Original Sin Ch. 04

intently as he brought his fingers to his mouth, licking greedily her juices off them. He watched her amusedly before he leaned again over her. ‘Cathy my sweet,’ he laughed, reading her thoughts. She turned her face away from his, but he forced her back with his wet fingers, moving his mouth demandingly over hers, forcing her to part her lips

Heather & Mrs. Harley Ch. 03

Ungie says this shit puts the Oh in Orgasm, but we all know she’s so easy to please.” She held her legs steady, pulling my cockhead up and my other head with it, to once again lose myself in her great grey eyes. “So, Charlie, tell me, did Mom give you your orals yet?” “What?”She rubbed her feet together roughly. “Come on, tell me?” I nodded,

Taking Sarah,Part Two

milk. Cindy was sitting at the other end and we were just engaged in idle chatter. She asked how work was going and how long I had for lunch. I told her i had another 20 mins before i had to be back. She turned to me and said. "You know if Anne didn't find out we could go upstairs if you have time" Hell I didn't need another invite. I stood up

Marsha Meets the Real Me

were assigned to barracks on the camp. However we were told that training would last every day from early morning until about 1800 hours each day. That was perfect for me. I could spend each evening with Marsha, go back to the barracks at 1100 hours, and then get up at the regular reveille hour of 0600 hours. Not too fatiguing, since the only

Sex teacher part 2 chapter seven

look down at her watch and said “Yes my grandma mother should have left by now her dr app was at three o clock just let log out the. We can go ok” she said “Sure thing Stephanie” I replied Few minutes late we were leaving the Libary and walking over to my car. Stephanie poke fun at me when she saw my car “hey it car and get me from point A to B

Wedding Night

finger was dry and it hurt as it entered her. I pushed deeper into her rectum,"OOOWWW, that hurts, you're pushing too hard." I pushed hard and my finger plunged deep into her rectum until my knuckles hit her ass."Tighten your ass on my finger. Deborah grasped my finger, "Again, you are very tight." Deborah grasped my finger again. My finger

all about me

was much like John and I loved doing that to John. I felt him grabbed the back of my head and I took his first spurt of cum down my throat then I finish him with my hands and he finished cumming in my mouth and all over my face while it dribbled down to my tits! Of course I swallowed what was in my mouth and collapsed onto the bed and rubbed the

Mommy and Brian - Chapter 2

shirt," Brian said to Mommy. I knew better than to argue now, and I think Mommy was kind of scared, too. I felt her fingers on my skin as she grabbed the bottom edges of my shirt and started to pull it up my back. The air felt cold as more of me was exposed. "He just wants to rub your back, sweetie," Mommy whispered in my ear as I lifted off

Protect and Correct

a bar, one thing led to another, I went back to her house, had a few more drinks, played around a bit until Janet gave me a playful smack on my bottom.   It didn’t hurt as I was wearing jeans, but I didn’t object, in fact I just blushed, and she could tell from the look on my face that I might take more. She smiled, and then a stern word later

Inappropriate Footwear

to fight to maintain my self-control. I could not get enough air and had to break from her mouth.Her eyes were upon me, all I could manage was a groan. My eyelids felt heavy with arousal as I looked into hers. Examined like a laboratory experiment, she watched my fevered reaction as she slowly massaged my cock.Kneading the soft pillow of her pert

Induction to a World of Slavery

pace quickened, her finger tip slid suddenly downwards and rested on my exposed hole, the skin around which was tightening in anticipation of a possible invasion. Surely, I thought, she wasn't going to just slip her finger inside me, we had only met in real life less than an hour before, and we had barely spoken in that time. But then I felt it,

Adventures In Cock Sucking: Part VI

my bedroom. I slowly undressed her, taking time to tease her with kisses and nibbles all over her body while removing her clothing. I'd never seen her more aroused. I laid her on the bed and spread her legs. She looked just like the first time we had been together. I ran my hands over her legs and inner thighs, making sure I didn't touch her

Twentieth Anniversary Dinner

be drawn to them. I notice that both of them keep looking at me and I can feel their eyes on me as I walk, so I decide to go for it and tease them. As I bring one dinner over I pretend I have something on my finger and I suck it into my mouth. I can see both of them look at me and I pretend not to notice. I go back to the kitchen and I unbutton

A Friendly Bet

just laughed. Jen began to shift uncomfortably, pursing her lips up in a makeshift snear. "What's wrong?" I asked. "It feels weird." "What's that?" "The cum in my ass. It feels weird." "Hey! Don't let it drip all over my bed!" I ordered, half jokingly. "It's your jizz ya know?" she countered before

Hiking Trips 3

getting their cunts stuffed with horse cock they fingered themselves. For a good hour and a half they watched videos and read stuff that Tami had saved on her computer for how to go about getting fucked by horse cocks. They even acted out how to properly get the cocks into their pussies by taking turns with the strap on but then ended up fucking

Twin Exposure Ch. 01

much more alluring than the woman onstage. Ray had disappeared for the time being, but Mike had ordered a drink for him. ‘Will she dance?’ I asked Mike, nodding at the waitress as she headed back to the bar. ‘No, at least not tonight, they have a pretty tough way of hiring here. First they negotiate the down payment, then the girls audition and


into Fi’s vagina. When I was finally fully inside her it felt like I had a condom on that only reached part way up my penis. Soon Fiona was pushing herself against my gentle thrusts and I could sense that she was close to another climax. I sped up just a fraction, still wanting our love making to be a thing of beauty and not just about getting my

Full Figured Chic Ch. 03

Greg couldn’t help the snide tone his questions took. He felt under massive pressure here. ‘I have some ideas. There are a few places I want to try. I will see if I can find us the perfect woman to represent the full figured chic line.’ ‘This this is a done deal.’ ‘You know it is friend.’ A knock at the door interrupted them. Greg stood. ‘Well, I

Damn That Brad

flicker upon it.Brad placed his hand on my leg, stroking it gently, letting his fingers trail slowly from near my knee upwards to my sopping wet cunt. He found my clitoris, still swollen from the orgasm and began to circle it slowly with his fingers, before he moved them downwards to the opening of my vagina, letting his fingers go in and out,

Lady Connie Ch. 01

so. Judging from my time in locker rooms anyway.can we chat sum more in about 2 hrs? ill talk to the Lady n show her ur profileOK I'll see you then.Two hours later, he found out Lady Connie approved of him. Three hours later, he logged off, having made arrangements to have a plane ticket waiting for him that Saturday at her expense, as well as a


and blew the smoke from the joint slowly into my mouth - from her mouth and lungs. Her lips were soft, full and sensuous and the hand on the back of my head - tender and warm and soothing and I started to feel as if all the problems in the world were slowly disappearing into a haze of warm comfort and wanting. Then her other hand made its way

Pro Golfer's Wife's Affair

made me. My balls hot, my cock hard, I feel wild primal lust for her. The primal lust swept through me like a wild fire, gripping me, taking me over. So much so, whatever inner conflict I may have felt is swept away, overpowering me. By the sheer sexual arousal I feel for her. It is the same for Ellie. She feels herself submitting to my strength,

Love Discovered

my hair. When the movie ended, I knew it was time for me to go home, but I didn’t want to. With how busy work had gotten over the past couple of months, it had gotten difficult for us to spend time together with how far apart we lived. I cherished the time that we did have. As the credits rolled, I sat up and looked deep into his green eyes. ‘I

Daddys New Girl

hot night. Leering at them and making them think I might be their next john. Just a little game I like to play now and then. I was almost at the end of my cruise when I saw her. She was almost angelic in her looks, but I could see the toll the drugs and street life had begun to take on this little girl. She was petite, about 5’3′ with long,

Lactating Hot Wife - Chapter 2 - The aftermath of my first threesome

to be my husband's best friend, and who had fucked me senseless within the past six hours.I admitted that while I was embarrassed and ashamed at my slutty behavior, I enjoyed being shared between my husband and Glenn more than I can describe. I expressed concern of what the future held. How will Chris feel about me now? What did Glenn think of

Autumn Clematis Ch. 03

up so that her calf is resting on my shoulder and slide closer to her body. Nothing is obstructed now and I delight at the sight of her beautiful pussy, its lips open, wanting release. I would love to bend over to lick it, to taste her sweet nectar, to explore its depths with my tongue. I know that Nina would enjoy that too, but that will not

Mrs. P Drops By For Tea

an opportunity to play out your fantasies, you may find that following through might just be one of the hardest decisions you make in your life. But when you take that leap of faith, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised, and pleasantly fulfilled…This is the story of an encounter that happened to me not so long ago. The agony of this

Mistress Priscilla

that you are in charge. That the naughty boy (NB) in the other room must be taught that you are in charge and that he will probably need discipline. Unfortunate as this is, everyone will be happier when they understand their correct place.Look at your face in the mirror and make sure it is one that says, "no nonsense."Go back in the other room.

Once Upon a Boring Evening...

to dp me with the guy fucking my ass. I had to cum. I was going to explode if I didn't! "Please Sir. May I cum now?" I looked beggingly into his deep blue eyes."Yes Slut. You may. Cover my cock."No need to tell me twice. I wriggled my hand between us and rubbed my clit desperate for the release. I could feel the orgasm brewing deep in me. I was

How You Became My Slave. Part 2

down only a few times before you feel my hands slide away from you. “Move your tongue side to side,” I instruct and I moan again as you obey. “Very good, you are doing so well!” You feel my hand on your head and I stop you when just the head of my cock is in your mouth. I wrap my other hand around yours and glide your hand up my shaft until it

The Satyr Encounter

she starts to regain her composure she notices a shadow lying across her. With a small startled shriek she recognized it was no mere shadow but a real humanoid creature right out of mythology! He was broad and hard muscled, bulging where it was most important. His arms were thick and brawny, as were the muscles of his thighs and calves. His belly

Into the Hole

to call it Wonderland. As usual in the summer of sunny SoCal, it is hot. Too hot. I wander around in a bikini top and shorts and still I wish that I can take more off since it is that hot out. Suddenly, I see a tall, muscular blond man staring at me from across Sunset Blvd, his eyes gleaming with a challenge. Intrigued, I hurry across the road

Times In Tehran

On the main floor we had our own kitchen complete with a staff of Iranian cooks, and off to one side a large recreation/meeting room. Our living quarters were bedrooms on the top floor. In an area below the main floor we had a bar called the Scorpion Club, just outside of which, in the courtyard, we had a large lighted in-ground swimming pool

The MILF - Episode 2

Tina considered setting up another walk-in encounter, like had started the first experience, but she knew that wasn’t the best option. She wanted to know truly how Mark felt. She wanted to know if this could be a regular occurrence between them, and not something she would have to trick him into every time. The only way to handle this was to

Blindfolded Lover

Then I took off my clothes, except my boxers and put on a blindfold as you instructed.I lay there in total darkness, slowly rubbing my cock, savoring the mystery, and wondering what kind of lover you might be. I wondered if you would even resemble the pictures you had sent. Then, as if on cue , I heard a card in the door. Suddenly, my mind raced

MInding Others, part 1

to the sound of splashing. I was splashing in the tub. It was full of ice! I was freezing, and my head felt like a rock. I looked around the bathroom gripping the edge of the tub ready to execute a hasty escape.Rodney laughed. "Brother, stay right were you are. If you start raving about butt fucking tele-evangelists again, I'll drive you to one

Just friends

a deep forest green with circles of gold surrounding the pupils and her hair was a rich shade of brown and always hanging straight down, hitting right below her shoulders. At the age of twenty-one, she had six men on her list. Five were at her beck-and-call and one that had her at his mercy most of the time. They ranged in age from twenty to

Fuck My Ass, Mistress

is out of the way, you'll be able to last longer when I fuck your ass, bitch.”She wiggled off his lap and headed for the kitchen, calling over her shoulder, “Follow me, now.”He followed, wondering what was on her mind. When he walked into the kitchen, he saw Ann had set out two cans of whipped cream and a bottle of chocolate syrup. She motioned

