease you. You'll feel my hand between your legs, my lips on your amazing tits, my teeth on your neck, my grip around your throat." There was a whimper in Grace's throat, dying to come out. Her body

Friendly Concern

I spoke and took another sip of heaven. ‘He was only thinking about her comfort. He is a very considerate guy that way. They have only one child. Why would they even take such a step?’ She asked, taking another sip. Since we were childhood friends, we knew each other quite well. Betty, Veronica, John and I had been together since second grade. It

How Long Can You Resist Ch. 06

his tongue over her nipple. She held his head to her, her fingers threading in his hair. ‘I can see you enjoy this,’ Gerard said hoarsely, consumed by the fire that emanated from his manhood. He moved to the other nipple, laving it and flicking it, his eyes intent upon Elizabeth’s face as she flushed and writhed with the stimulation. Unable to

One Thing Leads to Another: The Head Shop

Christine were lounging around the backyard getting ready to smoke a little pot. Maria found an empty Coke can and began to carefully shape it into a pipe. She flattened one side and made a few holes with a knife. Christine handed Maria the bag of weed and she placed some on the can. ‘I’m so sick of smoking out of a can Maria.’ ‘It’s not that

Getting My Wife to Loosen Up Part 3 Mark Melanie

Melanie’s car was already there. I pulled around back and had my laptop turning on before I was even parked. As I connected, Melanie was headed back to one of the rooms. I could see Mark on the computer. He brought up Melanie’s room and turned on the recording function. I then saw Mark in the front putting a sign up and locking the door. He must

It Hurts So Good

going to take it," he tells me, teasing me with his cockhead. I continue squirming, my hands reaching with futility, trying to free my wrists from the cuffs. I feel another sharp slap delivered to my ass, and suddenly Master thrusts into my soaking cunt. "Ah! Mmmaster..." I exclaim in surprise. He drills into me coating his cock in my juices,

Becoming Masters Kitten (Chapter 2)

2 “Get on all fours on the bed. It’s time for your punishment to begin….” Immediately, I scamper to my feet and my hands go straight to my neck where your belt is tightly fastened. “Master did not tell his little slut that she could touch the very thing that will be used to deliver her punishment today!” you say as you walk back into the room.

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 11

life. "Have a second child?" Pamela finally said to me, her facefull of shock, her eyes big. It certainly was a question outof left field from me. Suddenly upset, Pamela shook her headrepeatedly. "No. No. We've talked about this before." If not for the sound of Piper in a joyful mood, singing,the atmosphere here in the bedroom would be

s****r and I

I felt my cock oozing precum. I always oozed a lot of precum when I was hard. Soon my shorts had a large wet spot on them. “Wow, did you come?” she asked, “your shorts are wet.” “No its precum, it’s lubrication my cock puts out when I get excited.” “Why?” “I was told in science class it’s to wet the cock so it goes into the girl’s pussy easier”.

Love: Chapter One

that the front desk clerks somehow knew that I wasn’t a guest and that I was there for unscrupulous reasons. For some reason I thought if I walked in pretending to talk on my phone it appeared that I was a guest in town for business. I don’t know if that worked or even if they cared why I was there, but it gave me sense of security. I clutched

My Wife in the Snow Cave

pussy, but the aroma was muskier today, probably due to her being fucked the previous night, and not having an opportunity to clean up her dried juices and the remnants of Ted’s semen. I had sucked them both clean, but that’s not the same as using soap and warm water to wash up. But still, her aroma was intoxicating to me. I slid down a little

Home Sweet Ass

you drain me.As my cock softens, I pull out, spanking your ass as I tell you to put your hands over your head. Tying them together at the wrists, I then tie them to the shower bar, telling you "Don't leak, whore. If you leak, you will earn your punishment."You stand there clenched tightly with the effort to retain my cum, your hands up.

Model mom 2

The orgasm was building as slowly as my motions. I felt the cum building, coming to the surface, absolutely aching to be free and to explode all over my mom as I rubbed my cock against her body. I gasped with each movement of my long hard shaft against my mother. My hand then squeezed her breast, but it was much too hard, much too sudden. She

My Mistress's Work Desk

started to suck. She started to moan more and squirm in her chair. I continued to slide my tongue all around them while alternating sucking on one and pulling back and letting it pop out of my mouth and then moving onto the other. I could feel her precum start to leak out onto my forhead and I knew she was getting closer.I took the tip of her

My Thoughts about May

giggle like a teenager. I bend down and kiss her legs, moving my feather like lips and tongue up and down her legs, from her toes to her thighs. My tongue leaves silver trails all over her and the groans of pleasure tell me this is appreciated. I kiss up her thighs once more approaching her still swollen and wet sexual centre but lightly kiss and

School Afair

in school that evening to fix my notes.I was struggling to finish my work faster, but at around 5 PM i realized that I'm not going anywhere soon, i got depressed because i couldn't get the task done.The class was completely empty, I started to get a headache from all those working computers, and it was really hot, i started to sweat and my

A Week in the Woods Ch. 02

kissing each other, a bit violently, but it felt so pleasant. It seemed she was enjoying this little game quite a lot, which made me want her even more at this moment. My caged cock was not agreeing with me though, as pressure built up down there.She led me out of the room. We turned right and went straight ahead until we ended up in the kitchen.

