Niezwykłe agro maszyny 2! Zobacz też: TRACTORS VS MUD


  1. the music is terrible
  2. Man that song is annoying
  3. Jaka muzyka?
  4. good video music is crap
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  6. Dingue !!
  7. Why not just have one hay fork and put the hay on a trailer?
  8. this maschines are not incredible. In my Country you can see them every summer
  9. There's always a way to get a job done quicker on the farm lol
  10. ,KKJJNB. MN B ..,man
  11. ' ,.

    ,m n .
  12. this is all to feed cattle
  13. OMG
  14. Music?
  15. Ебанутая музыка
  16. лентяи бладь луди
  17. it's sad to see the tree cut down.
  18. Загнивающий запад

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