A day in the park

I couldn’t resist and opened my mouth wide. The first couple of spurts landed right on my tongue, before he shoved his cock in my mouth and finished. I sucked him until he was dry and limp. It was dark now and the park is officially closed at sunset. I grabbed my tank top out of my pack and slipped it on. I put the toys and blanket back in my

Step Sister

blue thong. I, being a virgin, was rather aroused, but tried not to let it show. She got really close to me, her breasts nearly touching my chest, and said "Does this make you uncomfortable?" I replied with "Extremely!". She backed off a bit and seemed hurt that I hadn't said something that she could use against me. After that, she proceeded to

Confessions From An Affair Ch. 08

or wounded in battle. It started making its first visits right about the time that Christine had come home from the hospital. I well remember the first time that I saw it make its dreaded first appearance. A group of women had been in my home. Christine was crying almost non-stop and I was about at wit’s end. Everyone was trying their hardest to

catching up

was in shambles. Things were different now. She checked her hair one last time and finished her make up with blood-red lipstick, glossy and inviting. She kissed her husband good-bye and left for a night out with some old friends. She arrived to warm hugs. They were a little older, a little grey and needing a break from the routine. Catching up

Apartment with three – The Apartment series chapter 3

my back at a deliciously slow pace, I can’t help but moan at the sensation. “Mmmm, good morning,” I whisper softly. I hear his soft laughter and my heart instantly melts God, I am in way too deep with this man. “Morning sleeping beauty, did I wake you from a naughty dream perhaps?” he asks and I laugh delicately, turning round to face him. Tim

A Heated Celebrity Cruise

the man didn’t wake up. We sure weren’t very quiet, and we sure as shit didn’t go unnoticed. A steward came walking down the corridor and the poor guy got the shock of his life. Shock, however, soon turned to joy for the guy who didn’t see any reason to stop watching two tourists fucking in public. He didn’t move and he didn’t make a sound. He

Didn't Have Anything Else To Do (Part 2)

made me do what I did next."Well... Just in case we do, I'm going to get comfortable." I said with a smooth voice that could've resolved any situation.I stood up, and slowly undid my grey belt, and pulledoff my khakis, I pulled too far though, my boxers went off with and there I stood. My 7.5" penis and all of its "glory" a foot or two away from

Not given a chance (chapter 1)

late. I pulled out of my driveway and headed that way stopping half way to park my car and get in a black markless van. Exactly an hour later I stopped outside of a club it was 8:40pm and quickly turning darker there was a dance that started in twenty minutes for college students and I knew some would be walking I turned toward the subdivision

Desperation Part 1

were in bed, I saw that Shelby’s light was still on. It was not like her to be up this late; she usually went to bed around ten. I went downstairs to turn off the lights and TV because I knew that no one else would. As I made my way back to my room, I looked at Shelby’s light again.“Should I go in and see what she’s doing?” I thought to myself.I

Meeting In Moline

my shorts, then pulled the zipper down, reached in and tussled my cock out from its confines as her head dropped down and I began to feel the softest, most lush suck of my life. I'm not sure how she did it but it was luscious and silken, I have rarely had a harder cock than what she sucked me to that night on the ninth floor balcony. She raised

Nerd Love Part III

Trisha!” Carly was in a state of bliss that she never knew exsisted but what happened next made this feel like the weekend at the movies. Trisha decided once again to take this adventure into sexuality further by unbuttoning her sister’s pants. Carly didn’t try to stop her at all hoping that this would lead to even more pleasure. After Carly’s

straight girl gets fucked by lesbians

I couldn’t take my eyes off her perfect breasts. Her nipples were hard and pink, and her breast was a perfect, petite globe. She slowly started to unbutton my shirt, exposing my red lace bra. She smiled and traced the outline of my cheeks. ‘Red lace for a virgin, huh?’ I continued to protest, but I knew it was a losing battle. ‘Please, please

Kim Again

Kim just stared at Joanna. Her eyes were unfocused, as though she were far away. Joanna slapped her hard across the face. "Well?" Kim took the slap. She didn't move away or raise her arms. "Well?" Kim said nothing, so Joanna slapped the other side of her face with her other hand. She noticed that Jake now stood in the doorway, watching. "You

Kerin - The New Angel Ch. 02

gasped as she felt me inside her. Her pussy began to throb around my cock. She rocked her hips back and forth. Her clit rubbing against my pubic bone as she did. I thought about denying her the orgasm but she probably hasn't learned to control herself yet. I felt her beginning to cum as she rocked back and forth in my lap. Her pussy began to

First Time With My Sister Lindsay

weekend, and I would have to look after my little sister lindsay for the weekend. I didn't really mind because I had alot of homework to get done, and didn't really have time to hang out with my friends. When i got home from school on friday, I went up to my room to masturbate thinking of Lindsay before she got home. I took a quick shower

The Camera Club

and to share and discuss the photos we are all most pleased with from the weeks in between. There is nothing serious about us, just a bit of fun. The club consists of Bob, 38, and at 5’9′ and 15st a bit on the chubby side with a white complexion. Then there is Mark, the youngest at 22, he works out, and around 5’8, dark hair and fairly dark

Master's Pleasure

baby.” The walls of my pussy spasmed tight against your cock as I came. As you pulled me into your arms and covered me with the blanket your pager beeped. A string of curse words expelled from your lips as you abandoned me on the bed and pulled your uniform back on. With one last kiss on my lips you smiled at me and said “I am pleased.” Watching

Rick's First Time

as I fucked her hard. I liked how her ass tightened around my cock and it didn’t take long for me to cum. It was the biggest load I have ever shot out of my cock and I shot it deep inside Emily. Emily came at the same time and I bent over and licked up all of her cum on her stomach. After that we both laid on my bed and hugged each other tightly

The Lover’s Reunion

had quaffed a full glass apiece did we settle back against the pillows with your head against my chest thanking me for the surprise. ‘My darling husband, only you could think to do all this!’ ‘And only for you, my darling’ We slid down together in a lover’s embrace and I started to rain kisses along the full length of your body through the light

Trafficked Love Ch. 10

him. He rested the stub of his cigarette in the tray before picking up a fork and stabbing at his eggs. Angel looked at him from the corner of her eye. She felt the heat rise in her cheeks instantly. Dante was shirtless. Angel had seen him shirtless before, but it was in a dimly lit, almost dark, run-down motel room. She hadnt noticed a lot then.

Bait and Switch Retype - Ch 09-10

She seems fidgety as she speaks all in a rush."Relax. I have no doubt you'll do fine," I try to reassure her, but she isn't having it."Well, we can't all be as smart as you, Nick. I'll bet you played games all night, instead of studying.""I studied," I tell her defensively. I had listened to Robin's loud cries, and Dennis' grunts more, but I HAD

Mother Teaches Daughter a Lesson

stairs to my mothers room. I knew the routine. I took off my ripped blue jeans, and my pink cotton panties. The crotch of my panties were soaking wet with the anticipation of what my mom was going to use on me. Maybe a belt?, or paddle, or maybe her hand if I'm lucky.I walked into my mothers room. It looked like a normal room. Bed, curtains,

Sonoran Summer Interlude

breast, my other hand was heading her bottoms. "Can anyone see us?" Rhonda asked. I answered, "I don't think so. This area is pretty deserted. I can't see or hear anyone." Suddenly, it did not matter if people were watching. My hands were underwater playing with her womanhood. My hand began to rub her clit while my fingers were entering her love

preteen years with brother

each others undies down.For the first time I saw my brothers penis. He was also looking at my vagina.Me-“I can get the candies now? Right?”Shane-“ Yes! Sure”I was going to pick my panty up and wear it when Shane said“Do you know anything about how babies are born?”“No”“Do you want to know?”“Ye..s” I said unsure what to say.He sat down and asked

Complex Relationship Ch. 13

the pair to her three friends it was clear that they had noticed the way Ashley had talked about, and carried herself around, Brandon during her time in front of the press. It was evidently clear that Sam and Cassandra Carthington disapproved of Brandon highly. For that matter they were not huge fans of Mel either. Katy, being from money like

Such is Life 12

was so excited. I was in no way nervous about it at all. As I dressed in my tux, her dad came in and hugged me. Her brothers were in the line and so were some of my fellow deputies. It was so amazing to see how many people were there. We did our photo sessions and then it was finally time. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. All of the

An Ordinary Couple

I think you would be OK. If you get the urge, if you know what I mean. Yes, Char?” “Not a problem for me. But they don’t have to.” “Of course not.” I had wondered if this might come up, and I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. Laura had been half excited, half nervous about meeting Harold and Charmian. She’s no prude and very open-minded

This Was Not The Plan

stories is a total fantasy. The characters are that, characters and not real. I pray that this does not happen to anyone, unless it is there wish and done with care. Thank you. Be safe and well. This was not the plan By kellirea The room was dark and cold . I was chained, my arms above my head and my legs spread wide to expose both orifices. I


the tent in my pants, then looked at me and smiled. She then looked nervous.“I … I haven’t been … with very … many boys,” she said with a little hesitation between her words. “In fact I have only had sex a few times.”“We don’t have to go any farther,” I reassured her. I began wondering how old she was. There was nothing in the room indicating she

dr. who clara and amy

to its favorite little asshole.) The two lovers kissed vigorously. Their tongues shared the salty results of Amy’s well-timed taunts and perfect pussy-rubbing techniques, and they moaned deeply into each other’s hungry, pleading mouths. Clara broke off the kiss and between heavy, breast-heaving breaths, muttered, ‘Get that lovely ass over here.’

Woman fucked hard by 2 men

were saying the same will already notice. Frank and Sasha took off your pants, took off their panties. Frank took his stiff cock and f***ed me his hard cock grow in my mouth. I gagged and implored him to listen to. But it probably only made him more horny. He held my head and rammed his cock into my mouth until it stops. He said I was his tail,

From Kickboxing to Cocksucking

but grin. Bryce and Jeremy both flashed a “Should we be doing this?” look at each other, but neither seemed to want to stop it. It was obvious that both were tented up in their towels, and it was also obvious that they were both looking at each other getting tented up in their towels. There curiosity won out. They turned toward the TV. Again,

A Womans Touch Ch 1

like men, because I love the feeling of a nice, hard, hot, cock in my mouth, pussy and ass, that totally satisfies me sexually. My favorite thing to do is have a FMF, where the women don’t only have sex, but in turn they drive the man crazy, as they both work on his hardened member. Let me start at the beginning, my name is Amanda. I’m sixty,

Into the Darkness

was. On her LG Chocolate cell phone. A text message from David. im braking up w uWhat the fuck? Six months of dating. Of kissing. Of fucking. This is what he had to say? Tears streamed down her pretty fair-skinned face. How could he do this to her? Especially after....Before they began dating, David had been dating another girl. She was pretty

Chance encounters, strangers on the train

particularly busy for a Friday evening, a man and woman shared a carriage and sat on the opposing side as one would expect.As the journey wore on they were both feeling the stifling evening air.Peter, 42 year old blue collar worker, he was not over weight and had a good physique. It was so hot he had to take his tie off and unbutton his shirt a

My Christmas Angel

they’d helped me to get everything inside and mom had given me way more decorating advice than I wanted, they took me out to a Thai restaurant and bought me a celebratory dinner. Casey must not have a mom and dad. The sadness of it was overwhelming. The next day was a Friday and I decided to go to the school’s football game that night. Tessa,

A Green Room

you tonight. Come on over. I'll see you in ten minutes. Bye." He stood looking at the phone for a few seconds, then hung it up. That didn't give him a lot of time, and as bad as this sounded, making her wait would only make it worse.She lived in the woods, in an old house west of town. His heart sank further when he pulled up and saw an old