Measuring my cum Pt. 13

Requires absolute discretion.'As I read the note, my dick had started to get hard. The further I read, the harder it seemed to get, until it was straining against the material of my jeans.At the end of the note were telephone numbers of the women and a footnote in brackets saying 'Any individuals these ladies see are only those referred directly

Power Chapter Fifteen: Finals

female, such as in the shower having sex with a guy and another girl.” I looked directly at her. This didn’t faze her in the least. Then she asked me about my emotional state when having sex with a guy. “If exchanging blow jobs is sex, then my emotional state is confused. It feels good to express my affection physically for a close buddy. I like

Hot Summer Night

was being sold.The town clock struck ten, and the Westside doors opened and in walked a stranger, a modestly tall man, a hunter or a hiker by the looks and he was extruding a strong sense of raw sexual lust. He wore dark denim jeans, an opened top blue check shirt, and he was topped with nutmeg brown curly hair.Both the guys and the girls nearby

Breaking Up & Breaking In

over. "Do you want this?" I asked, as my finger pressed a little more firmly against that little knot of hers, and my imagination broadcast what it was she should answer. "Yes," she managed. I felt her mind doing incredible acrobatics around me to justify that little answer. I poked my finger into her shitter slowly, feeling the

I loved Jake

He is dripping, and so hard the veins are visible. I wrap my hand around the shaft and he gasps, and more leaks out onto my hand. I use this to coat the entire length of him, rubbing slowly. When he is covered from base to tip, I lick the crease under the headwith the tip of my tongue. I take the head in my mouth, slowly, with my lips, from tip

The Blameless Bystander Ch. 12

‘Then I guess you better not have one!’ he shouted, and then burst out laughing. James pondered the possibility of his upchucking in the cab and he started laughing, too. Bubba kept one hand on the wheel and handled the cigar with the other. He tore off the cellophane wrapper with his teeth and shoved the stogie between his teeth. ‘I’ll just chew

Love of a Good Woman

if I’d have any chance of spending the night with Jasmine. Mark had worked there a few more years than I had. We had to go over some files at his apartment. He had a reputation for being a little weird and I understood why the second I walked into his apartment. His apartment door opened on the second knock. Mark waved me into his apartment. I

Neighbour’s Nosy Daughter is Punished

back. Julianne could see that her friend was hiding nothing. I picked up the cane and took aim. Swish, swish, swish as three red lines appeared across her pink bum. On the third she cried out but her position made it almost impossible to move her hand to protect herself. Swish, I struck her across the top of her thighs making her yell out again.

Flashing And Fucking At NASCAR With Kelly

Patrick, Kelly and the old guy were fucking, one of the girls had brought a new chick on the bus. She was introduced as “Sara”. Sara had stood slack-jawed watching Kelly get fucked. While Kelly was cleaning up, the young, naive, drunk, and slightly dumb Sara asked, “Were they both fucking you?”Kelly replied, “Yeah, Patrick fucked my ass while

Hunting Shack

and he's gently swirling his fingertips on her bare skin. They hop off the four-wheeler and Bill lets my wife into the shack. He tells her, "Go check it out; I have to pee."As she goes into the shack, he goes around the side by a tree. He's pretty much right in front of the window of the shack and, out of the corner of his eye, sees my wife


for a misbehaving child. Today he did not, he came in and took her leash, barely missing a stride as he went into the hallway. Even though she was accustomed to this it was still difficult to go from a kneeling position facing one way to a crawling facing the opposite direction. She made it though and didn't get a yank on her collar. Joy! She was

Just a Walk in the Park

laughed. “Not bashful.”I extended an arm. “There’s plenty of room in this hug triangle, Lisa.”She tentatively walked up to us as we pulled her in. It was then I gave Lisa a tender kiss, her touch and aroma brought back wonderful memories of our encounter.Time to have some fun, I thought to myself.“Well, the two of you are the only ones now that

A Perfect Monday

and he gave me a big kiss. He wrapped me in his arms and we recouped from the best session of love making I had ever experienced……… …….I woke up hearing the birds chirping outside my window. I sat up, still naked from the night before. Feeling very satisfied from my night of self pleasures, I got up wrapped in my robe, and went to the kitchen

The Sacred Band Ch. 18

a record, would you like me to play it for you?’ As soon as the Rotkoff business was cleared away, Denise and Andy got married. Recently Andy has been having some heart problems, but they keep going, as much in love as ever. Denise bought him a motor-mower for his birthday, and he can spend the Summer days in the garden with his immaculate lawns

Fucked by the football team

around my neck. I twist the little string lanyard this way and that, my fingers giving away my jitters as I wait for my older sister. I owe her big time. Ginny works for my favourite football team, in the marketing department. She has ensured that I was ‘lucky’ enough to win a fan competition to hang out with the team on a match day. I’ll meet

