Kosiarka Iseki SF 450 vs Gianni Ferrari Turbo 4

Porównanie pracy maszyn Iseki SF 450 oraz Gianni Ferrari Turbo 4. Maszyny o zbliżonych parametrach technicznych. Zapraszamy do obejrzenia filmu :)


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  2. kumbajn taki do ziemnioków
  3. Small cut.
  4. Why do you want to pick all that grass up?
  5. Price plz
  6. they are very bad at driving couse the wheels on the cutting deck spins around and the grass is flying
  7. Քոեըւիօ ջհգեձ գւիտռ գռ գտռ?
  8. Можно установит на Gsm155 газонакасилку?
  9. Taka mała trawka spoko ale na wieksza to juz tak ładnie n
    ie wyglada
  10. Those things are nice but they dont compare to an American made Ventrac. Nice Bagger but useless on slopes and the footprint is tooooo heavy. A Ventracs weight is distributed perfectly which is why they use them on Golf courses. Ventrac.com https://youtu.be/niBCJen2iAw
  11. I took the Iseki for a demo for a day, pins fell off the deck 3 times, found it very heavy to transport. I ended up buying an Profihopper 4x4i instead as it suited my needs better.
  12. kombajn do trawy
  13. Why Compare a Gianni Ferrari 44HP with an Iseki 48 HP? The GF 4 Fifty is more compact, faster, 40% more climbing power, larger collector , RCA 180 deck and 17 attachments. This video has selective editing, the GF T4 44hp is shown mowing and climbing with a full 1300 collector and the Iseki is not loaded.

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