I Dream of Angels: Part 2 - Salvation Through Creation

asked, but it was more of a demand than a request. My parents and I stepped out into the hall.“Are you sure you want to do this?” my mom asked. “I really think it would just be best if we tried to limit our involvement with her. With everything that is going on… with you… we should try and prevent further complications. You saved her, you

The Drifter Ch.10 (Final Chapter)

grandfather is afraid of losing his ranch because the drought is getting so bad.”Carla looked up when she heard me mention her grandfather.“He wanted to hire Josh but can't afford it and he's getting old. I know he and my grandmother are worried. They all wanted me to be an accountant and have security. Fuck that!”Steve and Catherine listened and

Afternoon Delight

I take your bond hangs forcing them over your head and making you step forward. Do not move I say as you feel the binding being tied to what you suspect is the shower curtain rod. You feel so vulnerable with your hands over your head and I reach around cupping your breasts in my hands. I can feel your hard nipples between my fingers and I pull

From Jenny to Mei Ch. 19

my best feature.’ He slowly used one fingertip on each shoulder to pull the straps off and down her arms. She was looking up at his eyes as he ogled her cleavage. She felt her areoles pucker sensing the admiration in his gaze. ‘Feeling stupid, Philip?’ She giggled at his entranced stare. ‘Huh? Who?’ he kidded, pretending to be transfixed, his

A Friendly Affair Ch. 01

and vulnerability being conveyed with complete trust in the other. Each had offered up themselves verbally as a sexual channel and opportunity to free sexual tension and yearning fully and without any issue. No demands, expectations or suspicions being put upon the other. A spoken agreement being agreed upon, failed to provide with it that

Primal Beat

my eyes locked on His face, drowning in His eyes. The music was the bindings and He was the Master as He watched me writhe to the beat. With an infinite gentleness, He dragged His fingers down my arm and grabbed my hand, slamming me against Him, knee pressed hard between my thighs. One hand landed with a hard smack on my ass, grinding me against

A Nanny Femtastic – 10

“Are you sure we should go Felicity?” I said frowning. “What about Bradley?” “ Oh he will be ok, to be honest me and him are not getting on so well at the moment, a bit of space would be good. He said he may go and play golf at the club.” She turned away to walk inside. “Oh and by the way what are you going to do about your parents? They are

Sounds from the attic

You know I would never cheat on you," Billy replied to her stupid question."I know, I just like hearing it," Shawna said just as Billy began moaning.She knew what that face meant, they were having sex without a condom. So, he felt extra good, with her pussy on his cock."Shoot it inside me, and try to get me pregnant," Shawna said in the moment.He

A Summer with Amber Chapter 1

the curb. I shrugged and headed into the house. Once inside I called for Amber and she notified me that she was upstairs in her room. So I trudged up the stairs with her heavy suitcase to her room. What do you have in her a dead body? I asked jokingly when I entered. I dont know, she said trying to hide a smile. Maybe. Well if you do Ive got a

Doing as a brother will do...

begin to quake around me. No woman had ever felt as glorious as the sheath possessing me. The tightness of her channel made me feel enormous inside of her.I could hold back no longer. I felt a strong animalistic need from the deep recesses come forth. My hips began a rhythmic motion and was quickly matched by her deep needs.She wrapped her arms

The War Against Sociopaths

Yeah, I started being a monster and a menace just like every Sociopath who has ever lived. However, inexplicably, I changed as time went by. I don’t know from whence my transformation came, but as time went by, I changed. I evolved from a fiend into what I am now. A halfway decent man with dark impulses, as opposed to a remorseless fiend with

Fantasies Allowed

as she wrapped them around his shaft and began to stroke him, very slowly and very deliberately. He watched her head dip down and felt the hot touch of her tongue as she lapped at the salty pre-cum off of him, felt her warm breath as she sighed deeply in satisfaction at the taste of him in her mouth.His eyes shut as her lips closed around him.

The Second Coffee - Take Me Like Your Coffee 3

of milk and coffee in a floral pattern with a series of swift moves. His ears still rang with noisy huffing and puffing of the coffee maker and milk steamer. He liked all those noises of his workplace and as they quietened there was almost complete silence, and ringing in his ears. It was too early for lunch rush, the city has not woken up yet,

Crapshoot Ch. 05

She nearly screamed when she felt a hand grip her ankle and pull her down the bed several inches. “Nick, c’mon. Nick, please, le’me go. You don’t need to do…” “Shhhhhhhhhhh!” he whispered in her ear. Then softer, “Shhhhhhhhhh!” After that, the silence returned. She strained to hear, hear anything, but the silence was as pervading as the

A Seduction at Dinner

was still there, rubbing my cock even harder and faster now! I was shocked when I realized what that meant.. that was Tim’s foot! all that time! I looked at him in shock, and he looked me with a look and a smile that I can’t find any word to describe them but ‘sexy’ I said trying to sound angry, but I failed:’What the hell are you doing Tim! stop

A Golden Evening

upon them, while she sucked at me as if she could pull a few more drops from me to satisfy the thirst I had awoken in her. As I came in the wide, full-lipped upturned mouth of that kneeling nymph, I realized that I would be training her from that point, so that eventually we would not need the protection of porcelain, so that eventually she would

Kathy White Trash Whore (Part 11)

hose before returning to the bedroom to dress.A skirt on a motorbike was out of the question, so she plumped for her tight three-quarter length jeggings, with a black tee-shirt, leather boots and jacket.It was ten past two when Bill rang the doorbell, she picked up her little black leather shoulder bag; he instantly hooked his arm around her

My Little Miss Apple Queen 03

and her face was blotchy and when I walked up to her, she turned her head away and began crying again. I didn’t know what to say and I wasn’t sure what was wrong. “What’s wrong, Nora?” I asked laying my hand on her shoulder. “You don’t love me.” “What do you mean?” “You just left me. I can’t believe you could make love to me and then just run out

Bound and Blind, She Finds Release

and just when she begins to get a rhythm down he pulls away. Completely overtaken by the sensations filling his body, he realizes that she has successfully been distracted from her own body's needs. While he wants to find release he knows that this is not yet the time. He pulls back and enjoys the rise in her eyebrows, knowing full well that she

Every Day Will be Like a Holiday – Chapter 4

the day after Thanksgiving?” I asked. “Seventy-six and a half hours, only because I was gone for two days to see a client in Atlanta,” he said. And of course my parents insisted on picking us up from the airport. We couldn’t escape to get away if we wanted to. Basically, we would be on lockdown under the watchful eyes of my parents. “Why waste

A female urologist finally crosses the line

Neither of us said a word as it got fully hard. I finally took my eyes off of his and looked down as his now hard cock. It was a foot long and so thick that one hand couldn’t even come close to wrapping around it. I looked back at him and asked if it felt good. He let out a soft moan that I took as a yes.As I stared at the tip of his fat cock, I

A Stranger In My House, Chapter 2

to be signing some papers and wanted it to look good. In reality, however, she was trying to process what Dr. Kensington had told her. Three young lives, snuffed out simply because they were enjoying the day. Sure they made a bad decision in driving while drinking, but being killed in such a horrific manner seemed unjustly harsh. She wondered

Family Lessons Final By Darklord

as the three women gathered around. His cum came squirting out in huge arcs, splashing on their tits, chins, lips, shoulders, leaving huge white globs shining wetly as he jerked off as hard as he could, sending sprays of gooey cum onto his sister, his mother, and his cousin. As the last drops splattered on Saras lips, she bent to kiss Julia,

Jena and Lisi Ch. 2

kisses.Lisi opened her mouth wide to show Jena the pool of jizz on her tongue and gargled as Jena slowly dripped her load into Lisi's mouth, adding to the already huge load. Jena's tongue slid into Lisi's open mouth lapping away at the pool of cum Lisi held in her mouth. Their tongues pressed against each other as hot cum oozed back and

A Genny Story... Going to The Deja Vu

fun. She was laughing and getting real closeto all the guys. I noticed that she had way more money piled up then missplastic had before her. When she moved down close to our corner of thestage I kind of shifted my gaze around the room and was happy she justpassed me by. When she finished and was gone, there was like a smallbreak. The guy on the

Steve and I

his dick.The moans got louder. He grabbed my hand and told me to stop unless I wanted him to cum already. I stopped just so that I could prolong our pleasure.I got my face away from his ass and got my dick closer to his asshole. Then I started to rub my dick in his wet hole and he told: “go easy on me, its my first time” with that I moved closer

First my boss and then the receptionist

presence in the office" She continued "I would be the first to say, you are like a son to me. You have gone above and beyond for this office; you have accomplished alot more than is expected of you. It would be hard for all of us especially me to see you leave but I know it is for the good of the company""Do you think this would be a good career

Encouraging My Innocent Wife to Cuckold Me

me when my secretive hobby of writing pornographic stories resulted in my wife and me enjoying a full and erotic cuckold life style. I am a mid-level manager in a small manufacturing company in the Birmingham, Alabama area, and I travel out of town overnight an average of four times a month. I enjoy getting away from the repetition of the

Father Time 3

attention was diverted from the task at hand he looked up questionably. “Don’t worry Adam; you cannot harm me. I am far stronger and more robust than any human female.” Adam was somewhat skeptical but followed her request and placed his interlocked fingers around her slender neck and began to squeeze as he found his rhythm. She gasped and faked a

Fighting Helen

nodded.“Well then,” I said, and I stood and grabbed her shoulder, kicked her knee out from beneath her and caught her before she hit the ground. I leant in and kissed her and she returned it with incredible passion – and bit my lip hard enough to draw blood.I set her down on her side, disentangled her trousers from her left ankle, lifted up her

My First Creampie

snuggled up close, feeling skin on skin. How nice. I was way past ready. ‘So, you have a movie?’ she asked. She knew I had connected the VCR to the TV in her bedroom earlier. ‘Got a couple’, I replied. ‘Well, what are you waiting for? Put one in’ she commanded. I went for broke and put on the most intense video I’d brought with me. She didn’t say

Angel's Story Ch. 03

he thought, "that's more than I ever could make doing anything else!"Marna couldn't miss the excitement. "He'll turn out just like Drew," she thought "he'll do everything with love and his Master will enjoy having him." "Give no thought about the man that hired you. That is not your concern," said Mistress Marna with anger in her voice."I did not

Sibling Bonding Over Spring Break - Ch. 1 "A New Experience"

video so he matched her pace. Sarah opened the door. She was still wearing the short-shorts she was wearing, as well as a tank top that did little to hide her cleavage. “Hey John,” she said, “I hope I’m not interrupting anything. ” She winked at him and sat on her bed. She looked at the porn on the screen. The woman was now taking it in the

White Briefs Part 3

was an area that I had never thought of touching, but I wanted to please him. I pushed into his manhole and my finger slid in. I wiggled it around and Tony grabbed my head and face fucked his girlfriend. He came in my mouth and I enjoyed my desert. He was out of breath and panted, "Baby, suck my nuts." So I did as my lover asked, his nuts were

My Life and Other Pleasures

very happy look on his face. “Shut up Matt” I said with a smile finally looking at him.On September 17th, my parents woke me up to a special breakfast of my favorite foods, gave me my gift that was a $500 savings bond that they bought the year I was born to help pay for college. I hugged and kissed them both and then headed for school, (so they

Taming the Tease Ch 8

the star attraction. As beautiful as all of the girls are here, your beauty is truly unmatched. How would you like to help me take this company to the next level?” Bella blushed “Aw thanks Jon. That means a lot coming from a man of your stature. And of course I would love to help. What do you want me to do?” “Excellent my dear girl. Well, I want

Another pub surprise

headed for different toilet as its nearer but you have to go near private quarters. Anyway after unloading my full bladder I headed back to the bar. Just then it was the landlord and said could he have a word in private. I was intrigued and went into his lounge. He explained that john had told everybody about our toilet romance. He thought it