Sara's Slutwife Chronicles - Part 1: First Time Sharing Sara

back!"It's a 5 minute drive to the nearest store. As I pull up to the store, my phone buzzes with a text from Sara, "he said that we're all adults and adult fun is just that - adult fun - so he's in! Hehehe ;)"I typed out my reply waiting in line at the counter, "awesome! This is gonna be HOT & soooo fun! Don't you two start anything before I get

one night in a lift with a hot girl…:xxx

that story is abut that time when iam in spain with my b*****r…by big b*****r..is also love to fuck grlz..i realy enjoyed there..i saw there tow many hot chicks.. gosh…i just want to fuck any grl…but i got no chance…there….then one day..i go in a mall with ma b*o….there…i saw too many hot chicks…ma b*o ask me that why should you go on the second

A Birthday Fantasy, Chapter 1

way it felt to his tongue. After devouring all the juices available, Mark began licking one of those outer lips, letting his tongue slowly meander up to her mons. Even though Mark was concentrating on the task in front of him, namely devouring the delicious pussy feast set out for his enjoyment, he did feel the bed shaking, and knew at least two

The Boy Who Lived Down The Street(Part four)

he got her to the jeep. He managed to get his keys out of her bag with out dropping her and eased her onto the passenger’s seat and buckled her in. He put her bag in the back and quickly changed in the pair of sweats he had in the back of his jeep, not giving a damn about who saw him.He grabbed the sheet she put back there earlier in the day and

Lacie Ch. 16

she would. There was nothing she could, or ever would, deny him. She just didn’t want to let go. Slowly, Lacie bit her lip, preparing to open her eyes and find herself back in her cell. Then, knowing she couldn’t delay any longer, Lacie slowly opened her eyes. What she saw threw her mind into confusion. She was wrapped in a thick brown blanket.

My Busy Daughter

my guess was right or wrong, my cock throbbed at the thought of me giving her that physical release with her rippling walls gripping my meat. My coarse hands were stroking and cupping hairy balls as I let my eyes drink my daughters lust filled body in. Her breasts were pushed together with the side of her left arm while her right hand was busy

Backdoor Favor Ch. 03

tight and he gripped her tight, dragging his strong finger from deep inside her and seizing her G-spot. "Ahh!" She curled forward and embraced him. "Robert!" He loved her. He really loved her. "Fuck me!" She screamed. "make me your bitch!""Of course." He smiled an evil, conniving grin. He had her. She wanted him to have her. He removed his finger

I Meet My Mentor!

and she bought me a beautiful pair of high heeled boots as winter was coming on, not the kind of thing I would buy for myself as they were very expensive.I was getting bolder too, and more curious and started quizzing her about her life in Rhodesia, and how she got involved in lesbianism. She said her Nanny had started to molest her when she was

Gary And Dave - The Next Day

tasting sweat and soap. Slowly and gently I began to rim Gary, licking his anus and gently fucking him with the tip of my tongue. ‘Ooo, that feels good,’ Gary mumbled into the pillow. I carried on rimming him, spreading his cheeks apart to allow access. My cock was hard underneath me and I was really turned on. I lubricated my index finger with

A Change of Heart

not knowing what to say."When I cum, on the other hand, it lasts so much longer," she continued with almost dreamy voice. "It looks glorious, doesn't it? I know it does. When woman cums... it's so beautiful. And I can cum over and over. I can masturbate several times a day. Many times I do, when you're away. Some days I don't do nothing but when

Given Away as a Breeding Slave - Part Three

fucked in public on the table. The conference camera is definitely recording too, in full 1080 HD. Xavier proceeds more swiftly and I know that we're approaching the moment of my inevitable conception. He holds me down and raises my hips, pinning my body so that his seed will fall all the way, inescapably into my fertile womb. Looking into my

No time to waste

in and out of her mouth. A slight salty taste of pre-cum washed around her mouth. She loved that taste almost as much as a full mouth of cum, the prospect of which made her pussy tingle. As much as she loved sucking cock, especially in broad daylight in the front seat of her car as she was doing now, she desperately wanted to feel that cock

Taking A Risk

and smooth pussy, she slipped her fingers down to her clit and began stroking herself. She could already feel how wet she was. Adam stared as his stepdaughter started playing with her own pussy in front of him, and as much as he wanted to rip his trousers off and sink his cock into her delicious pussy, he wasn’t about to let her have it so

Summer Paradise Ch. 02

grabbed a towel and headed back downstairs. Nolan was down there waiting but the girls were yet to get ready. Aubrey came downstairs first and it was absolutely exquisite. She had on a bikini that was far too small, clearly she was trying to flaunt her good looks with the guys at the beach. I’m not too sure if Nolan would approve of that though.

Lot of taking care of.

