An amazing and modern farming technique that makes it easier for people to work

Modern machines and equipment for agriculture, which are designed to greatly facilitate the work of people or do some work completely for them. In this there are both positive moments and reflexes, for example, if this rate goes on and on, many farmers will remain unemployed. And what do you think about this? Music: 1. Twin Shine 2. Stinger 3. Smiles for Miles 4. Say Yeah If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to e-mail E-mail:


  1. Bei diesem video dachte ich wow was es heute alles gibt
  2. Loving the pedal tractor 👍
  3. Nhìn thấy nông nghiệp nước ngoài mà mơ ước quá
  4. Nice
  5. So the amazing and modern farming technique is ...............? Machinery??
  6. those stump augers look awesome...
  7. Very nice!
  8. تطور روعه ومعدات عجيبه وتوكف العقل
  9. good good
  10. I wish I would meet ask those 250 people who dislike this video
  11. اتمنى احضار المعدة الخاصة في نقل والعناية بالنخيل
  12. معدات رهيبه وعجيبه
    العام نور ماشاء الله
  13. Nice work
  14. Wow
  15. es giebt schon geile Geräte
  16. all this kit has been around for 60 years that potato lifter is 19th century for fuck sake
  17. By watching this video I came to know that we are in the modern age
  18. zajebiste daj serce

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