Office Quickies – The Bus Ride In

my gaze snapped away from those beautiful eyes as the bus took off and I found myself grabbing on to the bar above me to keep from falling. Just three weeks ago my company started an incentive program which paid for half of our monthly public transportation. I was a little nervous at first. Being crammed into an intercity bus was not my idea of

Blank, Sex & Murder - Chapter 9 and 10

That was another stupid move. Few people saw me with her. I didn't mention her to anyone. Hell, I didn't even brag about fucking her—and she was tight. And hairless. Everything a guy would find brag-worthy. At the time, I don't know if her hairlessness was genetic or not, but I never saw her shave. I never felt stubble. Even her ass was

Jesse — A Nightmare of Gay Teen Incest & Abuse

to do it by himself. He wouldn’t ask his brothers for a thing after this. Not anything. He was thinking that he might ask his parents if he could sleep down in the basement, which was once the kitchen of the house, and it was at least inhabitable, by his standards, anyway. Most importantly, it did not have Roy in it. But he was thinking of

Master Elrick

as he followed. Of all things, I had not expected this. ‘Shhh…I brought you here, because I want to make you my own,’ he whispered as his hand moved down my jaw line to my chin. With one swift movement, he released my chin, and took hold of my waistline as he pulled me up against his body. Tension filled my bones as I threw my hands against his

CourierBabes International

sobbing. I slip a finger into our asshole. One knuckle. Two knuckles. My finger all the way deep into your ass. Your uncontrollable dirty talk continuing, ‘Oh that’s so tight!’ As I start to finger fuck your ass. Slapping your ass, I speed up my cock’s thrusting. My finger matching the thrusting motion of my cock. In and out of both your holes,

Escapades of Eva Ch. 18

continued to squeeze Eva's titties and she started kissing her neck and her shoulders. Eva found this scene to be very erotic and she responded by moving her ass back and forth against Fran's hard cock. "Stop that and be still slut," Mistress Fran growled. Eva quickly stopped all motion, but she felt her own cunt getting even wetter as Fran

Sugar’s Tribute to John

with gentleness, but I’m all female animal tempered with need, he craves femininity and it’s mystery, and I crave masculinity and it’s steadiness, and he fascinated my mind and made my body ache for his reality. I needed this man, I feared needing him more than anything I’d ever encountered. I wanted to open to him in ways I never had, and give

Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 04

around her waist. "What?" "I want to kiss you, and it'd be easier if you were standing." Alarms went off in Ryan's head, and she put her hands on his arms, applying enough pressure that he stepped back, although he didn't let go. She cleared her throat. "That's flattering, Brody, but I don't think that's a good idea." "No?" He thought. "Hmmm.

A Garden Memory

to hold him still. I give up, flop about a little as the orgasm finally eases, rock back and forth from his thrusts. I feel totally open as if my lower body is powerless, my anus barely gripping Leo's cock any longer. He positions me a little higher on the chair and speeds up his thrusting, sweat now dripping from his chin, his chest hairs

A Step in the Wrong Direction - Part 3

gloating made her ill and she couldn't wait until that smug smile was wiped off her face. "My son, breeding with mother and daughter. Dave will have to get used to cleaning Jake's sperm from both of you now, in the vain hope that Jake won't knock you up again!" Sarah walked out, and she didn't look back.Jake tried his best with Sarah, but she

Breaking Brian's Butt

the large Colt triple bump buttplug, which I always found very “stimulating” and an inflatable vibrating plug. On top of that, an anal speculum, enema-tip kit to use with a shower shot, which included everything from a long normal kind of tip to a fairly large, full-metal-jacket buttplug attachment. Add in some boi-butter lube, and some “hot”

Secrets of the Tea Room Ch. 02

at the sensation of wetness between her legs. He could see confusion and craving battling in her eyes. After what seemed like a lifetime, he slowly lowered his head to hers and she saw his eyes change from a violent storm to tenderness as he softly kissed her. Unwilling to relinquish her body, he held her close and rested his head among sweet

Vixen Demonstrates

finger to her lips and pulled the boy over to her bed. “They won’t bother us,” she whispered, her hard breast rubbing his arm as she pulled him close. “Just get undressed.” “Vixen,” he began, “I’ve never...” She had pulled her sweater over her head, and he stood gaping at her bare breasts with their high, pink nipples. Unimaginable, said his

Louise works the room

slightly less irritated. Everone including me held their breath as they knew what my friend was going to ask next and he duly obliged "well show us then" he said simply as though this was a most reasonable suggestion. This really was the point i expected Louise to draw the line but she actually broke a smile for the first time since entering the


me,’ he demanded. ‘Just do it.’ She sighed and commented, rolling her eyes, ‘You always have to make things difficult.’ She began to crawl over him to get in back. When her hips were at the height of his head, with one hand, he grabbed hold of her by the waist, holding her pelvis level with his face. With the other, he yanked the tight little

Lost Love?

old boy.I met him when I was sixteen. I went on vacation to Charleston, South Carolina a few summers ago with my family. I was standing on the pier my back facing the water. The railing broke and I fell to the warm water. I knew how to swim, but the bottom of my jeans caught on an old anchor. I couldn’t get it loose, and I ended up blacking out

Meeting Cindy

off to sleep, if anyone can sleep on an airplane. As I rub my eyes, the plane banks left and I hear the landing gear lower and the flaps come down. Lower we glide toward the runway. Row after row of homes appear below me. All look the same, there is no character in this modern world of prefabrication.With a lurch, the tires contact terra firma

Finding Charlie

at my sudden ramming. “Take my cock!” I screamed as I pulled out and rammed my cock into her pussy again and again, harder and harder. “Take it! Fuck me, Charlie! Fuck me!” “Ohhhfuck,” she shouted as I opened her, pulled out and drove my cock into her again and again. “Yeah, fuck your slut!” she yelled. “Give it to me hard!” This was the Charlie

A Willing Participant. Continued, Home Free

one and would call in late just to masturbate. There were even a few times she was so overcome with such an intense insatiable need, that she would call in sick just to stay home and masturbate repeatedly all day long. But today, that was out of the question. Her performance at work was never in question. But lately, her punctuality and

Vacation of Lust

I still remember this 13 year old little girl running around. Now she was no longer 13 and she was no longer little. After talking for a while I had to take off to make it to my parents house for dinner.Ashley had said that she was having a few friends over later and asked if I wanted to come back and hang out by the pool. I could not turn down

Amelie part 1

will make her live in the suburbs of a larger European city and that she commutes to the city on a daily basis. We also know that, for some reason, she suddenly began to end up in situations that most people wound find very, very intimidating. There was no obvious reason for this sudden change, but we know that things started to happen on a

Cheat Codes

sit down on the nearest seat, and rub yourself to orgasm with my cum as lubricant.’ ‘Mmmmm,’ Cassie said as the world unfroze. I watched, curious, as Cassie had never masturbated in front of me before. I saw her trail her finger up her thigh slowly, catching the cum that was trailing down her leg. She teased her labia with a cum-coated finger for

Adventure Down South

in. But first, they make us promise that we have practiced safe sex in Mexico for at least the last two months. They warn us that if an unexplained pimple pops up on their private part, that we are barred forevermore from spreading their gates to heaven. Jim Ed is so crazy about Beth that he quickly tires of whore visitation after Beth gives in.

24 Hour Sex

But it is not lustful. Calm, gentle, controlled. With a sense of longing to escape. I move my chair next to her and took a seat, I become bold, my hand resting higher and higher on her leg until it reached her knee, then her thigh. She is aware of the unwelcome touching. Marina's lack of negative reaction, I lick my lips and slide my hand up her

waiting for my wife

she kept getting him to the edge of cumming each time she felt him him tense up she would slide up and make out with him until he had calmed down.She gives good blow jobs but never swallows she can be a tease like that but this time was different she said after getting him to the edge he grabbed her head and held her tight as he blew his load

Life Story 2

his eyes and accepted my sperm, while my pussy juices ran along his fingers. It felt so good. But we were not done yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I stopped sucking on his cock and got over it, smiling at him while I inserted it into my dripping wet

That Young Filly

however, as our horses had minds of their own. I can remember quite a few times when they threw me off!When I entered puberty I went through the changes all boys go through, but my development took an unusual turn. Although I was attracted to girls, I began noticing the sexual parts of animals and saw that they didn't seem too different from the

My dirty slut wife

made our way to a parking spot. As we headed into the mall, I wasnt entirely sure exactly what I was going to have her do&hellip,but I knew I was going to make her show off her beautiful tits and pussy to total strangers. We started out with a few simple things&hellip,her leaning on the counter and bending over as she asked the male clerks in a

First Time With A Sexy Stripper

the barman. I sat on the stool. I turned to my right and a stunning blonde with long hair and piercing blue eyes wearing skinny jeans and gold, sparkly halterneck top sat. "Do you want one?" I asked, a bit tipsy.She smiled at me and turned her full attention to me, "sure, why not," she said. "Thank you.""Another one for this beautiful lady here,"

Angry Sex is the Most Passionate

Well, I would get back with tits and ass like that any day, but her personality was just too much to handle. She and her friends were still carrying on as I shoved my books into my locker. 'He's just intimidated by how fucking gorgeous and smart you are.' One, called Sara, said. Yeah, right. I arrived that night in my usual, casual attire. My

Without You I Have Nothing Ch. 31

control her anger. The shearing shed erupted once again. The girls shouted at Jennifer ‘Peter’s not dead. He rescued us. He’s not dead. Jennifer, wake up! Peter’s alive.’ In her confusion, Jennifer began to realize that perhaps they were right but her mind refused to accept that he was alive. Where is he? She looked around at her mother, father

Island Fever 4: Paradise - Chapter 17

I thought the absolute world of our personal flight crewand considered them friends much more than I did employees.After Lindsay got the idea that she wanted to tell her familyabout the baby face-to-face, I called Mike, the crew's pilotand captain, on Friday night and asked him if he could help usout on incredibly short notice again. He was out

Out of Time & Space

circled and teased her nipples. Gliding down her gorgeous body with soft kisses, I brought my mouth to her sex. I gently brushed my tongue along her sweet crevice, tasting the overflow of our union. She lifted her pelvis to meet my kiss. Squeezing her firm butt cheeks, I pulled her toward me and licked down to her ass, circling her anus with my

Making Her Cum at the Cinema – The Isabelle Chronicles Part 1

are strong, And fight back, And press against your G spot again. I hear you moan.. oh fuck… Oh fuck… Oh shiiit… cum for me baby. I want you to fucking cum for me! Your pussy fucking explodes… You feel the orgasm hit you harder than ever before. fuuuuuckkkkkk!!! Your pussy squeezes my fingers even harder than before. As your pussy gushes cum all

Gwylan's Sensual Massage

came, giving up his own scream at the same time. For a moment, he held still, content where he was, but Gwylan's movement made him pull out. Gwylan felt his cock leave its new found home, then flipped over to look at the man above her. She watched as he disposed of the condom, then crawled into bed beside her. "And how was that?" Jack pulled her

Control is Such a Turn-on Ch. 02

Oh Mike," she smiled brightly," you are out of your element and believe me when I say I will use it to my full advantage," she stepped close to him and unzipped his pants. Her hand reached in and found his cock," so you listened," her hand gently caressing his cock," it would not have been as enjoyable had you worn underwear." She turned with her

Cucking for the First Time

it'd be really sexy to see a new man inside you baby." I said, not really thinking about what I was saying.She was shocked. I had not put a lot of thought into how this may have come across for her. I wasn't suggesting it would happen, but understandably she was a little taken aback. We talked about it for a couple of minutes, explaining that I

Sultana (Chapter 9)

Then she dismissed the thought. It could surely wait until the meeting was done. MohalGeneral Mohal knelt down on one knee. A vast abyss of velvet black stretched out in front of him, and yet he was inside his quarters. His eyes were on the floor. For all his ambition and arrogance, in the presence of this being he was terrified, and according to