Uncomfortable wasn’t the word I’d have used to describe my feelings – I didn’t trust myself to speak, and just shook my head, and after hesitating for a moment she carried on soaping my thighs and calves. I think we both felt the tension mounting, until at last she was finished and she helped me to stand up in the bath and then step out. My penis

His Lordship 4: Trickery in the Bedroom

picks up and the sound increases slightly. Bbbettttterrrr, the man groans lowly and sits on the table to rest and enjoy his pleasure. His actions raise up the table cloth hem just slightly. In her increased view, Isabelle can see a sliver of spread female legs, a blonde thatched cunt barely visible in the shadows of the females skirts. Isabelle

The Correctional - Ch 01

everything has to come off, you'll get new clothes soon," said Dr Adams pointing to Jamie's underwear.Jamie removed his socks then underwear, covering his genitals with his hands."Oh don't worry, it's nothing I haven't seen before. I've done hundreds of these," said Dr Adams.Jamie looked back at the guard, who rolled his eyes and smirked.Dr Adams

Don’t Push The Button

ground, ripping her dress apart in desperation to get it away from her skin. A few seconds of thrashing later and Susan’s dress was a pile of shredded fabric with an underwear clad Susan, lying flat on her back beside it, trying to get her breath back. She looked up at the countdown which had just passed the nineteen minute mark and tried to

Busted, Chapter 2

beside me to fluff me up. She stroked me to full hardness, then positioned me behind my woman, my cock a steel rod at the entrance. Allie reached under and opened Eve’s cunt with her fingers, then aimed my cockhead into the well. I needed no more urging. Gently, ever so gently, I pushed into Eve’s wet cunt, until she gasped, then I withdrew and

Just a Jab Ch. 04

sufficiently, but still needed time to adjust to his size as he pressed forward. When he finally ground his pelvis to hers she let out a large sigh of satisfaction. It had been too long since her last fuck, and never one as great as this even though this wasn’t yet finished. When she was ready for him she gave him silent directions again with her

Julie Ch. 19

had she? She sat up and turned on the light as the phone rang again. She found it on the nightstand and squinted at it. It was Gary. The thought of him calling her both angered and scared her. She certainly had no desire to talk to him right now. She hit the button to mute the rings and waited. It would chirp if Gary left a voice mail. But


Danny, older by only a few minutes, is married to Olivia and the two of them (dutiful Catholics) always seem to have another baby on the way. Olivia would no sooner get done with breast feeding one baby before her belly would swell up with another. I have to admit being quite jealous of the two of them, especially Olivia. She had four children

After the Event

in the living room talking about the old world, how things had been, it was a topic we arrived at often and discussed at length but this time it was different it was about old boyfriends and girlfriends Paul piped up as a joke that the worst thing about the end of the world was that he had never had sex, we all laughed at the absurdity of the


But they may have seen me staying after the meeting adjusting my shorts. You were naughty by tempting me at work, and now you will receive your due.With you firmly tied, I begin by wrapping that wonderful breast with cotton rope, pulling the loops tightly against the base. You moan slightly and grunt as I wrap it in coils until it stands up, hard

Mistress Lucy takes control

edge of her pussy lips. Drops turned to trickle, trickle turned to shower. Piss cascaded all over Lucy's face and body - what landed around her mouth she lapped up eagerly - and soaked her stiffening cock. Once done, Lucy got up and said, 'Lie down, bitch,' to a pink cheeked Belle. This time she didn't hesitate. The water sprinkled only on her

The Flight of the Ugly Swan -- Chapter 1

and milk. He looked me in the eye and said 'yes' and gave no indication that he knew his cock was exposed to my view. When I came back with the snack tray, I got a big surprise, literally. His cock had grown to maybe five inches long and the shaft was much thicker and paler and more pinkish. Most of the much larger head was now exposed and it was


Tell you what you stay right there I'll crush you, make it quick then enjoy your flesh." Alan shot a huge fireball at the giant, which just bounced off it. Laughing the giant stared at Alan, "What an idiot you are I am impervious to all magic, better get clever or you'll bore me, then I'll make your death slow and extremely painful!" Alan smile

The First Hand Job

the many miles traveled in them. She had a runner’s body, strong muscular legs and a lean frame, which was toned and athletic. Her graceful stride permitted her to cover ground quickly and almost effortlessly. Her body glistened with sweat and she waved as she passed. I returned her simple salutation and she quickly faded over the crest of the

The joy of the job

candy. The tour manager had curves in all the right places, even if she did shoot her mouth off. She was tall, her untidy auburn hair framed her pale face and amber eyes. As the sweat ran off Ryder’s arms it occurred to him that she was not only watching him, she was deriving pleasure. Some torturous pleasure, Ryder continued hauling heavy weight

A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 05

mean?” I asked. Becca handed me her cell phone and showed me the photographs that were on there. I gasped. “Let's just say that they like to leave marks and ensure that they have reminders of these... Uh... Transactions,” Becca remarked. “I see,” I replied. “I'm going to let Natalia know that you accepted her offer,” Becca replied, as she put her

Holidays at the Farm Part 1

want to stay by your side until you die. You make me whole. I will go on forever.” We lay there for a little while basking in the afterglow of our love making. I can feel her heart beating. Her breasts are rising and quivering, her nipples still hard. We hold hands and look at each other’s eyes. We get up, look at the bed and decide that it is

A Job Well Done

bounced as she walked he nipples on those golden hemispheres stickin out proud erect...those long legs seemed to give her the added height. As she came closer to me i saw those lips beatiful i thought to myself as i passed out to extreme ecstacy. That one kiss wrapped up the essebntials of love making. The two tounges touching, exploring n then

