Niezwykłe agro maszyny 2! Zobacz też: TRACTORS VS MUD


  1. Классная техника в Украине неточто в свинорусов
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  4. nice video 👍👍👍
  5. Why has to be always Stupid Music Mixed in the Video.. Thumps Down
  6. WATCH ALSO 🚗🔥
    Have a Nice Day! :)
  7. the music is terrible
  8. Man that song is annoying
  9. Jaka muzyka?
  10. good video music is crap
  11. Dingue !!
  12. Why not just have one hay fork and put the hay on a trailer?
  13. this maschines are not incredible. In my Country you can see them every summer
  14. There's always a way to get a job done quicker on the farm lol
  15. ,KKJJNB. MN B ..,man
  16. ' ,.

    ,m n .
  17. this is all to feed cattle
  18. OMG

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