The Weekend in Room 316

to develop a workplace friendship. I’d pop into her office on a frequent basis, drinking up that overabundance of girl-next-door mystique, all the while chatting her up about life outside work. She seemed to appreciate my humor and, while twenty years separated us in age, we often shared the kind of laughs that help to breakup the workday

Uniform Ass Play

wet pussy, up to my star, before smacking my ass again. I let out another scream before his open hand came down once more.“You’ll get greedy”, he said. “Let’s move this to the bedroom”.I eased off of him and pulled up my panties before walking to the bedroom. I went first so he could check me out in my little uniform. Before long, I found myself

First Time for Everything

completely. My mouth works faster up and down your shaft, my hands caressing your balls. Yet you still havent touched my hot wet pussy. I am screaming out for you to touch me, but you refuse, telling me that my time will come. But your needs must be met first. I run my tongue across the slit, lapping up your precum, and with this you grab my

Crossdressing Domina gets a new slave

hoping for.He let out a loud a gasp as I stopped and pulled away quickly. Wiggling his ass around in the air, hungry for more I coyly asked, "Want more do you?" "Yes Mistress Cheyenne," he tried to say as best he could. I could tell he was fighting to control himself at this point as was I."Lie down on your back right now." I said sternly

Ghostly Feelings Part 1

I didn’t know what was going to happen or what to expect, all I knew was I being touched perfectly by a perfect man. The water ran down over my face and I opened my mouth slightly, he began kissing me. I could feel his tongue curling around mine; I breathed him in feeling cold air rush into my lungs. Then the kissing became more passionate just

The Bunker

the Army, they were going to be doing the rescues.""Well I'm going to try sleep again, thank you for the snuggles, sorry about your truck."I nodded off for a while sitting in the chair, my radio chirping woke me up."This is Major Lewis, 5th Brigade, calling any civilian in range." Said the man when I clicked ready."This is Marcus Black,

My First Meeting with Sir

I squeal and instinctively close my legs, the next blow lands swiftly and painfully on my now exposed ass, which is still sore from the spanking earlier. I arch my back in pain and beg Sir to stop. He looks me in the eyes and asks me if I wish to be released. I think hard and decide I want more, I wanted this for so long, the shock of the first

The Slave of Paine

kiss her forehead. "What should I wear?" I say as she looks into my crimson eyes then I throw her head to the side. So I walk back over to the closet and begin digging through it and find one of my personal favorites and pull out the pile of leather. I pull on the black corset and tighten it, causing my breasts to get pushed up and even more

The Girl Scout - 4 TagTeamed

it Ty, fuckin right. Just like the old days Bro.Man dis feels good. HMMMM Yea, dats it. FUCKING TAG TEAM MF FUCKING GANGBANGAlways a brotherly competition Ty was banging the Bitch as hard as he could.The guys wondered if the White Girl could take it. Tag Team fuck by two big black hulks.They picked up the chant.TAG TEAM. TAG TEAM. TAG TEAM.

Equal Shares Ch. 03

more about the way Stan held his chin in his hand sometimes, or his strange habit of whistling some unknown tune, often out of key, when he was thinking. Her own past relationships made her reluctant to consider anything closer, however. On the plus side, Stan had ventured out of his depression and his colleagues were profoundly grateful.

Chatting Then Fun

but trying not to intrude on their conversation.I was enjoying everything I was seeing her do, all her feeling sexual ticks were on display. She's so cute when she does them. Squirming in her seat, biting her lip, slight moans, almost too quiet to hear. Even clearing her throat when she looks up from the chat. It’s so cute and sexy.Well, all that

Home for the Summer - 2

kissed her on the lips who, to his immense delight, kissed him back. She helped Kyle pull his trousers down as their tongues explored each other mouths, both of them lost in the moment, all sense of awkwardness forgotten.Kyle stepped out of his trousers and quickly took his socks off so he was completely naked. His cock stuck out, fully erect and

Saving Elite Magazine

son.That evening Nicky was adjusting her hair and makeup in the bathroom mirror. She was standing there in her new bra and thong. “How do I look?” she asked.I slapped her nearly bare ass, “He’s going to love this.” She chuckled, and finished getting ready.Gabe was waiting for her in his shirt and tie, tucked into his nice pants. “Hey,” he

Kates Anal Correspondence Course: Lesson 1

name was printed on the shipping slip, but this gave no clue as to what might be inside. The name ‘W & A Distribution’ meant nothing to Kate either. But she knew exactly what the package contained and the very thought of it gave her a knot in her stomach and caused her asshole to clench tightly shut. If she had been alone, Kate would have torn

Silent Night…

was very light because he didnt want to wake her. His cock was growing at every stroke of his hand on her body. He rubbed his cock up against her ass just a little. When Rick knew this wasnt fazing her, he continued his invasion. He unfastened her bra and moved it out of the way. He started lightly squeezing her nipples between his fingertips.

Flight Lessons

in Central New Jersey. The combination of not having a wife and the freedom of condo living gave me newfound opportunity. The time saved by not having to maintain a house combined with the free time afforded me by being single was something I really made use of. It gave me the chance to do things I had always wanted to do but never had the time.

Surrogate Cuckold at the Car Show

one, and of course Joan would not be going. We all took Friday off from work and left Atlanta early in the morning, arriving at the car show around noon. We then put our cars on display and walked around the grounds for the rest of the day. Betsy was braless and wearing a tank top that was very revealing and I had a hard on all day watching those

Taken My Heart Ch. 01

guys but they always saw me as a guy because I loved to work on cars with my Dad. It was very different than what I had expected-he loved to kiss me passionately and touch me with caressing at the same time. When we met after we were a couple then he started to use a sensual way of touching. He would caress the nipples and rub the sides of my

Meeting Master at the airport

You say. The command in your voice all to clear and my body responds like you were the remote and my body the recipient. As I feel the wave was over me I feel you cum, spraying my walls with a thick coat of your cum. We sit there for a few moments. My ass in the air, breathing heavy on the couch, your hand on my ass cock still deep inside of me.

First Fuck

pulsing with excitement, and guide it to her mouth. She’ll taste my pre-cum, feel the heat of my lust, and bring me to the edge, cupping and squeezing my balls.But wait, what’s that? It’s footsteps coming toward the door.And there she is, wearing a white tee-shirt and white satin knickers, standing behind the half-open door. "Thank God it's you,

The Lady Giselle Debut Ch. 04-05

handle this friend. From this moment on her punishements are my own to mete out. Remind her father of that tonight as well.’ Tristan was no fool – he knew the men could well scar the girls flesh and he wanted his bride perfect in every way. He turned then and walked to the girl with a determined stride. When he reached her side he merely stood

Big Girls Bending Over For Anal

pants, taking out his cock. Eleven inches of long and thick, uncircumcised black man power stared her right in the face. She took his cock in her mouth and began sucking on it. He grabbed her head and made her suck him harder. Then, he told her to lick his balls. Big Rita sucked that cock and licked them balls like her life depended on it. Ryan

The Drifter, Part 2

"Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife? I would like to get hitched while Miss Kitty is here to see it." Anna was flabbergasted. She looked down at Clint and then over to Miss Kitty. Miss Kitty smiled broadly clapping gleefully. "Say yes, silly!" Tracy said, finally breaking Anna's stunned silence. "Yes, Clint! Oh yes!" Anna said. Clint

She Took Him

slides a finger over his asshole.  Eric instantly jumps and tightens up.   Jena just smiles and shakes her finger at him.  Eric is nervous now but knows there isn’t much he can do.   Jena pours the lube over his balls while still sucking him and as it drips down to his ass she works her middle finger inside him.   Eric just closes his eyes as his


of legs stomping up the strip. ‘She is probably on the job right now,’ he says pulling over next to her. She spots the car and starts to walk quicker. Glen continues to follow. Sweat pours down my cheeks now. The air conditioning in the car is chilling the dank fumes. ‘You, Stop!’ He yells in her direction and the tiny girl stops and then stares

Roses Are Red

As I approached, ripping all my clothes off, Mom turned around and bent over the side of my bed, arched her back and stuck her beautiful round bum in the air. I grabbed a hold of her fleshy hips and sunk my stiff cock into her warm snatch which made her jump up into the air in fright. ‘What are you doing? You can put it in there.’ She screamed.

Ethan's Grace - Exhibitionist Scene

characters including how their love affair started, check out the "Amazing Grace" series, or any of the other "Ethan's Grace" stories posted in BDSM and Anal.Exploring ExhibitionismI spotted Grace chewing her cuticle out of the corner of my eye. She was starting to get on my nerves. I'd just about had enough of her impatient sighs and annoying

Slave For You

of metal inside her mouth. He smirked, “Are you going to be a good slave and suck me now?”  She nodded slowly and he removed the spider gag, instantly her mouth went to his crotch. Lapping at his swollen balls and licking the length of his thick shaft, she obeyed beautifully, gobbling up his stiff Johnson as he moved his hips closer to her. While

Nicole's Feet Finally--Making the Sale Chapter 1

clitoris down her innermost thighs, down her hips to her anus, and across the seat. She pushed my head back and said that she couldn’t take it anymore. I had to stop and catch my breath so I let her recuperate a few moments. Finally, she told me to lay back on the seat. She climbed on top of me, and penetrated her pussy with my thick

Southern Lovin

got a hard on, but it was to soon to make any type of move towards her. Jodi is 41 years old, but really does not look a day over thirty. She’s a 5’ 4’’, 117 lb, D-cup implanted, blonde beauty, with a southern bronze tan, gorgeous legs, beautifully maintained feet, along with the prettiest face a man could ask for. How have you been Matt? Asked

Jump Start

pull myself loose, but I felt him cinching both my wrists and elbows really tight. I was still kind of laughing and thinking this was just more of the same old games. But Dan wasn't making a sound. I could hear his measured breathing. In fact...I remember everything suddenly getting quiet. The only sound I heard was the nylon rasp of ropes

The Transformation of Allison

stop there. After one massively strong thrust, the tentacle slipped into Allison's womb, and she cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. The tentacle filled the remaining space and expanded to stretch her entire pussy. The tentacle thrusted over and over, 15 inches ramming the teenager. Suddenly, the tentacle pulsed and a huge amount of cum

7. The Patriots Ch. 19-21

As she had always known, it was a lose – lose situation when it came to Micah. When she finally got to the apartment Micah was sitting at the kitchen doing something on his computer and Adrian was watching TV. ‘How did it go?’ Micah asked. Ellia just shook her head. He got up and encased her in a hug. ‘It’s okay baby,’ he whispered to her.


me… sucking me greedily… fuckk I want that… want to watch as you lean over me… your breasts drifting against my thighs… your hand stroking… stroking my hard cock… as your lips… ohhh god… as your lips engulf me… fuckkk… taking me in your mouth… and I need to fuck you… god i need that… but this can’t wait… I’m so aroused… pulsing in your mouth… my

Cayenne's Betrayal

it here on TV?"Cayenne laughed and reached up, pinching Spokes's left nipple, hard."You little bitch. You don't need to watch football. I should hire you out to suck off the players in their locker room."Spokes's eyes clouded with tears, but his cock began hardening. Cayenne was so beautiful. She was wearing a hot pink t shirt and short shorts

His First Task

hurry, need to get to the end of this game. But the feeling of the soft leather, the coarse fibers of the scrubber against my skin, causes me to slow down. So smooth, so soothing, so intoxicating. The smell of lavender fills my nostrils, bringing my mind to calm. I smile again, thinking of how I will now smell of flowers, for You, Your little

Man, you are too big

on your position." He's fucking me now, up and down, back and forth, thrust after thrust, pushing, provoking, accelerating. I'm versatile, but I know how to come as bottom. "I'm coming," I say. "Wait, he says," and exits. "Turn around," he says. I'm lying on my back now, he's standing over me, jerking his dick, his balls swinging. More jerking,