A Cold Rainy Day

here and there… tasting… tentative… wanting… needing… restrained. Your fingers find the single clasp behind my neck that holds my backless dress together and unfastens it… the soft silk sliding smoothly over the hills and valleys of my body… caressing… stroking… finally coming to rest around my feet in a puddle. Your fingers in my hair, finding

Mommy Got Fake Boobs

his own company and things started to flourish .He bought a new house by the beach for us to live in , a car for him and for my mum.He got everything my mum could ever dream off.My mum was about 5'6 tall , had 32A breasts , a beautiful curvy body and a round perfect Latina ass .She was Caucasian , flowing brown hair and green eyes .One day , i

With the Mirror Came.. Chapter 6

She retreated to her room without a look at her brother. As she opened her wardrobe to look for clothes to wear she heard the sound of her brother leaving the apartment. She could always tell from the sound of the how the door whom had just left the apartment.* * *“My love, now you have me made me very curious,” Ronja said as she and Maria walked

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 09

added as she reached into her jacket and pulled out a compact looking pistol. ‘This is how I intend to kill you.’ Blam! Blam! Blam! The bullets struck Piotr in the chest, the force of the sudden successive impacts knocking him backwards and onto the floor. Lena stood over him, watching the life fade from his eyes. Once she was certain that he was

First Date Butt Plug Blues

He said in a voice of cheap whisky and unfiltered cigarettes "That must be excruciating.""Ye... Y... ...""So does me doing this help" he started tugging on the plug, not enough to pull it free. Enough to torture her. She wanted to come but the voice was still screaming at her not to.She felt him get on the bike behind her, she whimpered again as

Happy Birthday, Master! - Chapter 1

that tells me my time had come. "I'm going to come soon!" I grunted. Kitty moaned in anticipation. "Come on baby, cum for us. I want to taste it. Cum for us, give it to us" pet said, her hand was a blur as she thrashed her pussy. She spanked kitty again. "Oh shit!" I huffed, kitty slid forward freeing my cock. Pet immediately grabbed it and

Georgia Wolf

for a minute and I sat up on my elbows to look at him. His body looked…well, amazing! The way his shoulder and arm muscles were built, his stomach, which was now all abs and muscle. The way the muscles around the tops of his legs and butt flexed as he took a step towards where I was laying in front of him. He reached down to my ankles and pulled

Glory Holed Chapter 2

it went in, but when it wasn't moving it felt amazing. When my ass was acustomed to his finger he slid it a little further in. By the time it was all the way in the pain was gone, and it felt unbelievable. Slowly he started working back and forth, finger fucking me even as he sucked my cock.I felt my balls tighten and then I began to cum, long

The Maiden and the Minotaur, Part 4

the village and as she got to the outskirts she wondered how she was going to convince the village elders to stop the Lottery. It had been in place for longer than anyone knew and it was ordained by the gods of Mount Olympus themselves. But she had to try. She had to do what she could to save the other girls.As she got into town the news that she

Panty Man Ch. 01

a pet in a high rise, one bedroom condo in Boston that overlooks the Boston Common. Whenever he is off from work, his powerful binoculars scan the greenery of the park watching for women sitting on the grass and paying more attention to their lunch or conversation than to the condition of their skirt or dress. He has lots of friends, only they


them to direct my rhythm while I'm sucking on him. He lets go shortly and I switch to Peter's curved penis. It takes a little manoeuvring in order to take him as deep. As I suck him I wonder what his curve would feel like buried in my ass. He holds my head and grabs his cock by the base, pushes it into the side of my cheek then pops it out with a

Teasing a Tease

told her that she would be naked and bound by the knowledge that she had been bad, no restraints because she was a bad girl who liked restraints. She could not touch herself and must remain in whatever position I put her in. For now she was to be on her hands and knees in the middle of a thick duvet on the living room floor. She was stunningly

Her Voice, So sweet.... (2/2)

a stage after the curtains fell. As if defiling the joyful theme of the city, the place maintained its calm and serene isolation. All but the sound of the ruffled snow and the quiet flow of the river accompanied me on the way. Upon reaching the edge of the abode, I leaned over the fence and amassed myself at the otherworldly sight of the evening

Femdom Between Friends Ch. 01

her back and shoulders and under my hands. She was making delicate little sounds as I stroked her hair, moving it back to expose an ear, which I traced with my finger. I was on Cloud Nine thinking she might want me as much as I wanted her!But after a few minutes she broke away from our embrace and took my hands in hers, bringing them down to her

The Knight and the Acolyte Book 7, Chapter 2: The Shaman's Struggle

my dance. I inflamed his lusts.His hand stroked through my sky-blue hair. I shuddered, loving it as I bobbed my mouth, taking more and more of his dick. My pussy itched between my thighs. I ignored it, pressing my thighs tight together, and kept sucking his dick. It was all that mattered right now. I had to make him cum. I had to make him explode