My Brother-In-Law Was My First 2

was smile and started watching TV again. We watched a couple more movies in silence until it was really late and we had to go to bed. It was sort of a small bed but I guessed we could both hold. I asked for the corner to the wall and I jumped in. She attacked me with a pillow and a fight to the death began. At one point we threw the pillows away

Taking Her - Chapter 6

stops and bites her lips while she balls up her fists. “Dammit!” she says. “Are you ok Angel?” you ask. She grunts as she answers, “Yes, I was just so close that time. Urg, This chastity belt is Master’s punishment for losing control earlier. It has a vibrater that just barly touches my clit, every few minutes it turns on for a few seconds. Never

The Christmas Miracle

for the holidays. I truly did not think it would be an enjoyable experience. Many, so many, times I thought about calling and canceling but, in the end, off I went. Once there I asked myself more than once, ”why”? There were some folks I enjoyed being around but, for the most part, ”why”? Dinner went well with a lot of giggles and smiles being

The Caller

determined. That was more than clear, and everything within me told me to just hang up. But… god, now that she mentioned my pussy, I had to admit, I was getting wet. The thought of this stranger telling me what to do, wanting me, finding me desirable without even knowing me, turned me on more than I cared to admit. Quietly, I went to a remote

Office hours

taste good’ she would say later and I would reply, ‘I never doubted it.’ She managed to pull me down on her almost naked body and turn over on the narrow couch so that I was lying beneath her. She raised herself up slowly, giving me a good view of her breasts hanging down her body, and straddled my thighs.She bent down and kissed my neck, her

the war gods bride

She had hidden behind the old altar in hopes of escaping. They backed her into a corner. She had found an old sword. It was heavy and awkward for her, but she was determined to keep them away or make them kill her. Death by the sword was preferable to being used until she died. She was exhausted, hurt, and weakening. A huge man appeared behind

Making a Weakness her Strength Part 1

onto another job straight away. While standing at the stop waiting for a bus that would take me to it my mobile rang. It was Heather, my flat mate, asking how I had got on, which was real sweet of her. The traffic was noisy so I walked away from the road to shelter at the side of a building. I crossed a large grill to get into a corner – although

The Game

of me to knock on his door to clarify what he’d meant by “visit”. And I’m sure I know what he meant anyway, as he keeps telling me with his other languages. So now, we play this game where I seek him out, and sometimes he plays along. But I still wonder what would happen if he ever invited me in again. I think that if I hadn’t had my hands full,

Games, Part 1

ignored me others, and many nights I had no idea if they were even home. Tonight was like that. Their vertical blinds were open, but the room was dark. I enjoyed masturbating, but I found it a lonely pursuit. I became the tree falling in the forest, with no one to hear my orgasm or share my pleasure. On the nights I glimpsed Rachel or her husband

Izzys First Time

up on her, occasionally even knocking her down, but never succeeded in penetrating the virgin pussy. Izzy would just push him off, and continue what she was doing before. She took a brief shower, re-dressed and put Duke out to use the bathroom. She heard the front door open. Chapter 2 Izzy had just gotten home from school, and her parents were

E Tu Dormi

inside of her. She dragged her painted nails across his broad shoulders.“Come inside me, lover!” she begged like a bitch in heat.He grunted and buried his thick cock deep inside her. Time stood deathly still for a heartbeat; neither one able to breathe.Her cunt clenched in anticipation of his cock erupting.He filled her. Hot cum splattered deep

The Subway Ride

me, getting her finger wet from my pussy juice, teasing my little asshole, and I knew what was coming next. But not exactly how it happened.With her fingers, nice and wet by now, she teased my asshole with her thumb before plunging it deep in my ass. While plunging her middle finger deep in my hot wet pussy, and after squeezing them together

Lost and Found in London

she walked aimlessly, lost in her own thoughts as London rushed by. Suddenly a sign caught her eye “The Royal Academy of Arts”. Was that why she had been drawn to the mayhem of Piccadilly? To find her way to this tranquil pantheon to the arts and science. The open courtyard was a refreshing oasis to the hustle and bustle of the street outside.The

The Twelve Lays of Christmas Ch. 01

lot of friends here. Please?’ Thomas smiled, then nodded. ‘Okay. Hot Chocolate does sound nice, but from scratch, okay?’ She grinned at him. ‘The only way I make it. With little marshmallows, too!’ He followed her up the stairs to an apartment that was nicer than he expected. ‘I have a roomie, she’s a model’ Cherie explained. ‘I pay what I can,

Sisters By The Pool Part 10

hear as Nicki grinded her pussy more onto her face. Someone get me the strap-on, Ashley grinned with an evil smile, as more muffled protests came from Danielle. Melanie volunteered to grab it, and quickly returned to her captain. Ashley quickly put it on, and then instructed Melanie to take one of Danielles legs from Alana to spread her out.

Z and the Truckers

ever there were dozens and dozens waiting in their trucks to see what was going to happen.   The next two hours seamed to last forever.   Unlike Joe, they were nice and somewhat gentle.   I climaxed seven times but being on your hands and knees for that long is a bummer.   No orifice was spared.   Several guys got warmed up in my mouth only

I want to fuck my best friend's girlfriend

to rub my body against her and to fuck her senseless into the night, to claw at her breasts and chew her lips till they bleed.Oh god how i wanted to fuck her!I've never wanted anything so bad.Anny moaned and moved around sleepily besides me, breaking my chain of horny thoughts. She yawned and turned to the other side, her butt protruding outwards

Chained, But Not Contained Ch. 01

or for drinks with any of the local management as they all seemed to be of the non-drinking persuasion. What the fuck is the point in not drinking? I’m originally from England, and for us, drinking is pretty much our national sport. It used to be rugby, which is sort of like your American Football only less wimpy. The problem is that we started

The Last True Fan Ch. 04

not as good as you think I was. Lots of women didn’t talk about everything they wanted, everything they did, in those days. California is a free place, where lots of different people can explore themselves and find out who they are. I was a loose girl, Dan, I tried a lot of different things, different relationships. When I was a very young girl,

Anna's First-time Anal

find any sense of who I was and what I was doing. Finally, it was his gasps and soft moans that brought me to, as well as his weight upon me as he was spent, exhausted and sweaty. His lips were kissing my throat, my chin, my shoulders, as I lay there trying to remember how to spell my name.A moment later and I giggled, finally coming to and

Neighbor Boy And Me

TV brought it back. Without looking at it he hit the off button on the remote and the sounds went with it. I am sorry about that though. I guess my parents… he trailed off seeing I wasnt buying it. I had finally put together that the reason his uniform was unstrapped to the waist wasnt from him being in the middle of changing in the living room.

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 07

circle of friends, imagining them in the same scenario. Tawny? Not his ideal, but she was adorably cute and friendly. But her ‘I love Jesus soooo much’ routine was tiresome and off-putting to him. Kayla? Such an amazing body, but again, no. She was very full of herself, and no amount of sexy curves could overcome that faux hipster ‘I’m so cool’

Common Pleasure

with their ‘kids’-a shih tzu named Albrose, a labrador named Pasha along with two cats, Bella Luna and Riley. Instead, Nicola Forth found herself ambushed by her sisters Trish and Ellie. Knowing just how badly she was missing Douglas, the two had arrived at her doorstep with board games, a massive bowl of macaroni salad, an extra-large pack of

First Time Anal. First Time Cheating.

day went by uneventful until about 6 pm. I jumped in the shower and gave myself a good wash down, trimmed the hair, brushed my teeth good and made myself look good. At 9 pm I left the house with my fishing stuff and traveled into Edinburgh to sit for the few hours before Sam got home. I was very excited as this would be the first one in years

Best decision I made

fire on. I changed into white silk pyjama shorts and shirt with pink leg warmers; I went into the kitchen to make us some drinks to toast the New Year as Dan came in with just his boxers on. ''Claire-Bear?'' ''Yea…what's up?'' I turned to him. ''I want to make love to you for New Year. Would you give me your virginity?'' he asked unsure. I

Still Trying to Let Go

we still wanted to spend our time talking and writing to each other. A lot of the time I’m simply thankful I had a taste of such happiness – it gives me hope that I can find it again with someone I can weave into my life the right way when the time comes. If I saw him again I think my first comment would be, ‘well, we almost got away with it…’

Child of the Storm

sloppy wet pussy. He was right, I was really getting off on this, but I couldn’t let him know that. “Let me go you son of a bitch!” I grated out. “Raping your daughter right on the kitchen table. I ate breakfast here as a schoolgirl. We made that vinegar volcano for the school fair right here. Right here where you are hate-fucking your daughter.”

Sugar Plum Fairy

had. The bedroom was tidy, as it usually is. I had hung up my Dracula costume in the hall. We sat down on my bed. Mary was pressed close to one side of me and Janet was even closer, snuggling her head against mine. Janet was as tall as me, slightly taller than Sonja. ‘What did Sonja say?’ Janet asked. I repeated, as far as my still addled brain

Just A Little After School Help

though, as they sometimes do, to more exciting ideas. It had been months since I broke off my last relationship, and every week it seemed harder to ignore my sexual needs. As I tried to focus on my computer screen, I imagined how fantastic it would feel to have a thick wet cock pounding between my thighs. I felt myself becoming wet and glanced up

The Good Samaritan

to stroke both of them. Dave leaked per-cum, I ran a finger across the tip and smeared it around. I stroked off Don, and he seemed to get harder and a bit longer. I think it was his initial shyness that stopped his cock from springing to attention before. As I mentioned Don was not as thick as Dave, but Don was longer at two whole inches, which

My ideal gang bang

if anyone is still at home. I wait and listen for any sign of them and when I am satisfied that im alone I grab a pair of basketball shorts and a white t shirt. I put them on and grab my keys and head for the house. I arrive to find at least 6 cars at the house. I walk up to the door and I am greeted by a naked man in his late 40's, he opens the

Forever and Ever

years. They had basically lived in a catatonic state around one another for what seemed to be ages. Rarely speaking, other than to argue. Ignoring each other as much as possible, which made if very easy for Jackie to begin her internet love affair with Leonard. The relationship between them grew stronger as they corresponded and chatted for

Floridian Swing - Part 2

how she was taunting me earlier.“I have questions.”“Just shut up and watch your wife while I clean you up a bit.”My perspective about this evening’s traumatic events has taken a one hundred and eighty-degree turn. The self-pity and self-loathing I felt earlier was now replaced with a smidgen of self-respect.Just a smidgen.I watched my wife as she

The Research Assistant

the types of intercourse you have with him, I cannot allow that. I’d like to establish my own baseline response for you and show you the process for a successful experiment. I also think it’s important to get this out of the way now. We will be discussing sex so often that I do not want any discomfort. Intercourse removes that since we will have

Horrors combined - Ch. 02 - The hunting

hair aside with his fingers, till he reached her engorged clitoris, he literally and mercilessly ate it!She was lying there, vigorously shaking, and tremoring in waves of orgasm, which was followed by another, and another, till she just couldn't open her eyes for one second, he then entered her heavily flooded vagina, with his tongue, and licked

A Ride Home

had seemed so sweet and understanding before. The look on her face was purely predatory, now."You're going to do exactly what we say, or we're going to leave you out here," he told me.I looked around. We were in the middle of the woods. How had we gotten here? I'd thought we were driving towards the city. I began to whimper."Yeah,' he sneered,

Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 32

a last-minute request for anything. She was anxious to finish up and get out, Brody was going to pick her up and they were going to get one last, quiet celebration in before the tour and the playoffs started up. It was her supervisor, but luck was with her—the work was already done. Relieved, she sent the files and copied them to the shared drive

mrs fielding sees the snake

hands. now lets get one thing clear from the start—having a huge cock isnt all its cracked up to be.firstly women think its great to have a massive cock inside them but most cant fit it in.well mine hasnt been fully in one yet.its also difficult to get a full hardon,you know how much bl**d it takes to fill mine?well i dont either i just know that

My working friend

like to think I’m sexy. At least enough to make a woman think about switching teams. Although, I never thought I might actually do that. I had been working at a video store for two years by then, and there I had a casual friend, named Elizabeth. She was 23 and a brunette too. I never saw her outside of work, but we got along great during working

A summer with Aunt Tina

started sucking and licking it. Dave was too detail oriented and even though the hospital was not too far his instructions went on and on. I tried my best to concentrate on what Dave was instructing me over the phone but at the same time I was getting close to reaching my orgasm. Just as I finished talking to Dave, I started to cum in Tina's

Dilemma Continued Ch. 03

Austin at your convenience and give us some assistance in the investigation that is going on?. Hopefully it would just be for a few days, I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I understand you are in the field of computer security and that would help us as well’. I explained that I was going to be busy for a few weeks but I would be able

Louise and Alan

not white like other red heads, but a nice golden colour with a slight blush from the summer sun. Your hair is loose, tousled around your shoulders, a shade darker due to the soaking from the swim. The bikini is bright red, (you carry off the colour so well) and is tied around the neck and at each side of your hips. The material only just

Large Marge

While Marge and the pony got acquainted he stacked up some bales of hay and covered them with a thick blanket. He asked Sue and Desiree if they wanted to help Marge while he held the pony’s head. He hobbled his rear feet to prevent him from kicking. The condom was in place and everything was set. Sue pulled on the wine bottle and it wouldn’t come

Emmanuelle: part nine

You look flustered.’She kissed me.’You taste of cunt. What have you been up to, you little tart?’Protesting my innocence, I explained what had happened.’Fuck, Pixie, I leave you for an hour and you end up shagging some Oligarch.’When I protested that was not fair, she laughed, hugged me, called me her little tartlet, and dragged me off the the

Late Night Siblings (Part 3)

slipped free of her tight orifice, followed shortly by a glob of my thick cum. Exhausted, I sat down in the same chair as earlier. My gorgeous sister was still slightly bent over in front of me, with one leg on the table and her thighs spread wide open for my lustful gaze. I watched as my cum drained from her asshole and a fresh drop of her own

Forbidden Sister Pleasure Part 2

I felt shy and so did Emma I think. Finally we shrugged and lay down on the couch together. I licked her tits and nipples and her fingers danced on my clit. The familiar took over and before long we were moaning in pleasure. I was riding Emma’s face and I looked up and there was Daddy standing there with his hands on his hips, his cock an obvious

Extreme animal sex on holiday in Greece

We ended up lying together joined by thisplug inside me, neither of us could move away. As welay there we both became aware of tinkling bells andthe occasional shout, I looked around but could seenothing and then suddenly over the brow of the hill notfar away appeared the head of a sheep, then another andanother, until a whole flock, and three

He got what he deserved.

would it.After all we would always be in the house while the other was with someone.”After a few moments Mike had agreed.I had got my own way at last as I always did. We decided that Friday nights would be set aside for our fun nights. We would go out together but sit apart, leaving the other to chat up who they wanted. The person not trying to

Meeting Emma at the Hotel Part 3

were two men sitting either side of Emma. When I sat down at the table Emma introduced me to her two new friends as her uncle Paul. After being told how lucky I was having a granddaughter so beautiful as Emma I watched as one of the men reached under Emma’s short dress and began rubbing her inside thigh.When the man saw that I could see what he

Just a Whisper

this?” Cora said. For some reason I found it funny how she had picked up some of phrases over the years and still used them. “We’ll head back to your place and watch a movie. I’ll grab something out of the Redbox and you can stop and get us drinks on the way back. We’ll meet up back at your place. You still at you old place.”“I’m still there. I

I needed some help in Spanish... (Part 1)

the paper to me. “Here’s my address, we will be meeting there Tuesday and Friday after school for the rest of the year for your ‘tutoring’.” I simply nodded in the realization Mrs. Silva and I were going to be having a lot more fun in the coming months. I then realized that essentially, Mrs. Silva had to do whatever I wanted, because I could have

Dream big

in my fingers, but that won't stop me from exploding of pleasure. I go in fast and deep, copy-catting Roberts' swift, yet rough thrusting. "Faster, faster.... Oooh yeah, that's it. Oh yeah!" I try not to be too loud, but it's almost unbearable. I'm at the peak of a some-what orgasm when I hear my mother's bed squeak and her heavy footsteps

California Adventure with Blonde Angel

and the program director had orders a whole bunch of pizzas. We had to go to his room to get our food but we got to take it back to our room. The entire time we waited in line for pizza I kept an eye out for my partner. But, she was no where in sight. I began to worry that I really did scare her off with my initial question. We finished our

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 05

safe but right here. You’ll just have to stay at the orphanage all your life.’ Later that day, when everyone had been forcibly retired to their dorms, the conversation turned its way towards the coming week. ‘Hoy home shrimp, you love book learning, ah’ Bossman suddenly called from across the room, looking up from his game of pebbles. ‘Is it a

A Place to Stay

it and me against herself. I could feel the heat swelling in her lungs as she took another drag; I greedily sapped whatever ember of warmth I could get. She released another cloud, and this time I was close enough to tell that her cigar wasn't filled with tobacco."What's your name, little thing?" she asked.I told her my name was Elliot."Lola."She

lactating hot wife - chapter 1 - Chris exposes and shares me with his best friend

feeding was a natural, normal, healthy activity, not a sexual one, right? Nonetheless, I felt awkward and uncomfortable at the prospect of having Glenn watch me place my baby on my lactating breast. He was a twenty one year old college student and to him breasts were sex objects, not feeding devices.Besides, I was keenly aware that Glenn had been

Perchance to Dom Ch. 2

minutes, after she'd driven away, to decide if I should wipe her lipstick off my mouth.That afternoon, I realized we hadn't swapped phone numbers. It was a mistake that I wouldn't be able to correct for a long time. I took a bus to the dealership. Cheryl saw me and came running. Well, walking swiftly."Was she right?" She asked."Huh?""She told me

The wilderness, an afternoon and punishment

game, yes, part of how they bantered, but he had been taking note of her misbehavior and planning the consequences she so deeply desired.When she told him he was a pansy for letting her brat him so much, he decided it was time to teach her a lesson. He didn’t take it personally – in fact, he smiled at the audacity of the little slut, but he also

A Soldier’s Tale Ch. 03

took place in Enniskillen this afternoon. Members of the Battalion were involved. There have been two fatalities, and one serious injury.’ ‘You may now carry on’ As the Major left the naafi, I went outside and caught him up. ‘Who was it?’ I asked. He looked at a piece of paper in his hand, ‘ Joseph Roberts, Michael Williams, both dead and

The capture and domination of Helena Bertinelli Part One

her head. "nonnononononononono I cant take this, your gonig to ruin me, your going to uhhhhhhhhh, oh god oh god." Helena bit her lower lip as she watched Erwin side his large cock into Lori's mouth. Her own pussy clentchuing atround the vibe pulsating within her abused, cum filled cunt, and throbbing within her ass. Her breathing labored, as her

The Boat Show 2 - Cherie

I didn’t mind if she did but I did not want it discussed in my presence. I had felt enough pain over the years. I didn’t want more by having to go through it with someone that I had recently met.We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting around drinking coffee and talking about things in general. As we were about to leave Cherie said, “we’ll be

Kitty And Mr Connors - Part 4

yourself Mr Connors… slowly.’ Kitty heard his sharp intake of breath and she sucked on his lobe again, small moans escaping her throat. Rick’s hand moved of its own volition as his body obeyed her commands. He gripped his cock tightly as he began to pump his shaft slowly up and down. He ran his fingers over the head, smearing pre-cum over it so

Glorias Diary Entry (date) 05-20-2006

Janet’s house. Janet is a tall, slim, blond and her older brother Jack seems much different. Jack is a senior in high school whose was lazy and fat. Not any taller than Janet, he treated me like shit. Janet says it’s because he was hot for me, but I just didn’t get it. Maybe because Janet was screwing my older brother George, that she thinks I’ll

Cancun with Kelly

I was dragging the group through the crowd. At six-foot-four-inches and two-hundred-and-fifty pounds, I was the designated icebreaker.Kelly and Lisa were being fingered pretty continuously all the way outside to the sidewalk. It was a group of four guys who had attached themselves to their asses. And cunts.Once outside, Kelly noticed that Lisa

Meet My Bi Online Chatter

behind me and he asked me if I minded if he put his arm round me. I said it would be okay and we snuggled into each other. He smelt even better now and his hand casually stroked the back of my neck. I must have uttered a moan as he asked if I liked it. I certainly did and as I turned to him to answer, he lent in and kissed me. It was soft, gentle

A Day In The Hot Sun. Part 1.

and knees, spread my legs wide, and shook my ass. It was an invitation for him to ram his cock into me. My hair was a mess, and I was covered in sweat when I turned and looked at him."Fuck me Chip, please fuck me," I said, in a submissive voice.Believe me when I tell you, I was about to get a merciless bang. I moaned loudly as he rammed his cock

Angels and Demons:1

my eyes to see and from the center of this rock I saw all. What I saw will be with me for all eternity and beyond. I opened my eyes to see this life my father died for and instantly understood why my father would sacrifice himself for such a thing. The beauty of all I saw was fantastic from waterfalls and seas to the mountains and volcanos and

Highway Memories

remembered how her heart began pounding the closer she got to the hotel that he had reserved for them a couple of days earlier. The traffic had grown thicker towards the city and began to back-up, she grew very angry and tense because it was slowing her down to get to her lover. She took some shortcuts and still made it to the hotel without any

Dragon Slave Chronicles: The Discovery - Part 4

pudding here and there. He smiled at me and leaned over to kiss me deeply. I could taste myself on him, and a little of the chocolate. Then I felt him slip out of the warmth of my love hole. He let my legs down gently, walked around the table and pulled my head toward him. I took him into my mouth, and licked and cleaned him totally. He zipped

A wife, relaxing on her first day off in months, is interrupted by her husband and his co-workers

Tom looked at my husband and told him he had one moredecision to make. He said after today he was pretty surethat I was ready to leave and move on. He looked at me.I did not disagree.He told my husband that if he wanted to keep me now wasthe time to show me how much he loved me. I was stillsucking Tom’s cock. Tom pointed to my pussy, then

Erotic Proclivities 04 - Winter Dress Up

with her clit as I continued moving quicker. She was getting wetter and more worked up, moaning and grinding her ass into me. She was riding a wave of pleasure washing through her head.I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sound of her gasps. It only took a few moments before her pussy started its rhythmic contractions. I could feel her starting to

I Haven’t Seen You In Years Ch. 01

kissed my forehead. I lifted your shirt off and pulled you into me. Our bodies wrapped around each other. I could feel your heart rate speeding up. We lay down on the hardwood floors. You were on top of me. You kissed me, first on my forehead, then nose, and then to my lips. You pulled away, kissed my chin, then my neck, and down onto my collar

Too Much To Handle

So, I have every Friday and Saturday night free. Now, I have some news. I took a job at an escort service every weekend. I am basically on call from 7:00 PM Fridays until 5:00 PM on Sundays. A girl at the massage parlor got me the job there because, with my boys home everyday, I will not work enough to make the money I need. I will go back in

Vanished Ch. 13

the case, there is just not unnecessary clutter anywhere. Fortunately there is staff to help me keep it to his standards. Below there is a full basement blasted out of the rock at the front of the house, the back is a walkout. Before I go any further let me try to describe as best as I can what I saw from the stairs when I was first led down