Party Time

turned back to the mirror and let Kathrine slip into her dress in peace.“Perfect” Kathrine said as she finished her hair and looked at the clock, it was only 20 minutes before the guests were scheduled to arrive and both girls were ready just in time.Micheal was the first to knock on the door.“Hi there” he smiled as Kathrine opened the door and

A guy and his....? 23 Plot

over and rolled them both as he started to plunge into her as hard and fast as he could. Nuha was beside herself, what was this man? Nuha felt her fourth orgasm building that in itself was amazing, but it was when she felt his cock start to swell that she knew he was about to fill her. With as deep a push as he could Jake roared feeling his cum

Wife Enjoys Nude Sunbathing in Public

crowded with families and couples walking about and playing on the lawn. “Honey, let’s go find a secluded spot. I might want to take my top off and really soak up the sun,” said Dorothy with an impish smile. “Come on now, you can’t do that here, it’s too crowded. Look around,” laughed Bob. He was very familiar with his wife’s penchant for outdoor

Learning the Lifestyle Part 2.5

bought a double of everything in her apartment, but she was just picking up things just to be smart-ass. He decided that two could play at this game. Make you way to furniture and wait for me there, we need another cart. I just remembered I need another dresser, he told her as turn to walk away. Oh and what size panties do you wear? Panties, why,

A Slave's Life Ch. 4

to find out where her Master was and how to get there before he got pissed off.She found him sitting down, staring at his watch. He looked up at her ashamed face and then smiled, showing there was no hard feelings. "Who was that?""Jean Master.""Jean? A friend of yours?""Yes Master, she was a friend of mine."A grin crossed his face and then sat up


waxing compound."Realization sank in. It took all her control to choke back a scream. She wanted more than anything say "You are one sick son of a bitch."Meticulously, he spread the viscous green substance across the top of her curls, pressing a strip of fabric evenly across it. A whimper of pain escaped as he ripped the strip of fabric off,

Playful Wrestling

to your mouth then and grab your waist and pull you close. Then I’d bring my hand up and stroke it along your jawline and hold the back of your head while I kiss you softly. Then I’d kiss you firmly and tell you how much I want you and trail my one hand up and down your side while I brush your cheek with the other one. Then grabbing your head in

A Strangers Smile

she moved. She approved of what she saw. The gold dress was above her knees by a long way but the tops of her thigh high hose were hidden. Her 4 inch heals made her look taller then her 5 foot 2 inches. She slipped a silver and gold bracelet on her left arm and touched a bit of lipstick to her cupids bow mouth. She could feel the dress rubbing

My neighbour Sharon (pt. 1)

her as she slipped her pants off and thrust her fingers into her own dripping wet pussy, staring at me before training the wet lines up her body and over her nipples. "Should we close the door?" I asked breathlessly, aware that our bathroom backed out into our bedroom which had a window straight into the neighbours yard. Sammy slowly walked over

Helping them learn stuff

get naked too. Ray was feeling my cock in her hands and I got behind her slipped through her legs and right inside her pussy.Moving back and forth with her we fucked together for a few minutes before I cumed inside her pussy. Next I rubbed my cock on Ryan and she put lube on her ass and I pushed until I was fully inside her hole.Later that night

Rebuilding Faith Ch. 10

you have some information about this fire. May I have your name, please?’ ‘Bill Holder.’ Pointing at Bill’s arm, he asked, ‘Are you hurt, Mr. Holder?’ ‘No. It’s someone else’s,’ and then, wanting to get things rolling in the right direction, he blurted out, ‘Someone killed Butch… I don’t know his last name. Then they set the fire and left Faith

Cabin Romance, Lust, & Love

what he does. Eventually, she falls asleep again. When she wakes up again its daylight and the rain has stopped, her back is pressed against his chest with his arm wrapped tightly around her. Her robe has untied itself and is up over her hips.. or maybe he did it? Who knows, it doesn’t matter. She just lays there and listens to him breathe.

The Twisted Sister

the slop we felt in her.” Mark agreed. “Should.” The two slid out from under the car. Mark noticed that Auntie Anne was no longer in the garage. He looked at his watch. “It’s ten to four. Why don’t you get ready for your dad. I can clean the tools up.” “You sure? “ Jason asked “No problem, I got nothing going today anyway. Have fun with your Dad.

Clothes Make the Man

her need. I rolled onto her, my cock banging against her hip. I found her entrance and pushed in. Dear God she was tight! I had to force my cock in inch by tortured inch. She groaned and pushed against me until I was in all the way. I began to pump into her and then felt her squeeze me. I couldn’t help it, I blew it right then and there. I tried

Camilla Ch. 071

up to her feet. ‘I have my black and white striped dress here, in the change room. The tight-fitting one, you know? You saw me in it for one of my Facebook pictures. Remember?’ ‘You mean your ‘deesse’ dress?’ ‘Yes! That one. Want me to wear it?’ ‘Oh, definitely.’ ******************* A half hour later, they were in Giovanni’s, having already

gangrape I

Ke sath 5 aur log mere garh m baith gye the. Jab mene pucha Ki tum kon ho tow unme se ek muje ma-behem Ki galiya dene laga . Aur ek ne picche se muje pakad liya. Sabhi me milke muje bandh Diya aur mera mu bhi band kar Diya aur fir sabhi chale gye.Raat ko Vo sabhi log vapas aye aur muje utha kar bedroom m fekh Diya . Fir un logo ne vaha daru peena