Sorrel’s Long Journey to Love Ch. 07

but it was a mark of the man that he trusted his daughter so much. She never dreamed she’d ever have this much respect for Fletcher. Regardless of what he said or what Marion decided she wanted very much to be a part of this family, even if only as a hanger on, certainly she could hope for nothing more. ‘Marion,’ Fletcher began, ‘a few weeks ago

Friends just want to have Fun

nine or ten miles away and the girls had plans for the next day, wanting to get an early start on their shopping spree at the summer sales at the mall.Everyone else lived just a short walk away so they all left late that afternoon so it was just us three for dinner with mom and dad. After dinner, my sister and Sandra went upstairs to her room to


are rising up inside me. He smacks me two more times and my pussy juice start to dribble on his leg. He starts to rub my ass gently and pulls me up for a deep kiss. “Did you learn your lesson?” he demands. I look into his eyes and shake my head no. We both start to laugh. I kiss him again and slowly slide my body down his until I am kneeling

My Brothers' Little Secret

back. He screamed and thrashed in pain, and a bright red welt appeared on his skin. Turning to the side, I did the same to Bobby, eliciting a loud scream and raising a welt on his back.“Don’t – you—ever—pull—any—thing—like—that—again!” I growled, accenting each word with a lash of the belt. I continued whipping them for ten minutes, letting my

The Quiet One

local sports bar a couple blocks away from my apartment. I’m not really there to watch the games, but more to check out the guys. The guy who has my eye tonight is Bryan. For the past week I have noticed him sitting at the end of the bar with his friends. They are usually only concerned with getting hammered and hitting on girls but Bryan just

The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 79: The Stallion

usual, my father was nice enough to let me stay with him for a month. We get along famously, so our time spent together was great. At least that was the plan…For some reason, each year I forget just how little privacy my childhood house offers. None of the doors have locks, which means that masturbation is not an option. It was thus only a matter


groping me through my clothes. A feeling of disgust has overcome me and I’m not getting hard. I tell him unless he grows a pair of tits and a pussy it’s no use. a guy can’t get me hard. But he reply’s in a way that sounds to me like he’s done this before, “ It’s because you haven’t fully accepted the situation yet, but you will, it’s only a

Mondo' s Clan part 3

lomen coming and going along this trail it is just to dangerous. We are trying to locate their village and then come back and rescue a lot of people...hopefully. We kept this group in sight and followed along behind. We followed them for two days it became very difficult to stay out of sight with all the lomen moving around. We circled around a

Knox County Ch. 07

stiffen and realized she wanted this to be realistic. He yanked her hair, tilting her head back to face him. ‘First,’ he said, ‘I’m going to teach you how to suck a cock. Then,’ he reached across her and jerked the vibrator in and out a few times, ‘I’m going to break that cherry. I’m going to fuck you ’til you scream. Then, when you think you

My Daughters Teacher-Chapter 8

a teenage girl on a Monday night. I invited her in and showed her to the den. I offered her something to drink as I pored myself a glass of wine, I needed something to take the edge off. When I returned from the kitchen Beth was sitting in the arm chair across from the sofa so I took a seat on the sofa, facing her. I sat there waiting to see how

Flying Without Fear

that day on the plane, was that there were certain threats that fear could not cope with. Strapped into her seat and assuming the brace position no amount of adrenalin could help her make the right decision, because there was no decision she could make. She couldn't 'fight' the wounded plane, even had she known how to fly one she wouldn't have

Saving Leslie Pt. 02

to take in her doctor. She was tall, much taller than herself, and those black heels made her just tower over her. Grey slacks covered her shapely legs, and most likely shapely rear end. A small black belt encircled a narrow waist, leading up to a blue button up shirt that was filled out nicely from her small chest. Over this, she wore an open

A Poker Game That Went Terribly Wrong

pizza rolls out of the freezer and stuck them in the oven for 15 minutes. I then quickly whisked by them and headed back into the bedroom to watch my next movie. I had just started up my next movie when the timer began to beep in the kitchen. They weren’t moving from the poker table so I got up to pull them out of the oven. I again walked past

The Wife Does Dogs

was too much for her to swallow it all.Cum overflowed her lips and ran down from both corners of her mouth. His humpingbecame erratic as his scumbags drained. A last solid spurt burst straight down hergullet. Her belly was full of his sweet slime and still she sucked for more. She nursedon his cockhead, milking a few last trickles out. The dog's

The Trouble With Erections

down and could see the enormous sticky patch spreading across the front of his trousers. He could smell it too, the unmistakable scent of fresh semen wafting up to his nostrils; surely everyone else around them could smell it too?The woman’s skirt was coated in it, a Rorschach blot of fresh semen spread right across her buttocks, soaking into the

From a sophisticated mom to a cheap dirty slut - A desi story

her with a single push but his cock missed the target and hit near her hole. The hole was too small.Then Prakash placed his cock tip at her asshole and gave a slight push such that a part of the front of his cock entered her ass. From that position, he shouted loudly and gave a push with all his power. Half of his cock went in tearing her asshole

The Caretaker. Part 2

to grow into a woman and that's why she was willing to take the punishment she was due. I don't know what Julie had told her about tonight but by now she had realised that she was here to be fucked and she seemed to be ok about it. I asked her if she had enjoyed kissing the other girls and she nodded so I told her to kiss Julie. Up to this point

A Tempered Love

Matt, it was over between the two.Our "relationship" started as a few hook-ups in the photography lab at our small community college.  Things got hot over the next two months and we figured it was time to bring our relationship to the next level.  School was closed between the blizzards and the Christmas holiday around the corner.  It was only a

Friday Morning

to be measuring his thrusts, as though he knew just how long he could extend that moment before he, too, would no longer be able to hold himself back. She put two fingers to her clit in that old practiced way that girls never tell their mothers and fathers they know. The first wave of orgasm came like a wave that you don't expect at the beach, a

A day in the life of Tenzen Aono

"You're driving." I said,"Shoot me dah keys." She tossed them over. I play sports, so it came pretty naturally to catch. I started the car and we were off. She said "I'm changing now" I said "Now?!" She nodded and looked at me like I was being odd. I said "G-go ahead sis……" She pulled her shorts down as we came to a red light. I eyed her with my

Megyn Kelley - Surprise Sex

could hear the traffic as the van travelled down the city streets. But where? How could shebe so careless. So preoccupied with work she had forgotten the basics of safety in the city.The ride took forever it seemed. The men said nothing but she could hear laugh’s. The hands started running al over her body. Hands on her butt, her breasts,

Babysitting Mya:Mya first time

out for a lovely dinner tomorrow I have a lovely surprise”. “I love surprise” Mya says as she lay in my arms “okay, but how about pizza”. I sit up an grab my cell and call Pizza Hut when the pizza came we both undress and ate together in her den naked. “I never had a girlfriend before” Mya committed “well now you. “I don't care, as longest

15 Minutes is NOT Enough!

John had to admit he still had a secret desire to bed her. If he had a desire to bed Karen then he hoped she didn’t realize he had an even stronger desire to bed her young daughter. John explained to Karen the situation with the movie and the potential role. He could tell Karen was getting excited and she leaned forward touching John’s arm. “Oh

Beautiful Liar

However tonight he’d felt like fucking her hard and he was sure most the guys here felt the same too. ‘I’m 24 yrs old, I’m not a child anymore! Stop manhandling me, treat me with some respect and stop poking your nose where it’s not wanted’ her voice was getting louder. God he could strangle her. ‘Why don’t you both do us a favour and go back

Bittersweet Surrender Part 3

on fire. He wasn’t sure what hurt the most, his clamped nipples, his wrists that were tied together behind the chair, his ankles tied to the wooden legs, the rubber bands around his exposed cock, or his pride. He thought Josie was kidding when she told him to strip naked, but she clearly wasn’t. He figured that he would play her game to see if

I couldn’t help it

I nibble on his earlobe, and he begins to stir. He lets out a soft murmur. I move my arm down and embrace his stomach and chest. I pull him tight to me. My breasts against his back. He is awake now, and he can feel my new cock pressing against his ass cheeks. ‘What, honey?’ he stammers out. ‘Shush,’ I say. ‘Stay still. Just relax.’ I reach down

My Sex toys were my Uncle and b*****r

and the silky softness of his scrotum brushing my chin and resting on my face. My pussy is a gender free zone, has never been age restricted, and always willing, if my brain has been aroused, to invite inside to feel my warmth and appreciation, to the point of, ‘Oh’s’ and ‘Ah’s’, and the occasional sexual expletive of, ‘Fuck me, I’m cumming’,

Friends Finally Become More

she opened her eyes, refreshed and rejuvenated. ‘I knew you would enjoy it’ I said and she purred and nodded in response. Already she was shifting her thighs together and squirming in her seat. We made small talk for 10 minutes as she constantly shifted her position. Eventually she got up and excused herself and went to the bathroom. She was away

Mom teaches me to Masturbate (Part II)

  Oh my god was momma going to come through the door and find me with her panties in my lap and my hand in my pussy?   The water was just a bit cold when I stepped in the shower.   I will be out in a few.   The door knob stopped turning.   I guess that she had brought my story.   Ok baby, but when you finish could you meet meTo continue reading

How I Became A Slut part 7 - final chapter

he reached my pussy. I spread my legs and willed him to finger me. After enjoying it for a few minutes I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I jacked him a few times then got on my knees on the floor and sucked him into my mouth. Within two minutes he was cumming in my mouth. I zipped him back up and told him he owed me. He fingered me

Blind Date

making a motion to enter. I held a hand out in pause. " Ah, ah. I said take it all off. You can keep the stockings and garter belt. They please me." In a panic, she fumbled with the bra clasp, unhooking it and pulling it away from her small breasts. She dropped it on the floor, " A little hasty, though you're quite obedient nonetheless, aren't

Secrets of the Past

for them when the war finished and pledging his undying love for her. She wrote to him each week but, apart from his occasional acknowledgment of getting a letter she wasn’t sure that he always received them. Then his letters stopped. She heard from the Army that he had been transferred to Singapore at the end of 1941 and had been captured when

Alicia Ch. 11

that sex had made her thirsty, or was it Bull’s salty cum? Mike was so surprised by her forcefulness, that he did as instructed, then sat there fuming, and tapping his fingers on the bar top, as she downed half the contents of her glass, in a single swallow. ‘Well?’ he asked, at last, unable to contain himself any further. ‘What happened, for

Nymphet Goddess

slowly stepped out into the freezing temperatures of winter. I pulled my trench coat tighter around myself as I stared at the faint glow coming from the windows. I took a deep breath and began my walk up to his door. I stepped up the two steps, rang the bell and waited patiently, nerve wracked. ——————————– I stood in my kitchen with the wine

When you least expect it ...

and really got comfortable assisting him in the kitchen. Their hands touched on occasion as they reached for things as they prepared their meal. He laughed as she talked about growing up in California and how everything was so different there in New York. He walked around the butchers' block in her kitchen grabbing plates and bowls to set out for

Betty - The Curious Teenage Daughter of My Neighbor

I replied. “Can we go in and check it out?” Betty asked. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” I replied. “It doesn’t look like a place we should visit.” “Oh, come on,” Betty pleaded. “I want to check it out.” Thinking back, I can’t believe I even considered stopping there something worth doing. But we did. Betty followed me in the front door. A

Home Remedy: Daddy's Cock

it’s late and we all need to get to bed. We can sort this out in the morning.” “Oh, I won’t be able to sleep. I’m done in.”Pammy, leaves some red lipstick on the rim of her glass and faces it towards her father. She can guess his reaction, “How can something like a little red blotch look so enticing?”He asks, “What’s the problem, Sugar?” Pammy

Prom Ch. 15: Catharsis

any of them at all. But you will get a much fuller and more rewarding picture if you follow the stories in their natural order. One final note before I frustrate you to the point of wishing you’d never clicked here. These tales are my first attempt at story writing of any kind. I welcome and appreciate any and all feedback but understand that I