Right Up Her Alley

make-shift pussy around my pulsating dick. Jacking off with the thought of her ass in mind proved to be an easy feat, as my mind's eye recalled the way she looked in her Spandex shorts. My climax blew a spurting load into the confines of the constricted soft net. At least my jack-off would ease some tension as I breathed, gulping in the air as my

I Am In Control

His moans now become louder and I am so wet hearing this, knowing it is me causing this pleasure. I could almost cum just jerking him off. But I am in control...for now. Stroking and kissing his back, my free hand now penetrating his anus, just enough to make his senses come alive, I know that he is close and I want so badly to push him over the


sound. When I got up to take care of it, Kathleen couldn't help but notice the tent in my jockey shorts. "Would you like some of this cheap instant coffee?," I asked her in order to take some of the tension out of the air between us. I didn't want to tell Kathleen why Dad and I never got along, so I'd changed the subject and she was fine with

Preacher-man ch 2, The Prayer Meeting.

horny again, but decided to try and ignore it. She went about changing clothes and doing some housework, that always made time go by faster.When Cindy glanced at her watch again it read, “6:00 pm. Oh good now we are getting somewhere. I wonder if the Reverent Caldwell would mind if I came by and hour earlier? I bet he would not, that man is

The Good Girl Takes a Chance

“Is everything ok…?” he asked as he shifted his body weight on mine. “Yeah, it’s great,” I told him as I met his lips for another kiss. I didn’t know why I was so willing to let myself go with Nick, but I only wanted more and more of him, and at that moment I didn’t care what anyone else though. Nick was thinking the same thing, or he knew what

My Second Gay Cock

while she forced her strap on deeper into my bowels. When I agreed to a threesome I didn’t for a moment think I would be the one being spit roasted. The humiliation and shame I was feeling at the situation I was in was overwhelming, this combined with the fact that I was gagging on Tom’s cock with every thrust meant that the tears were streaming

My stepson and real daughter

“You like me, don’t you?” I said, and he was looking down at the floor. “I searched your room this afternoon, and I found my bra. It was covered with cum stains,” I said what I had done in his absence. “Did you cum in my bra?” I asked, but he kept quite. “Look at me, Dane, I’m not mad. Did you masturbate and cum on my bra?” I asked seductively,

Helping out a Classmate

all her former boyfriend’s just wanted to get into her panties, but never gave her any love or respect. Because of the details she mentions, your cock twitches. “Are you getting turned on by me telling about my sex life?” Danielle asks as she smiles at you and wiggles her butt. Every guy would get turned on by having a girl like her sit on her

Medi Care

it on his face, Jack smiled underneath the mask, wondering what she was going to do that night. Debi entered the room that night and Jack again pretend to be asleep. The mask did prevent him from making any kind of sound. He did notice that the sound of the door shutting was the same sound he had heard when Maria was performing oral sex on him.

Fun at work

sliding his hand all the way up my skirt this time. He reaches my panties and presses on my clit through the fabric. I am soaking wet, he can feel my heat and wetness and smiles at me, looking me straight in the eyes, saying nothing. My body tightens and I start breathing heavier,  I am going to cum, I lean back pushing myself onto his fingers

Pizza Boy vs 2 Hot MILFs

out some breath mints from my back pocket. I took two as I knocked on the door."Knock! Knock! Knock!" A few seconds later the door knob turned. The big door opened. I almost dropped the two big pizza boxes. I gulped down the two breath mints, almost choking. "Hi! Are those for me young man? Mmm...How much?" said this hot older BBW MILF in the

Maison Des Lilas 2

and burned for more. She starred at the iron gate and the letters which read Maison des Lilas. It was old and Gothic. She had a sense that whatever it was, Prima did not want her to know. It was surely gloomy. Daphne was not about to let that kill her curiosity. She pushed the heavy gate open and tried not to make to much noise. It was squeaking

Watching Man-on-Man

was a thrill, an endless pursuit. Not only did each one look different in some amazing way, but each felt different and tasted different. It was easier for me to get together with girls, even though lots of them had inhibitions that I got over quickly. But I was always really curious about boys, and what I fantasized about was seeing boys get

Worshipping Lili's Ass Pt. 01

very wet where her sex had been. After she moved her body away from my face, I took a few deep breaths through my nose and I noticed I could still smell her ass, albeit a little fainter. She had left her aroma on my face with her grinding! She noticed the look on my face. "You like how I smell, don't you?" she smirked."Now, take off your clothes

Claiming Katy Ch. 02

now I felt cold and numb. And helpless."Since she has decided to burden you with her problems too, you might want to observe the steps I take to correct her. Or you may prefer not to. I quite understand."I thought I said "What the fuck?" but my voice failed me. Instead I just gaped, stunned by her apparent calm. But I stood there, and I watched

Craig Gets Cucked Part 3

pouting."For a minute Craig just stood there watching, then he walked over to the chair and sat down. Ryan had one hand on her cheek with his thumb still inside her. He reached under her with his other hand and massaged her clit. He was pounding her so hard, the headboard was banging into the wall. Her moans got louder as she got closer until the

Fire in the Embers Ch. 01

‘He’s right, Vince.’ I said as I got to the door. ‘I’ll say anything… to Jimmy Cerone. And he’ll listen, too. Good luck to you.’ I reached for the door handle. ‘Hold on!’ Vince gasped out. ‘I’ll… what’s the deal again?’ ‘NO!’ shouted the lawyer. ‘Shut up, jerk!’ growled Vince. He turned to me. ‘Let’s work something out.’ * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Latex Catsuit Sex

me hard! He started slamming me again and I got that feeling in my loins, moving and centering in my groin. My legs and body began to quiver and I told him to stop and just hold his cock inside me as deep as he could get it! I got that rushing sound in my ears and started to gray out like when you are laying on the floor and stand up too quickly!

The Gold Digger Ch. 10

gentle hugs depending on their age and what he considered appropriate. He even kissed a couple, only on the cheek though. Every time he introduced Carol it was as his good friend, very good friend, very special friend, and once, to her inexplicable delight he introduced her as his very special person. Every one seemed to be genuinely glad to see

Playing in the Band

to him as well as the group that they gave their fans a worthwhile performance.He gently nudged Jamie and pointed to his ear with a frown. She packed her guitar and followed him out to the bus. Their crew would break down their kits and load their respective instruments into their cases. Both of them possessed irreplaceable first editions which

Stephanies Massage

straight and gay sexCarl had a special surprise for Stephanie. He had told her he hadplanned a mutual massage date. Where they would both go in and getmassages. She didn’t know that there was a special surprise, she wasthe only one getting the massage. So, they both got dressed and headout the door. They drove to the building where the massage

Roof top

the boy have a proper look at you” Mandy hesitated her mum slapped her yelled do as your told, Adul watched as Mandy removed her blouse and unhooked her bra when her boobs fell into view Abdul stared mouth open after another minute Mandy was naked her bald pussy on view, Abdul could hardly believe what he was seeing and when Mandys mum told him

Little Johnnie, Mr. Green and Aunt Tina

of me and said "I need youu to hold very still. This is just going to take a moment. This will feel really good and we each have one too.."I start to say something about not wanting a shot but was told don't worry followed by we can call your parents. So I sat there and held still. They did say they all were taking one too and I would so die

Birth of the Ringtaker # 1

I paced back and forth around the bed. I wanted it so bad. It was so wrong. My lust won out. I couldn't make my hands stop shaking as I rolled her onto her side unbuttoned her dress down her back. I carefully took her shoes off then worked on peeling her out of her dress. Finally I got to the last button, slowly slid her dress over her

Fool’s Mate

mind during the game, for a change.’ ‘Sure, it’s a deal, but any way it turns out, you’re buying the next round of coffee.’ I grinned at him. ‘I would rather drink blended pig intestines.’ To you, that might sound like sarcasm. I heard it as an honest craving. ‘It’s your move, Ken. Remember, I told you there are Twenty-one to choose from.’ I

All I Could Do Was Smile

my hot, wet cunt. He lowered his head in between my legs and inhaled the sweet, tangy scent of me. I spread my legs wider giving him more access. I hiss with pleasure as he finger fucks me and his tongue flickers my cunt in all the right spots. He takes his time on me. I feel my tension building. I hold his head there, grinding my pussy into his

Inner Secrets

work out after that, which I was pretty upset about but in the end I knew it wasnt going anywhere.I found myself a job in an office answering the phone for a newspaper called Holls – a news paper on the news locally. My boss, Sylvia, was a complete goddess even though she was about twenty years older than I was.One day my boss called me into her


weekend special going on, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for another hot encounter. I first called Kyle. He’s fifty eight years old. He also has a new girlfriend who is comfortable with him swinging. She just hasn’t had an opportunity to join the fun, yet. His six foot athletic body, blonde hair, and baby blue eyes many woman drool. He too has

Spanking Amanda

she said.Whack!“Fuck you properly, what?” “Just put in in you bastard.”Whack. “Put it in you bastard, what” I said laughing. “Please sir, maybe?”.“Oh, Jesus” she moaned, and laughed back.“Please put your cock in me, sir.”“Now that’s better. Would you like me to fuck you?”.“Yes! Yes, please sir! Please fuck me properly sir!”.That was it, I thrust

Deeds Ch. 02

to lose that and she had already lost me. It was then it dawned on me, she had one thing more to lose – her lover-boy. All I had to do was make sure that she lost him and then letting her know I knew would be better, she would be all alone. I knew that she would have all her friends and they would give her some support. I made a few phone calls

Cathy Unfettered Pt. 01

with the riding crop. Emily screamed but continued her attempts to empty the champagne into her vagina. As she rolled over Cathy began whipping her tits. She was screaming but was begging for more. She was rolling around the floor and as she did Cathy whipped ever part of her body, her tits, her arse, her cunt and her thighs. Emily was totally